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Status: This is an official style guideline.


This guideline covers remix and mashup releases and release groups, as well as recordings (and tracks) which are a remix or a mashup even in otherwise non-remix or non-mashup releases.


Remixes and mashups should generally follow the normal guidelines, with the below exceptions.

Releases and release groups

Official remix releases should be credited to the credited artist as usual. This is most commonly the original artist(s) rather than the remixers, but the correct artist might be the remixer for an official compilation of remixed material from multiple original artists.

A release that was created without any participation from the credited artist (e.g. a remix or mashup album that was created without the knowledge of the original artist(s)) should be credited to the artist who created and released it (the remix or mashup artist) instead of to the original artist.

Remix release groups should use the "Remix" secondary type.


Tracks and recordings

A track/recording that is a remix of another recording should typically be credited to the original recording’s artist, not to the remixer. The remixer may be credited instead if the tracklist explicitly credits the track to the remixer rather than to the original artist.

In any case, the artist who remixed the recording should be linked via a remixer relationship. The remixed song’s title (including any extra title information like the remixer’s name) should be preserved.

If a recording is a mash-up of two (or more) recordings the artist should be set to the mash-up artist. Put any "versus" artist titles into the recording name like so: "Track Title (Artist A vs. Artist B)". Note that this only applies to the recording; the associated track(s) should be credited as they appear on the release.


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