Most of MusicBrainz's documentation is located at and transcluded at

This WikiDocs system works because:

  1. It leaves the wiki (and by extension, the documentation) open for mass collaboration.
  2. It lets transclusion editors control what can be seen on the main site.

WikiDocs Structure

WikiDocs components

The structure of the WikiDocs system looks like this:

  1. The content resides in the wiki, and anyone can edit and maintain it.
  2. Transclusion editors add and update entries in the transclusion table for official documentation pages.
  3. Users visiting a page on the wiki see no difference; they always see the most recent revision of every page.
  4. Users visiting that same page on the main website will be shown, via transclusion, only the latest reviewed revision of that page.

Pages served via transclusion cannot be edited on the website.

How To Transclude a WikiDocs Page

Only transclusion editors can do this.

Attention.png Please be very careful to enter the correct page name and revision number, because they are not checked for correctness.

Go to the wiki transclusion table. Each page has its own row, which can be edited or removed. New rows can also be added. When a WikiDocs page has been edited, and the change conforms with the style guidelines and other social aspects — and most importantly, makes the documentation better — the change should be reflected on the main server. To do this, find the latest revision number using the page history and update it in the transclusion table.

When adding a new page to the table, make sure to add it to the WikiDocs page category.