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MusicBrainz for Android is a mobile app for viewing MusicBrainz data on the Android platform. It allows you to:

  • View release information by scanning a barcode
  • Search for information about artists, releases, release groups,labels, recordings, instruments, and events
  • View collections
  • Send Releases to your Picard

Note: The app is not under active development and is currently in maintenance mode only.


The app is available to download on:

Google Play F-Droid


If you think you have found a bug, please report it on the issue tracker.


The source code for the app is maintained on GitHub and you can get it with all its history using:

git clone git://
  • Prerequisite: Latest version of the Android Studio and SDKs on your pc.
  • Clone this repository.
  • Use the gradlew build command to build the project directly or use the IDE to run the project to your phone or the emulator.

If you are interested in providing development assistance, join the #metabrainz IRC channel on or simply fork the project and make pull requests on GitHub.


MusicBrainz for Android is licensed under the GPL version 3 or later with sections under the Apache License version 2.