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Status: This is an official style guideline.

Same vs. different place

If a place changes its name, but otherwise remains the same, the place name should be updated (see the "Name" section below). This applies, for example, when a place is renamed for sponsorship reasons.

  • The Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid was renamed as the Barclaycard Center in 2014, and the WiZink Center in 2016.

If a place is demolished and re-built, a new place should be created, even if the name and owner are the same. If the same name was kept, add a disambiguation to both to ensure the two can be told apart.

If a place closes, and a new one is opened in the same location, a new place should be created.

  • The music venue Plink Plonk closed in 2011, and a different venue opened at the same location, Kink Konk. This closed in 2013, and was replaced by a nightclub, Shooters.

If a place relocates, a new place should be created, even if the name and owner are the same. If the same name was used before and after the move, add a disambiguation to both, to ensure the two can be distinguished.

  • The Charlotte Coliseum (now known as Bojangles' Coliseum) moved and became Charlotte Coliseum. The older place has the disambiguation "known as Charlotte Coliseum until 1988" and the later Place has the disambiguation "1988-2005."


The place name should be the current name of the place. If the place no longer exists, use the last name it had before closing. All of the names for the place can and should be entered as aliases, with begin and end dates for the period they were in use if available (this includes the current name, especially if the place has had more than one).

Note that you can change how a place is credited on a relationship. Do not add an old name for a place as a separate place entry, except for one of the reasons in the "Same vs. different place" section above.


The address should be the full address, including ZIP/postal codes. Do not include the country in the address.

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