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Status: This is an official style guideline.

Pseudo-releases exist as an alternate tracklist (and title/artist credit) to one or more original (official/bootleg/promotion) releases, and should be linked to them using the transliteration/translation relationship type. As such, they shouldn't duplicate all the information already available on the original releases they're linked to.

Usually, only the following fields should be filled in:

  • Release title and release artist
  • Track titles and track artists
  • Medium titles, when they exist
  • Status
  • Language
  • Script
  • Track lengths, if desired
  • Recordings, reused from the official release.

If no original releases for a pseudo-release currently exist in MusicBrainz (because the editor adding the pseudo-release wasn't able to add a release in the original language, for example), it is acceptable to add any other information that makes it easier to find it and link it to the original release in the future (such as label and catalog number, cover art, or release-level relationships). Once the original release has been added, this additional information should be removed from the pseudo-release and added to the original.

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