Dave Taylor (US jazz bass trombonist)

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member of:Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
The Tick Horns
The Domenic Troiano Band
member of (as David Taylor):Lou Grassi's Poband
Manhattan Brass
original eponymous member of (as David Taylor):David Taylor - Steve Swell Quintet (bass trombone)
students:Eric Miller (US jazz trombonist)
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official homepages:http://www.davetaylor.net/ [info]
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VIAF ID:73370351 [info]
Wikidata:Q15804758 [info]
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DateTitleCredited asAttributesArtistLength
1970-04-27Aristocracy à la Jean LaFittebass tromboneDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:57
1970-04-27Blues for New Orleansbass tromboneDuke Ellington & His Orchestra7:50
1970-04-27Bourbon Street Jingling Jolliesbass tromboneDuke Ellington & His Orchestra4:06
1970-04-27Second Linebass tromboneDuke Ellington & His Orchestra5:15
1970-04-27Thanks for the Beautiful Land on the Deltabass tromboneDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:46
1972-01-25 – 1972-09-01The FarewellDavid Taylorbass tromboneThad Jones & Mel Lewis5:34
1973-06-25 – 1973-06-26Dance: BluetubaMichael Gibbs & Gary Burton7:17
1973-06-25 – 1973-06-26Family Joy, Oh BoytubaMichael Gibbs & Gary Burton6:12
1973-06-25 – 1973-06-26Four or LesstubaMichael Gibbs & Gary Burton5:10
1973-06-25 – 1973-06-26In the Public InteresttubaMichael Gibbs & Gary Burton7:36
1973-06-25 – 1973-06-26The Start of Something SimilartubaMichael Gibbs & Gary Burton7:03
1973-06-25 – 1973-06-26To Lady Mac: In MemorytubaMichael Gibbs & Gary Burton6:03
1973-06-25 – 1973-06-26To Lady Mac: In SympathytubaMichael Gibbs & Gary Burton2:13
1974-06All in Love Is Fairbass tromboneHank Crawford4:45
1974-06Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thingbass tromboneHank Crawford8:48
1974-06Groove Junctionbass tromboneHank Crawford3:33
1974-06Janabass tromboneHank Crawford5:06
1974-06Sho Is Funkybass tromboneHank Crawford12:45
1975-06-01First of All One Must Be Very Open MindedtromboneBaird Hersey with Dave Liebman16:22
1975-07-22 – 1976-01-10Forever Lastingbass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra5:52
1975-07-22 – 1976-01-10Love to One Is One to Lovebass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra4:10
1975-08 – 1975-10InvitationDavid Taylorbass tromboneMaynard Ferguson5:32
1975-08 – 1975-10PagliacciDavid Taylorbass tromboneMaynard Ferguson5:53
1975-08 – 1975-10Primal ScreamDavid Taylorbass tromboneMaynard Ferguson7:07
1975-08 – 1975-10SwampDavid Taylorbass tromboneMaynard Ferguson7:20
1975-08 – 1975-10The Cheshire Cat WalkDavid Taylorbass tromboneMaynard Ferguson10:06
1975-11 – 1976-01Jamaica Farewellbass tromboneBob James5:24
1975-11 – 1976-01One Mint Julepbass tromboneBob James9:09
1975-11 – 1976-01Storm Kingbass tromboneBob James6:36
1975-11 – 1976-01Westchester Ladybass tromboneBob James7:25
1975-11 – 1976-01Women of Irelandbass tromboneBob James8:07
1976-10 – 1976-12ConquistadortromboneMaynard Ferguson7:33
1976-10 – 1976-12Gonna Fly NowtromboneMaynard Ferguson4:23
1976-10 – 1976-12Mister MellowtromboneMaynard Ferguson6:29
1976-10 – 1976-12The FlytromboneMaynard Ferguson4:32
1976-10 – 1976-12Theme From Star TrektromboneMaynard Ferguson6:22
1976Dream WeavertromboneFreddie Hubbard5:26
1976FeelingstromboneFreddie Hubbard5:56
1976Neo Terra (New Land)tromboneFreddie Hubbard5:01
1976Rock Me ArmstromboneFreddie Hubbard5:51
1976Touch Me BabytromboneFreddie Hubbard7:05
1976WindjammertromboneFreddie Hubbard5:03
1977-03-04Fireflybass tromboneJeremy Steig11:56
1977-03-04Grasshopperbass tromboneJeremy Steig5:17
1977-03-04Living Inside Your Lovebass tromboneJeremy Steig5:49
1977-03-22Everything Is Coming to the Lightbass tromboneJeremy Steig3:00
1977-06Dune, Part I: Arrakisbass tromboneDavid Matthews6:03
1977-06Dune, Part II: Sandwormsbass tromboneDavid Matthews4:58
1977-06Dune, Part IV: Muad’Dibbass tromboneDavid Matthews6:36
1977-06Main Theme From Star Warsbass tromboneDavid Matthews3:22
1977-06Princess Leia’s Theme (From Star Wars)bass tromboneDavid Matthews2:55
1977-06Silent Runningbass tromboneDavid Matthews3:16
1977-06Space Odditybass tromboneDavid Matthews6:05
1977-06 – 1977-07BirdlandtromboneStanley Turrentine5:54
1977-06 – 1977-07Don’t Give Up On UstromboneStanley Turrentine5:19
1977-06 – 1977-07If You Don’t BelievetromboneStanley Turrentine5:48
1977-06 – 1977-07JoaotromboneStanley Turrentine3:40
1977-06 – 1977-07NightwingstromboneStanley Turrentine3:49
1977-06 – 1977-07Papa “T”tromboneStanley Turrentine7:22
1977-06 – 1977-07There’s Music In The AirtromboneStanley Turrentine4:14
1977-09HeadsDavid TaylortromboneBob James6:40
1977-09I'm in YouDavid TaylortromboneBob James6:47
1977-09Night CrawlerDavid TaylortromboneBob James6:18
1977-09One Loving NightDavid TaylortromboneBob James5:48
1977-09We're All AloneDavid TaylortromboneBob James6:32
1977-09You Are So BeautifulDavid TaylortromboneBob James6:50
1977AireginDavid TaylortromboneMaynard Ferguson3:58
1977Ann, Wonderful OnetromboneStanley Turrentine?:??
1977El Vuelo (The Flight)David TaylortromboneMaynard Ferguson7:18
1977Hudson Parkway (West Side Highway)tromboneStanley Turrentine?:??
1977Main Title (from the 20th Century-Fox Film Star Wars)David TaylortromboneMaynard Ferguson4:14
1977MariaDavid TaylortromboneMaynard Ferguson6:28
1977OasisDavid TaylortromboneMaynard Ferguson6:31
1977Peace of MindtromboneStanley Turrentine?:??
1977ScheherazadeDavid TaylortromboneMaynard Ferguson7:02
1977Stan's ThingtromboneStanley Turrentine?:??
1977SugartromboneStanley Turrentine?:??
1977Walkin'tromboneStanley Turrentine?:??
1978-05Tender Theatre Flight Nageirebass tromboneEdward Carroll, Lucia Dlugoszewski, David Langlitz, Robert Routch, Gerard Schwarz, Norman Smith, Dave Taylor18:00
1978Do You Wanna Be LovedDavid TaylortromboneJohn Tropea5:45
1978To Touch You Again / Lady BlueDavid TaylortromboneJohn Tropea7:30
1980-04-22 – 1980-04-247th HeaventromboneJohn Tropea7:09
1980-04-22 – 1980-04-24Can't Have It AlltromboneJohn Tropea6:51
1980-04-22 – 1980-04-24Can't Hide LovetromboneJohn Tropea7:02
1980-04-22 – 1980-04-24DreamstromboneJohn Tropea7:04
1980-04-22 – 1980-04-24Just BluetromboneJohn Tropea8:20
1980-04-22 – 1980-04-24MufftromboneJohn Tropea7:51
1980-04-22 – 1980-04-24TambourinetromboneJohn Tropea9:46
1980-04-22 – 1980-04-24The BratttromboneJohn Tropea5:19
1981-01-22Dagon IIDavid Taylorbass tromboneDavid Taylor9:08
1981-06-04Moonrise With Memories: Part IDavid Taylorbass trombone and soloBill Blount, David Carp, Bill Moersch, Louise Schulman, David Taylor, Robert Wolinsky3:42
1981-06-04Moonrise With Memories: Part IIDavid Taylorbass trombone and soloBill Moersch, Louise Schulman, David Taylor, Robert Wolinsky5:18
1981-06-04Moonrise With Memories: Part IIIDavid Taylorbass trombone and soloBill Blount, David Carp, Bill Moersch, Louise Schulman, David Taylor, Robert Wolinsky1:53
1981-07-07RemembranceDavid Taylorbass trombone and soloBill Blount, Alan Cox, Dennis Godburn, David Taylor, Stephen Taylor10:13
1983-07In the TraditionDavid Taylorbass trombone and soloThe George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band '839:21
1983-10-23Duende QuidditasDavid Taylorbass tromboneLucia Dlugoszewski, David Taylor28:58
1983Latin Dancebass tromboneBob Mintzer Horn Man Band8:00
1983Lazy Daybass tromboneBob Mintzer Horn Man Band9:31
1983Mr. Fonebonebass tromboneBob Mintzer Horn Man Band6:42
1983Papa Lipsbass tromboneBob Mintzer Horn Man Band6:34
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Bred in Bithyniaspoken vocals [voice]David Taylor Trio5:25
Double Diploidspoken vocalsSteve Swell, David Taylor, Warren Smith, Chad Taylor5:05
Psalm 106David TaylorDavid Taylor14:12
V'hu RachumDavid TaylorDavid Taylor4:53
1984-04-13 – 1984-05-17L.A. Is My LadytromboneFrank Sinatra with Quincy Jones and Orchestra
1991-07-08Miles & Quincy Live at MontreuxDavid Taylorbass tromboneMiles Davis & Quincy Jones
Forever, for Always, for LovehornLuther Vandross
Last Dancebrass [horns]Rosie
Last Dancebrass [horns]Rosie
Part of YouDavid TaylortromboneEric Gale
Part of YouDavid TaylortromboneEric Gale
Shoogie Wanna BoogieDavid Taylorbass trombone and tromboneDavid Matthews with Whirlwind
Sky TrainDavid TaylortromboneBarry Miles
The Concertbass tromboneBarbra Streisand
The ConcerttubaBarbra Streisand
The Gadd GangDavid TaylortromboneSteve Gadd
Urban ContourstromboneBob Mintzer
Hoppy Daze Is Here AgainDavid Taylor
LamentDavid Taylor
NOT JUSTDavid Taylor
SOFAR ChannelDavid Taylor
Vamps DanceDavid Taylor
Hoppy Daze Is Here AgainDavid Taylor
LamentDavid Taylor
NOT JUSTDavid Taylor
SOFAR ChannelDavid Taylor
Vamps DanceDavid Taylor