Silent Running

~ Recording by David Matthews

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#TitleLengthTrack artistRelease titleRelease artistRelease group typeCountry/DateLabelCatalog#
1.6Silent Running3:16David MatthewsDuneDavid MatthewsAlbum
CTI (CTI Records imprint since 1967; used worldwide (Sony Music) and in Japan (King Record Co.))CTI 7-5005
1.6Silent Running3:20David MatthewsDuneDavid MatthewsAlbum
  • XW2017-03-03
Epic (US label founded by CBS in 1953, now owned by Sony), Legacy (reissue division of Sony Music Entertainment)CTI 7-5005


alto saxophone:David Sanborn (in 1977-06)
bass:Mark Egan (US jazz bassist & trumpeter) (in 1977-06)
bass trombone:Dave Taylor (US jazz bass trombonist) (in 1977-06)
drums (drum set):Steve Gadd (drummer) (in 1977-06)
Andy Newmark (in 1977-06)
flugelhorn and trumpet:Jim Bossy (in 1977-06)
Burt Collins (in 1977-06)
Jon Faddis (in 1977-06)
John Gatchell (in 1977-06)
keyboard:David Matthews (US jazz/bop keyboardist, pianist, and arranger) (in 1977-06)
percussion:Sue Evans (in 1977-06)
Gordon Gottlieb (American percussionist and conductor) (in 1977-06)
saxophone:Grover Washington, Jr. (in 1977-06)
trombone:Wayne Andre (in 1977-06)
Sam Burtis (in 1977-06)
Jerry Chamberlain (in 1977-06)
Tom “Bones” Malone (US trombonist) (in 1977-06)
trumpet:Lew Soloff (in 1977-06)
arranger:David Matthews (US jazz/bop keyboardist, pianist, and arranger) (in 1977-06)
recorded at:Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village, New York, New York, United States (in 1977-06)
recording of:Silent Running (in 1977-06)

Silent Running

composer:Diane Lampert (composer)
Peter Schickele (composer)