The Pleasure PrincipleGary Numan12" Vinyl10
  • GB1979-09-07
Beggars BanquetBEGA 10[none]
The Pleasure PrincipleGary Numan12" Vinyl10
ATCO RecordsSD 38-120[none]
The Pleasure PrincipleGary NumanCassette10
ATCO RecordsCS 38-120
The Pleasure PrincipleGary NumanCD17
  • GB1998-06-23
Beggars BanquetBBL 10 CD607618001025
The Pleasure Principle (30th anniversary edition, Townshend Records exclusive)Gary Numan3×CD10 + 17 + 18
  • GB2009-09-21
Beggars BanquetBBQCD 2063, BBQCD 2070607618206321
The Pleasure Principle (30th anniversary edition)Gary Numan2×CD10 + 17
  • XE2009-09-22
Beggars BanquetBBQCD 2063607618206321
The Pleasure PrincipleGary Numan12" Vinyl10
  • GB2015-10-16
Beggars BanquetBBQLP10607618001018
The Pleasure PrincipleGary NumanDigital Media10
Beggars Banquet607618001049
The Pleasure PrincipleGary NumanCD17
Beggars Arkive, Beggars BanquetBBL 10 CD607618001025


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Paste: The 50 Best New Wave Albums (number: 38) (order: 38)
Discothèque Idéale Qobuz / Qobuz Ideal Discography (order: 123)
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