Gary Numan

~ Person

Legal name: Gary Anthony James Webb



1979The Pleasure PrincipleGary Numan49
1980TelekonGary Numan510
1981DanceGary Numan58
1982I, AssassinGary Numan47
1983WarriorsGary Numan2.52
1984BerserkerGary Numan46
1985The FuryGary Numan43
1986Strange CharmGary Numan24
1988Metal RhythmGary Numan33
1989AutomaticSharpe + Numan23
1989New AngerGary Numan35
1991OutlandGary Numan12
1992Machine + SoulGary Numan14
1994SacrificeGary Numan54
1997ExileGary Numan47
1997DawnGary Numan51
1999Radio HeartRadio Heart feat. Gary Numan12
2000PureGary Numan53
2006JaggedGary Numan12
2011Dead Son RisingGary Numan53
2013Splinter: Songs From a Broken MindGary Numan54
2017Savage: Songs From a Broken WorldGary Numan34
2019Replicas: The First RecordingsGary Numan // Tubeway Army4
2019The Pleasure Principle: The First RecordingsGary Numan2
2021IntruderGary Numan6

Album + Compilation

1982New Man Numan: The Best of Gary NumanGary Numan2
1987ExhibitionGary Numan31
1987Replicas / The PlanGary Numan + Tubeway Army1
1987Tubeway Army / DanceGary Numan2
1987The Pleasure Principle / WarriorsGary Numan1
1988Telekon / I, AssassinGary Numan1
1989The CollectionGary Numan1
1990Asylum 2Gary Numan1
1990Asylum 1Gary Numan1
1992Document Series PresentsGary Numan2
1992Isolate: The Numa YearsGary Numan1
1992The Other Side of... Gary NumanGary Numan2
1993Telekon / I, AssassinGary Numan1
1993The Best of Gary NumanGary Numan1
1994Here I AmGary Numan1
1996Premier HitsGary Numan Tubeway Army53
1996ArchiveGary Numan1
1996The Best of Gary Numan: 1984–1992Gary Numan2
1996The Sleep RoomGary Numan1
1996The Story So FarGary Numan1
1997Archive 2Gary Numan1
1997Black HeartGary Numan1
1999Down in the Park: The Alternative AnthologyGary Numan2
1999New Dreams for Old 84:98Gary Numan1
2001DesireGary Numan1
2002Exposure: The Best of Gary Numan 1977-2002Gary Numan1
2002AnthologyGary Numan2
2002DisconnectionGary Numan2
2002U Got the LookGary Numan1
2002Dark WondersGary Numan1
2003The Numan FactorGary Numan1
2003Reconnected: Live 'n' MoreGary Numan1
2004Resonator (Pioneer of Sound)Gary Numan1
2004Here in My Car: The Best of 1984–1998Gary Numan1
2006Strange CharmGary Numan1
2007RemodulateGary Numan1
20135 AlbumsGary Numan1

Album + Compilation + Live

1981Living Ornaments ’79 and ’80Gary Numan1
1999The Radio One RecordingsGary Numan1
2000The BBC SessionsGary Numan1

Album + Live

1981Living Ornaments ’79Gary Numan53
1981Living Ornaments ’80Gary Numan53
1985White NoiseGary Numan4
1988GhostGary Numan3
1989The Skin MechanicGary Numan33
1990Asylum 3Gary Numan1
1996Time to DieGary Numan1
1998Living Ornaments '81Gary Numan2
2003ScarredGary Numan2
2003Dark LightGary Numan1
2003Dream CorrosionGary Numan1
2004Live at Shepherds Bush EmpireGary Numan2
2004Hope BleedsGary Numan1
2005Fragment 1/04Gary Numan1
2005Fragment 2/04Gary Numan1
2006Jagged LiveGary Numan1
2007The Complete John Peel SessionsGary Numan1
2008EngineersGary Numan1
2008Telekon – LiveGary Numan1
2009Replicas LiveGary Numan2
2010The Pleasure Principle LiveGary Numan2
2012Big Noise TransmissionGary Numan1
2013Machine Music LiveGary Numan1
2016Here in the Black – Live at Hollywood Forever CemeteryGary Numan2
2016Telekon – Live (2015-10-23)Gary Numan1
2016ObsessionGary Numan1
2017British Live Performance SeriesGary Numan1
2018Savage (live at Brixton Academy)Gary Numan2
2019When the Sky Came Down: Live at The Bridgewater Hall, ManchesterGary Numan with The Skaparis Orchestra3

Album + Remix

1993Cars '93Gary Numan1
1996Techno ArmyGary Numan31
1998Random (02): Mixes of Gary NumanGary Numan1
1998The MixGary Numan1
2003HybridGary Numan4
2008Jagged EdgeGary Numan1

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