Castle Communications (primary imprint of Castle Communications PLC)

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I guess what's written below can be ignored. Seems to be outdated and pretty inaccurate.

This label was once an umbrella company for a number of reissue subsidiaries, like Castle Music etc.
It doesn't appear to exist anymore, though all these subsidiaries are now found under the Sanctuary Records Group.
It's not clear whether Castle Communications was a subdivision of Sanctuary, or if it existed independently prior to being bought.
Anyhow, theorically no records should be found there (as it was an umbrella company), but under one of their subsidiaries - these still here await proper researches and should be shuffled to the correct subsidiary.
There exist a few confirmed exceptions to this statement:
* CHC 7116
* MBSCD 419
* CTVCD 123

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SlatesThe FallDigital Media13
  • XW1981-04-27
The Kinks CollectionThe Kinks2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
  • GB1985-09-27
CCSLP 1135013428031131
White Boy BluesVarious ArtistsCD20
CCSCD 1035013428701034
The Nice CollectionThe NiceCD11
CCSCD 1065013428701065
The CollectionProcol HarumCD14
CCSCD 1205013428731208
The CollectionCat StevensCD20
CCSCD 1275017615912722
The CollectionUFO4×12" Vinyl2 + 3 + 5 + 3
Rich Kid Blues (The Collector Series)Marianne Faithfull2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
The CollectionBlack Sabbath2×12" Vinyl9 + 9
The CollectionSally Oldfield2×12" Vinyl10 + 10
CCSLP 1255013428031254
Ogden's Nut Gone FlakeSmall FacesCD13
CLACD 1165013428720011
Ogdens’ Nut Gone FlakeSmall FacesCD13
IMLCD 20015013428720011
SabotageBlack SabbathCD9
NELCD 60185013428706183
The CollectionHawkwindCD15
CCSCD 1485013428731482
The CollectionHawkwind2×12" Vinyl8 + 10
Black SabbathBlack SabbathCD7
CLACD 1965017615619621
AbominogUriah HeepCD10
  • GB1986-11-01
CLACD 1105013428781104
The CollectionHumble PieCD15
CCSCD 1045013428731048
The Moody Blues CollectionThe Moody BluesCD18
  • -1986
CCSCD 1055013428731055
Rich Kid BluesMarianne FaithfullCD18
CCSCD 1075013428731079
CollectionSmall FacesCD17
CCSCD 1085013428701089
The Collection (french pressing)CamelCD12
CCSCD 1165013428731161
John Cougar: The CollectionJohn CougarCD18
CCSCD 124[none]
The CollectionSally OldfieldCD15
CCSCD 1255013428731253
The CollectionJoe CockerCD15
CCSCD 1265013428731260
The CollectionSir Douglas QuintetCD17
CCSCD 1335013428731338
The CollectionThe MoveCD18
CCSCD 1355013428731352
The CollectionT-RexCD24
CCSCD 1365013428731369
White Boy Blues, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD19
CCSCD 1425013428731420
The Collection (The Collector Series)Jerry Lee LewisCD24
CCSCD 1435017615914320
Alexis Korner and... 1961–1972Alexis KornerCD16
CCSCD 1505013428731505
The Jim Croce CollectionJim CroceCD24
CCSCD 154[none]
Roger Whittaker CollectionRoger WhittakerCD18
The Ventures CollectionThe VenturesCD27
CCSCD 1565013428731567
The Don Gibson CollectionDon GibsonCD24
CCSCD 1585013428731581
The CollectionThe Sensational Alex Harvey BandCD14
The CollectionThem featuring Van Morrison2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
CCSLP 13315013428031315
The CollectionT-Rex2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
CCSLP 1365013428031360
The CollectionJohn Mayall2×12" Vinyl11 + 11
CCSLP 1375013428031377
The CollectionAretha Franklin2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
CCSLP 1525013428031520
The CollectionTangerine Dream2×12" Vinyl4 + 4
CCSLP 1615013428031612
The CollectionAretha FranklinCassette24
CCSMC 1525013428131527
EasySally OldfieldCD9
CLACD 1025013428781029
The Kid InsideJohn CougarCD10
CLACD 1125013428781128
The Autumn StoneSmall FacesCD22
CLACD 1145013428731000
Ogdens' Nut Gone FlakeSmall FacesCD13
CLACD 1165013428720011
Time in a Bottle: Jim Croce's Greatest Love SongsJim CroceCD12
CLACD 1175013428781173
Down the HighwayJim CroceCD12
CLACD 1185013428781180
Ars Longa Vita BrevisThe NiceCD11
CLACD 1205013428703151
ChanceManfred Mann’s Earth BandCD9
CLACD 1335013428781333
Black SabbathBlack SabbathCD7
CLACD 1965017615619621
Paranoid (Made in France by MPO)Black SabbathCD8
CLACD 1975017615619720
Master of RealityBlack SabbathCD8
CLACD 1985017615619829
Vol 4Black SabbathCD10
CLACD 1995017615619928
Sabbath Bloody SabbathBlack SabbathCD8
CLACD 2015017615620122
SabotageBlack SabbathCD8
CLACD 2025017615620221
LiveUriah HeepCD8
Live at LastBlack SabbathCD9
NELCD 0015013428720011
Black SabbathBlack SabbathCD8
NELCD 60025013428706022
ParanoidBlack SabbathCD9
NELCD 60035013428706039
Master of RealityBlack SabbathCD9
NELCD 60045013428706046
Vol 4Black SabbathCD11
NELCD 60055013428706053
Sabbath Bloody SabbathBlack SabbathCD9
NELCD 60175013428706176
SabotageBlack SabbathCD9
NELCD 60185013428706183
RAW CD 0075013428740071
High in the SkyAmen CornerCD10
SHCD 1595013428711590
Archive4The Meteors12" Vinyl4
TOF 106
Archive4The Exploited12" Vinyl4
TOF 1075013428151075
Archive4The Move12" Vinyl4
TOF 1115013428151112
16 Golden ClassicsCleo LaineCD16
UNCD 85013428970089
The Kinks CollectionThe KinksCD24
CCSCD 1135013428731130
The CollectionMotörheadCD12
CCSCD 10002772699102337
The Moody Blues CollectionThe Moody BluesCD13
CCSCD 105027726710525
The Sabbath CollectionBlack SabbathCD11
CCSCD 1095013428731093
Metal Killers KollectionVarious ArtistsCD15
CCSCD 1125013428731123
The CollectionStatus QuoCD21
CCSCD 1145013428731147
The CollectionThin LizzyCD17
CCSCD 1175013428731178
Hits of the SixtiesVarious ArtistsCD18
CCSCD 1385013428731383
The CollectionThe YardbirdsCD24
CCSCD 1415013428731413
The CollectionAretha FranklinCD19
CCSCD 1525013428731529
The CollectionFleetwood MacCD20
CCSCD 1575013428731574
The CollectionBilly FuryCD24
CCSCD 1605017615916027
The CollectionTangerine DreamCD6
CCSCD 1615013428731611
The CollectionBarbara DicksonCD20
  • -1987
CCSCD 1635013428731635
CollectionThe DublinersCD24
The CollectionFinbar and Eddie FureyCD24
CCSCD 1655013428731659
The Johnny Winter CollectionJohnny WinterCD17
CCSCD 1675013428731673
The Andy Williams CollectionAndy WilliamsCD23
CCSCD 1695013428731697
The Collection, Volume 2Klaus WunderlichCD19
CCSCD 1715013428731710
The CollectionMott the HoopleCD16
CCSCD 1745013428731741
The CollectionABBACD18
CCSCD 1765013428731765
Genius of Rap: The Sugarhill StoryVarious ArtistsCD10
The CollectionMichael Schenker GroupCD14
The CollectionThe ByrdsCD19
The CollectionThe Mamas & the PapasCD20
The Early Clapton CollectionEric Clapton2×12" Vinyl14 + 11
CCSLP 1625013428031629
The CollectionElkie Brooks12" Vinyl24
CCSLP 1665013428031667
The CollectionThe Mamas & the Papas2×12" Vinyl10 + 10
CCSLP 1735013428031735
The CollectionABBA2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
CCSLP 1765013428031766
The CollectionFleetwood MacCassette23
CCSMC 1575013428131572