1966Small Faces (1966 (1st) Album)Small Faces36
1967From the BeginningSmall Faces4
1967Small Faces (1967 (2nd) album)Small Faces38
1967There Are But Four Small FacesSmall Faces6
1968Ogdens’ Nut Gone FlakeSmall Faces2.516
1977PlaymatesSmall Faces1
197878 in the ShadeSmall Faces2
1990Ogden's Nut Gone FlakeSmall Faces1
1991... Green Circles: First Immediate AlbumSmall Faces1

Album + Compilation

1969The Autumn StoneSmall Faces44
1970Wham Bam!Small Faces1
1973Pop History Box SetThe Beatles / The Rolling Stones / The Beach Boys / The Lords / Small Faces21
1975The Immediate Story - Small Faces Volume IIThe Small Faces1
1976Rock RootsThe Small Faces1
1981Sha-La-La-La-LeeSmall Faces1
1982The Small Faces / Amen Corner (La grande storia del rock)The Small Faces / Amen Corner1
1986CollectionSmall Faces11
1987The Immediate YearsSmall Faces1
1987The Best of British RockSmall Faces1
198820 Greatest HitsSmall Faces1
1988Die Großen Erfolge Einer SupergruppeSmall Faces1
1989Best - Lazy SundaySmall Faces1
1989Lazy SundaySmall Faces1
1989the small faces collectionSmall Faces1
1990The Ultimate CollectionSmall Faces1
1990The Singles A's & B's...plusSmall Faces1
1991The Complete CollectionSmall Faces51
199225 Greatest HitsSmall Faces1
1992All or NothingSmall Faces1
1992Castle Masters CollectionSmall Faces1
1993Greatest HitsSmall Faces1
1993Greatest HitsSmall Faces1
1993It's All or NothingSmall Faces2
1993Itchycoo ParkSmall Faces1
1993Lazy SundaySmall Faces1
1993The Very Best OfSmall Faces1
1994The Best OfThe Small Faces1
1995GoldSmall Faces1
1995The Best of the Small FacesSmall Faces1
1995The Definitive Anthology of the Small FacesSmall Faces1
1995The Immediate YearsSmall Faces1
1996The Anthology 1965-1967Small Faces2
1996Greatest HitsSmall Faces1
1997The MastersSmall Faces1
1998Best of Small FacesSmall Faces1
1999The Darlings of Wapping Wharf LaunderetteSmall Faces1
1999The Definitive CollectionSmall Faces1
1999Big HitsSmall Faces1
1999ClassicSmall Faces1
1999Itchycoo ParkSmall Faces2
1999Pure GoldSmall Faces1
2000RaritiesSmall Faces1
2000The Ultimate CollectionSmall Faces2
2001The Best OfSmall Faces1
2001Absolutely The BestSmall Faces1
2001Lazy SundaySmall Faces1
2002Itchycoo ParkSmall Faces1
2002Odds And ModsSmall Faces1
2003Ultimate CollectionSmall Faces1
2004Here Come the Small FacesSmall Faces1
2004All or Nothing (Black Box)Small Faces2
2005Immediate Album CollectionSmall Faces1
2005The Essential CollectionSmall Faces1
2005The Very Best Of The Small FacesSmall Faces1
2006The Very Best of the Small Faces, Volume 2Small Faces1
2006The Very Best of the Small Faces, Volume 1Small Faces1
2007Colour CollectionSmall Faces1
2008CollectionSmall Faces1
2008The Small Faces: British LegendsSmall Faces1
2009In MemoriamSmall Faces1
2012Small FacesSmall Faces1
2014Greatest Hits: The Immediate Years 1967 - 1969Small Faces1
2014Here Come the Nice: The Immediate Years Box Set 1967–1969Small Faces1
2015Essence of British RockJohn Mayall, Small Faces & Them1
2015The Decca Years 1965–1967Small Faces1
2019Ten songs for youSmall Faces1
All or NothingSmall Faces1
All or NothingSmall Faces1
All the HitsSmall Faces1
Best of the 60'sSmall Faces1
Here Comes The NiceSmall Faces1
Lazy SundaySmall Faces1
Me You and Us Too: Best of the Immediate YearsSmall Faces1
The Small FacesSmall Faces1

Album + Live

1999The BBC SessionsSmall Faces1


1965What'cha Gonna Do About ItSmall Faces1
1966Hey Girl / Almost GrownSmall Faces1
1966All or Nothing / UnderstandingSmall Faces1
1966My Mind's Eye / I Can't Dance With YouSmall Faces1
1966Sha-La-La-La-LeeSmall Faces1
1967I Can't Make It / Just PassingSmall Faces1
1967Itchycoo ParkSmall Faces2
1967Here Come the NiceSmall Faces1
1967Tin SoldierSmall Faces1
1968Lazy Sunday / Rollin' OverSmall Faces2
1968The Universal / Donkey Rides, A Penny A GlassSmall Faces1
1985Lazy SundaySmall Faces1
2018Green CirclesSmall Faces1

Single + Compilation

1983All Or Nothing / My Mind's EyeSmall Faces1

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