lyricist and composer:Michael Jackson (“King of Pop”)
publisher:Mijac Music
ソニー・ミュージックパブリッシング A事業部
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Wikidata:Q281429 [info]
later parody versions:Impf the World


1992-10-01Heal the World (live, 1992-10-01: Bucharest National Stadium, Bucharest, Romania)liveMichael Jackson9:27
1992-10-01Heal the World (live, 1992-10-01: Bucharest National Stadium, Bucharest, Romania)liveMichael Jackson11:07
1992-10Heal the World (live, 1992-10: Bukarest, Romania)liveMichael Jackson4:50
1992Heal the World (live, 1992: Bukarest, Romania)liveMichael Jackson7:10
1992Heal the World (live, 1992)liveMichael Jackson9:03
Dangerous Medley (highlights from the ‘Dangerous’ album): Black or White / Can’t Let Her Get Away / Dangerous / Who Is It / Remember the Time / Give in to Me / Heal the WorldmedleyMichael Jackson6:15
Feed The Worldcover and partialThe Pizza Collection0:25
Heal the Worldcover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet3:59
Heal the WorldinstrumentalSacha Runa5:34
Heal the World (7″ edit)Michael Jackson4:32
Heal the Worldcover and instrumentalThe Songrise Orchestra5:32
Heal the WorldcoverAled Jones5:24
Heal the WorldMichael Jackson2:26
Heal the WorldMichael Jackson9:22
Heal the WorldliveMichael Jackson11:07
Heal the WorldMichael Jackson4:30
Heal the WorldcoverNeuer Kammerchor Heidenheim4:38
Heal the Worldkaraoke[unknown]5:50
Heal the WorldcoverCharito5:20
Heal the WorldMichael Jackson6:25
Heal the Worldcover彩花-iroha-3:47
Heal the WorldcoverSweet Little Band?:??
Heal the WorldliveMichael Jackson9:40
Heal the Worldcover and instrumentalLondon Twilight Orchestra5:32
Heal the WorldinstrumentalMichael Jackson4:51
Heal the WorldcoverOman Chali & Fiona Chelamah4:51
Heal the Worldcover and instrumentalVienna Symphonic Orchestra Project5:53
Heal the WorldMichael Jackson?:??
Heal the WorldMichael Jackson7:31
Heal the WorldMichael Jackson6:25
Heal the WorldliveMichael Jackson12:39
Heal the WorldMichael Jackson7:42
Heal the WorldcoverRenaja?:??
Heal the WorldcoverBader Nanaa5:55
Heal the WorldcoverRockabye Baby!3:36
Heal the WorldcoverLes Prêtres4:52
Heal the Worldcover and instrumentalRacine6:17
Heal the Worldcover and liveFrancesco Pugliese, Cristian Imparato e Alessandro La Cava2:25
Heal the WorldcoverKids United en duo avec Corneille5:02
Heal the World (live, 1993: USA)liveMichael Jackson11:51
Heal the WorldcoverJames Fairchild, Leland Orr, Steve Pettinger, Danny Morgan & Miles Davenport4:18
Heal The WorldliveMichael Jackson7:35
Heal The Worldcoverコロムビアオルゴール6:08
Heal the World (7" edit)Michael Jackson4:25
Heal the World (7″ edit with intro)Michael Jackson4:57