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lyricist:Kenneth Gamble
Nelly (US rapper)
Bunny Sigler
Ryan Bowser
publisher:BMG (the former Bertelsmann Music Group, defunct since 2004-08-05; for releases dated 2008 and later, see annotation) (ended)
Jackie Frost Music (ended)
Phat Nasty (ended)
Suga Shack (ended)
EMI April Music Inc.
Hipgnosis SFH I Limited
Kobalt Songs Music Publishing (USA, ASCAP affiliated)
Shack Suga Entertainment
Universal Music–MGB Songs
Warner–Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (publisher; do NOT use as release label)
lyrics page:https://genius.com/Nelly-dilemma-lyrics [info]
Wikidata:Q2015357 [info]
is based on:Love, Need and Want You


2004-08-22 – 2004-09-12Nelly's DilemmacoverVoxtasy4:41
DilemmaNelly featuring Kelly Rowland4:46
DilemmaNelly feat. Kelly Rowland3:55
Dilemma (part of “Blazin’: The After Party” DJ-mix)Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland4:02
DilemmaNelly feat. Kelly Rowland4:01
Dilemma (karaoke)Nelly?:??
Dilemma (part of “RnB Superclub: Late Night Edition” DJ-mix)Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland4:32
DilemmaNelly feat. Kelly Rowland4:29
DilemmaNelly & Kelly Rowland?:??
Dilemmacover and instrumentalThe Lullabeats2:40
Dilemma (main edit)coverSigma?:??
Dilemma (part of “Ministry of Sound: R&B Mixtape” DJ‐mix)Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland4:46
DilemmaNelly featuring Kelly Rowland From Destiny’s Child4:42
DilemmaDave Luxe ft. Nelly & Kelly Rowland3:25
DilemmaNelly & Kelly?:??
DilemmaNelly feat. Kelly Rowland?:??
DilemmaNelly feat. Kelly Rowland4:40
Dilemma (explicit)Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland4:49
Dilemma (clean)Nelly4:49
Dilemma (radio edit)Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland3:56
DilemmaNelly feat. Kelly Rowland4:49
DilemmaNelly feat. Kelly Rowland?:??
Dilemma (part of “Throwback: Slowjamz” DJ-mix)Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland?:??
DilemmaNelly featuring Kelly Rowland & Ali5:06
DilemmacoverKidz Bop4:41
DilemmaNelly featuring Kelly Rowland From Destiny’s Child4:42
Dilemma (radio edit)coverSigma2:40
Dilemma (5.1 mix)Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland4:48
Dilemma (DJ Desue remix)Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland From Destiny’s Child4:15
Dilemma (G4orce full vocal mix)Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland5:58
Dilemma (Jason Nevins club mix)Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland6:15
Dilemma (Jason Nevins Hard Step mix)Nelly6:36
Dilemma (Jason Nevins remix edit)Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland4:33
Dilemma (Jermaine Dupri remix)Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland & Ali4:38
Dilemma (Kanine remix)coverSigma4:03
Dilemma (Rinseout edit)coverSigma3:16
Dilemma (Skue-K Bass mix)coverSigma4:20
Dilemma (SPF 666 remix – Benzi edit) (part of “Girl Trapz, Volume Three” DJ-mix)Nelly & Kelly Rowland1:12
Give It to Me/Dilemma (Nelly Furtado ft Justin Timberlake & Timbaland/Nelly & Kelly Rowland)cover and medleyManon Grange ft Julius Spellman2:15