lyricist and composer:Armando Manzanero (in 1970)
Wikipedia:en: Somos Novios (It's Impossible) [info]
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later translated versions:It’s Impossible


1975Somos novios (It's Impossible) (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney)coverThe Three Degrees3:48
1977-05Somos noviosinstrumentalTete Montoliu5:13
1994-08Somos noviosliveLuis Miguel3:15
1994Somos novioscoverLuis Miguel3:11
2014-08-26 – 2014-08-28Somos NoviosPaquito D’Rivera7:02
2019-06-25 –Somos Novios (It's Impossible) Lyric Video -Trio RetroTrio Retro3:37
It's ImpossibleinstrumentalPepe Jaramillo3:15
Somos noviosAntonio Machín2:41
Somos novioscoverAntonio Machín2:52
Somos noviosArmando Manzanero con Olga Tañón3:29
Somos noviosAntonio Machín2:52
Somos novioscover and instrumental[unknown]5:47
Somos noviosArmando Manzanero2:38
Somos Novioscover and instrumentalJarkko Toivonen3:30
Somos NoviosinstrumentalMiloš Karadaglić4:07
Somos novios (It's Impossible)Vikki Carr3:06