Somos novios

~ Song


composer: Armando Manzanero (1970)
lyricist: Armando Manzanero (1970)
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Wikipedia: en: Somos Novios (It's Impossible) [info]
later translated versions: It's Impossible


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1975 Somos novios (It's Impossible) (Ferguson, Holiday, Pinkney) cover The Three Degrees 3:48
It's Impossible instrumental Pepe Jaramillo 3:15
Somos novios cover Antonio Machín 2:52
Somos novios Armando Manzanero 2:38
Somos novios Antonio Machín 2:52
Somos novios cover Luis Miguel 3:11
Somos Novios cover and instrumental Jarkko Toivonen 3:30
Somos novios (It's Impossible) Vikki Carr 3:06