Cavatina (theme from The Deer Hunter, for guitar)

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composer:Stanley Myers
arranger:John Williams (classical guitarist)
publisher:EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!)
Robbins Music Corp.
Robbins Music Corp. Ltd.
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Wikidata:Q652536 [info]
referred to in medleys:Relax and Unwind With the Classics (preview) (order: 7)
later versions:He Was Beautiful
is the basis for:原野是我家
arrangements:Cavatina (catch-all for arrangements)


1979-06CavatinaJohn Williams4:07
1981-05 – 1981-06CavatinaGöran Söllscher3:36
1982-06CavatinaLeslie Pearson, John Williams, Pat Halling's String Ensemble4:19
1996-06-04 – 1996-07-30Cavatina from the Deer HunterJohn Williams, John Williams3:10
1996-08-19 – 1996-08-23CavatinaNorbert Kraft3:34
"Cavatina" from The Deer HunterJason Vieaux3:46
Cavatinacover and instrumentalBrancaster Studio Orchestra3:16
CavatinaΝότης Μαυρουδής & Παναγιώτης Μάργαρης2:47
CavatinacoverRobby Bloodshed3:13
CavatinaCraig Ogden, Tippett Quartet4:26
CavatinaStanley Myers3:17
CavatinaGino Marinello3:32
CavatinaManuel Barrueco, Steve Morse3:16
CavatinaFlex Progression4:03
CavatinacoverSusan Wong4:00
CavatinaJohn Williams3:33
CavatinaJohn Williams4:14
CavatinacoverThe Guitar Corporation?:??
CavatinaJohn Williams3:36
CavatinaJohn Williams3:34
CavatinaJohn Williams3:10
CavatinacoverAngie Diggens?:??
CavatinaJohn Williams3:37
CavatinaJohn Williams3:32
Cavatina (The Deer Hunter)City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Nic Raine3:16
CavatinaNorbert Kraft3:52
CavatinaXuefei Yang3:31
CavatinaThe Shadows3:30
CavatinaDiego Blanco3:59
CavatinaCraig Ogden4:00
CavatinaStanley Myers3:40
CavatinaAndrew John Seddon3:21
CavatinaMarkku Turunen5:16
CavatinacoverRamon Ruiz2:17
CavatinacoverRichard Clayderman3:35
CavatinaStanley Myers3:14
CavatinaRich Barry3:00
CavatinaThibault Cauvin4:13
CavatinaStanley Myers3:16
CavatinaPaul Esslemont2:31
CavatinaStanley Myers3:38
CavatinaAdelaide Symphony Orchestra6:13
CavatinaManuel & the Music of the Mountains3:27
CavatinaDouglas Niedt3:58
CavatinaTadeusz Machalski2:29
Cavatinacover and instrumentalCalifornia Guitar Trio3:26
Cavatinacover and instrumentalThe Apaches3:34
CavatinaDiego Blanco4:03
CavatinaCarl Doy3:55
CavatinaMarc Copland & Gary Peacock7:25
Cavatinacover and instrumentalLos Caballeros3:23
CavatinaJohn Williams3:37
CavatinaKaori Muraji4:14
CavatinaStanley Myers & John Williams3:34
CavatinacoverLouis Clark and The BBC Concert Orchestra4:07
CavatinaJohn Williams?:??
CavatinaRichard Clayderman3:35
CavatinaRichard Clayderman3:35
CavatinacoverFlex Progression4:04
CavatinaRichard Clayderman3:35
CavatinacoverNorthern Lights Trio3:46
CavatinaFlex Progression3:14
CavatinaRichard Clayderman3:32
Cavatinacover and instrumentalCarl Doy3:55
CavatinaThe Shadows3:27
CavatinaSamantha Jay2:01
CavatinaKansas City Brass?:??
CavatinaRedbridge Brass, Melvin White4:03
CavatinacoverEd Starink3:41
CavatinaDuel, The London Session Orchestra, Gavyn Wright3:39
CavatinaJohn Williams3:36
CavatinaStanley Myers3:18
CavatinaStanley Myers?:??
CavatinaStanley Myers3:17
CavatinaStanley Myers3:34
CavatinaNorbert Kraft3:31
CavatinaStanley Myers3:55
CavatinaStanley Myers4:18
CavatinaStanley Myers3:34
CavatinaStanley Myers3:43
Cavatina - Main Theme from "The Deer Hunter"西脇千花, 高木綾子4:00
Cavatina (Die durch die Hölle gehen)Stanley Myers3:35
Cavatina (from 'The Deer Hunter')David Russell3:17
Cavatina (From “The Deer Hunter” “Voyage au bout de l’enfer”)cover and instrumentalThibault Cauvin4:17
Cavatina (from Deer Hunter)[unknown]3:25
Cavatina (from the Deer Hunter)Simon Dinnigan3:49
Cavatina (from The Deer Hunter)Simon Dinnigan3:58
Cavatina (from The Deer Hunter)cover[unknown]3:33
Cavatina (from the Film ‘The Deer Hunter’)coverJohn Williams3:34
Cavatina (from the Film ‘The Deer Hunter’)John Williams3:34
Cavatina (from the film “The Deer Hunter”)coverAlex Bollard & The London Starlight Orchestra3:42
Cavatina (from the film The Deer Hunter)Stanley Myers3:17
Cavatina (He Was Beautiful)coverZenithal Whistle3:40
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