The Diary of Alicia KeysAlicia KeysCD15
  • DE2003-12-01
J Records82876 56990 2828765699020
The Diary of Alicia KeysAlicia KeysCD15
  • DE2003-12-01
J Records82876 58164 2828765816427
The Diary of Alicia KeysAlicia KeysCD15
  • US2003-12-02
J Records, MBK Entertainment (R&B, not the South Korean label.)82876-55712-2828765571227
The Diary of Alicia KeysAlicia KeysCD + DVD-Video15 + 1
  • US2003-12-02
J Records82876-57017-2828765701723
The Diary of Alicia KeysAlicia KeysCD16
  • JP2003-12-17
J Records, BMG Japan82876 586202, 82876-58621-2, BVCP-21342828765862028
The Diary of Alicia KeysAlicia KeysCD15
J Records82876580012828765800129
The Diary of Alicia KeysAlicia Keys(unknown)15
  • CN2004-03-29
The Diary of Alicia Keys (Australian tour edition)Alicia KeysCD + Enhanced CD15 + 4
  • AU2004-09-06
J Records82876-63263-2828766326321
The Diary of Alicia KeysAlicia Keys2×CD16 + 4
  • JP2004-09-22
BMG (the former Bertelsmann Music Group, defunct since 2004-08-05; for releases dated 2008 and later, see annotation), J Records
The Diary of Alicia KeysAlicia Keys2×CD15 + 4
BMG Records AfricaCDJAY (CSF) 2286007124420831
The Diary of Alicia Keys (The Diary of Alicia Keys [2 CD] 15+6)Alicia Keys2×CD15 + 6


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Grammy Award: Album of the Year nominees (number: 2005) (order: 211)
Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2020 edition (number: 277) (order: 277)
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This was an eagerly-awaited follow-up. Released two years after the 20-million plus sales of her debut, Songs in A Minor, The Diary of… underlined 22-year-old singer and pianist Alicia Keys' increasing maturity and her significance to 21st century American music.

Keys states in her accompanying notes that the 15 pieces of music here are like diary entries. They could so easily have been full of gauche heart-on-sleeve angst, but fortunately everything is kept in good measure with the listener being drawn into her world of contemporary takes on classic soul.

Lead single You Don't Know My Name is built around a sample from the 1970s New York group Main Ingredient's Let Me Prove My Love to You. The meshing of modern street funk with its gorgeous, string-laden predecessors is hardly the freshest concept, but the subtlety - and Keys' stunning voice - carries it through.

With contributions from artists such as Kanye West, Timbaland and John Legend, at times this album is like an academic exercise in spotting her reference points. Titles such as Harlem's Nocturne and her cover of Gladys Knight's If I Was Your Woman (which merges into Isaac Hayes' version of Walk On By) make her nods to history explicit; it's like some RnB relief teacher coming in and taking the class.

But it is so much more than just that - the album is all about mood and groove. Diary, which features Tony! Toni! Tone!, is faultlessly languid late-night soul with a superb "your secrets are safe with me" hook.

There can be a level of suspicion about Grammy-gathering albums often subsequently reduced to their statistics - US No.1; 618,000 US sales in its first week alone - as this often says little, and commemorates only the commercial accomplishment. However, it is easy to hear why The Diary of Alicia Keys was so popular - well-written, well-played and, although it boasts a cast list commensurate with all urban albums of the 21st century, it is unmistakably the vision of one person. An MTV Unplugged performance, a book of poetry and an acting career was just around the corner.

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Who can forget the Grammy award winning debut album Songs in A Minor? How do you follow that? Well just ask Alicia Keys because her sophomore album The Diary Of Alicia Keys does just that and much more.

Lest we forget her classical brilliance "Harlem's Nocturne" is a fitting introduction. Alicia's mastery of the ivories is also showcased in "Feeling U, Feeling Me". This beautiful overture can only be described as cosmic jazz, reminiscent of Herbie Hancock.

If you're a fan of slow jams you will feel like a kid in a candy store, all angles of love are covered here. Songs to look out for are, "If I Was Your Woman/ Walk On By" which is stylised in the classic Motown format and "If I Ain't Got You". This heartfelt ballad has a strong jazz and blues influence and would do any soul diva proud.Here Alicia is able to show off the vocals skills which sometimes play second fiddle to her other musical talents.

"You Don't Know My Name" is the first release from the 'Diary' and clearly the stand-out track. This is Alicia Keys at her best, sweet and soulful with a hint of the tickling piano keys - pure pleasure.

Although essentially a love album, Ms Keys does mix it up. "So Simple" will undoubtedly appease the urban market with its clever synthesised rhythm whilst "Heartburn" has a psychedelic funky beat that allows Alicia to demonstrate her versatility with this fun and sexy up-tempo offering.

Unlike many urban albums The Diary of Alicia Keys is refreshing in its lack of featured artists. The "Streets Of New York" is the only collaboration and brings together the dulcet tones of Alicia with the raw, edgy and conscious lyrics of Nas and Rakim in a perfect combination.

There are so many facets to this album. In addition to the trademark earthy organic sound, we are also treated to an eclectic mix of genres. From cosmic jazz to sensual salsa she has it covered. I for one am very glad that Alicia Keys has revealed the secrets of her diary.