Bloodshot Records (Independent record label based in Chicago, IL)

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For a Life of SinVarious ArtistsCD17
  • US1994-11-14
BS 001744302000121
Hell-Bent: Insurgent Country, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD17
  • US1995-07-31
BS 004744302000428
Bad TimesWaco Brothers7" Vinyl2
BS 003
PecadoresMoonshine WillyCD13
BS 005744302000527
To the Last Dead CowboyThe Waco BrothersCD14
BS 006744302000626
Angels And InbredsEarl C. Whitehead & The Grievous AngelsCD7
BS 008744302000824
Wreck Your LifeOld 97’sCD12
  • US1996-02-26
BS 009744302000923
Cryin' DrunkOld 97’s7" Vinyl2
BS 010
Country Love SongsRobbie FulksCD13
BS 011744302001128
The Return of Rico BellRico BellCD12
BS 012744302001227
Insurgent Country, Volume 3: Nashville: The Other Side of the AlleyVarious ArtistsCD18
BS 014744302001425
Daddy's FarmScroat BellyCD16
BS 017
Bold Displays Of ImperfectionMoonshine WillyCD14
BS 018744302001821
Straight Outta Boone CountyVarious ArtistsCD20
  • US1997-03-04
BS 019
Theme for a TruckerWhiskeytown2×7" Vinyl2 + 2
BS 021
New City of SinGrievous AngelsCD12
  • US1997-05-21
BS 020744302002026
South MouthRobbie FulksCD13
  • US1997-10-21
BS 023744302002323
Cowboy in FlamesWaco BrothersCD14
BS 015744302001524
Cowboy SallySally TimmsCD5
BS 016744302001623
Extra SauceThe RiptonesCD12
BS 022744302002224
Do You Think About Me?Waco BrothersCD10
BS 024744302002422
Sweet in the PantsThe Meat PurveyorsCD13
BS 026744302026206
The VirginianNeko Case & Her BoyfriendsCD12
  • US1998-02-10
BS 028744302002828
More Miles Than Money: Live 1994-96Alejandro EscovedoCD11
  • US1998-03-10
BS 027744302002729
Smelling SaltsTrailer BrideCD11
  • US1998-03-24
BS 031744302003122
Precious MomentsThe SadiesCD20
  • US1998-06-23
BS 034744302003429
Miles on the RailGrievous AngelsCD11
  • US1998-09-08
BS 038744302003825
Salute the Majesty of Bob Wills: The King of Western SwingThe Pine Valley CosmonautsCD19
BS 029443020029277
Murder BalladsNeko Case & The Sadies7" Vinyl3
BS 030
Bastard ChildMoonshine WillyCD13
BS 032744302003221
Split Lip RayfieldSplit Lip RayfieldCD15
BS 035744302003528
Car SongsWhiskeytown / Neko Case & The Sadies7" Vinyl2
BS 037
Dolly HorrorshowThe BlacksCD12
BS 039744302003924
Ramblin’ Man / Lily White Mama & Jet Black Daddy2 Star Tabernacle featuring Andre Williams7" Vinyl2
BS 041744302004174
Devil in a WoodpileDevil in a WoodpileCD15
BS 042744302004228
The Last of the Great Singing CowboysRex Allen(unknown)22
  • -1999-03-23
Bourbonitis BluesAlejandro EscovedoCD9
  • US1999-05-04
BS 0490744302004921
Forever Always EndsRex Hobart and The Misery BoysDigital Media14
  • US1999-06-22
In the MudSplit Lip RayfieldCD16
  • US1999-07-09
BS 057744302005720
Whine de LuneTrailer BrideCD11
  • US1999-08-10
BS 058
Poor Little Knitter on the Road: A Tribute to The KnittersVarious ArtistsCD13
  • US1999-10-05
BS 052744302005225
Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments For Lost BuckaroosSally TimmsCD12
  • US1999-11-02
BS 061744302006123
Pee Wee King's Country Hoedown: 51 Unreleased Recordings on 2 CDsPee Wee King2×CD28 + 26
  • US1999-11-16
BS 804744302080420
The Shortening Sessions: Loretta Lynn TributeNeko Case & The Sadies / Kelly Hogan7" Vinyl2
BS 036
WacoWorldWaco BrothersCD13
BS 043744302004327
Cowboy's InnThe RiptonesCD11
BS 044744302004426
The Madonna TrilogyThe Meat Purveyors7" Vinyl3
BS 046744302004679
Dark Side of the MerseyRico Bell and the Snake HandlersCD12
BS 047
Red DirtAndre Williams & The SadiesCD14
BS 048744302004822
Forever Always EndsRex Hobart and The Misery BoysCD14
BS 053744302005324
Pure Diamond GoldThe SadiesCD20
BS 055744302005522
More Songs About Buildings and CowsThe Meat PurveyorsCD14
BS 056744302005621
Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments For Lost BuckaroosSally TimmsCD15
BS 0615021456103423
Hank WorldHank ThompsonCD23
BS 803744302080321
The Very Best of Robbie FulksRobbie FulksCD14
  • US2000-01-18
BS 059744302005928
Furnace Room LullabyNeko Case & Her BoyfriendsCD12
  • US2000-02-22
BS 050744302005027
Beneath the Country UnderdogKelly Hogan & The Pine Valley CosmonautsCD11
  • US2000-04-04
Beneath the Country UnderdogKelly Hogan & The Pine Valley CosmonautsDigital Media11
  • XW2000-04-04
Early TracksOld 97’sCD8
  • US2000-05-23
BS 066744302006628
Down to the Promised Land: 5 Years of Bloodshot RecordsVarious Artists2×CD20 + 21
  • US2000-06-20
BS 060744302006024
BuckshotThe RiptonesCD11
  • US2000-08-22
HeartbreakerRyan AdamsCD15
  • US2000-09-05
BS 071744302007120
The Spectacular Sadness OfRex Hobart and The Misery BoysCD12
  • US2000-09-19
BS 069
The Spectacular Sadness Of...Rex Hobart and The Misery BoysDigital Media12
  • US2000-09-19
BS 069
Electric Waco ChairWaco BrothersCD13
  • US2000-10-17
BS 054744302005423
Just Like HomeThe BlacksCD13
BS 063744302006321
Division StreetDevil in a WoodpileCD14
BS 065744302006529
Songs of False Hope and High Values (ltd edition, 2000 copies)Sally Timms & Jon LangfordCD8
BS 072744302007229
A Man Under the InfluenceAlejandro EscovedoCD11
  • US2001-04-24
BS 064744302006420
High SeasTrailer BrideCD13
  • US2001-06-19
BS 081744302008127
A-Town BluesWayne HancockCD14
  • US2001-09-04
BS 080744302008028
Because It Feel GoodKelly HoganCD10
  • US2001-10-09
13 Hillbilly GiantsRobbie FulksCD13
  • US2001-11-06
BS 084
A Christmas SpankingAsylum Street SpankersCD16
  • US2001-11-06
BS 702744302070223
Never Make It HomeSplit Lip RayfieldCD14
BS 068744302006826
Tremendous EffortsThe SadiesCD13
BS 070744302007021
Tremendous EffortsThe SadiesCD13
BS 070
A Coupla Hard Luck FavoritesRex Hobart and The Misery Boys7" Vinyl2
BS 075
The South Austin SessionsWayne HancockCD6
BS 083[none]
Songs of SahmThe Bottle RocketsCD13
BS 086744302008622
Bloodshot Records Sampler 2001Various ArtistsCD17
Symphonies of the SageSons of the PioneersCD25
  • -2001
The South Austin SessionsWayne HancockDigital Media6
The Neal Pollack Anthology of American LiteratureNeal Pollack & The Pine Valley CosmonautsCD9
  • US2002-03-05
BS 090744302009025
Young Criminals Starvation LeagueBobby Bare Jr.'s Young Criminals' Starvation LeagueCD11
  • US2002-07-09
BS 089744302008929
BlacklistedNeko CaseCD14
  • US2002-08-20
BS 099744302009926
Your Favorite FoolRex Hobart and The Misery BoysCD10
  • US2002-09-24
BS 094744302009421
My Favorite RecordAsylum Street SpankersCD12
  • US2002-09-24
BS 703744302070322
Making Singles, Drinking DoublesVarious ArtistsCD18
  • US2002-12-10
BS 100
Making Singles, Drinking DoublesVarious ArtistsDigital Media18
  • US2002-12-10
BS 100
Songs of False Hope and High ValuesSally Timms & Jon LangfordCD12
BS 0725021456113620
The Executioner's Last Songs Volume 1Various ArtistsCD18
BS 074744302007427
The Executioner's Last Songs, Volume 1Jon Langford and The Pine Valley CosmonautsCD18
BS 074744302007427
New DealWaco BrothersCD12
BS 085744302008523
Been a Long TimeRico BellCD8
BS 088 1
All Relationships Are Doomed to FailThe Meat PurveyorsCD13
BS 0917443020091277
Steel Guitar Air ShowJon RauhouseCD16
BS 093744302009322
The Bottle Let Me Down: Songs for Bumpy Wagon RidesVarious ArtistsCD26
Mayors of the MoonJon Langford and His SadiesCD12
  • US2003-02-04
BS 092744302009223
The Slaughter RuleVarious ArtistsCD23
  • US2003-05-04
BS 087744302008721