Menstrual Soup DemoBlood DusterCD6
BLP 066
Pigs in Blue / The Grave of NoiseAgathocles / Plastic Grave7" Vinyl6
BLP 001
Split Live TapeBlood / Malignant TumourCassette27
BLP 002
Grinding MadnessROT, Agathocles, Groinchurn, Demolish, Hartsoeker & Defecal Geseofobia7" Vinyl21
BLP 003
What Do You Kill For / Spasm of ExtinctionCatasexual Urge Motivation / Negligent Collateral CollapseCassette13
BLP 008[none]
Grind Your Head / DisgorgeDisgorge / Squash Bowels7" Vinyl10
BLP 014[none]
Australian Grindcore: Compilation EpVarious Artists7" Vinyl8
BLP 011[none]
Regulation... / Veni Vidi SpunkySquash Bowels / Cock and Ball Torture7" Vinyl16
BLP 017[none]
All We Need Is CheezImpetigoCD12
Late Night Necrophiliac Fun / Peristaltica IXImpetigo / IngrowingCD3
BLP 020[none]
PTAO / 7 Minutes of NauseaPTAO / 7 Minutes of Nausea8cm CD2
BLP 022[none]
I Can Feel Your Wounds Are Bleeding...Reek of ShitsCD36
BLP 027[none]
4 Way CDCBT / Filth / Downthroat / NCCCD39
BLP 024[none]
The Universe Pig + Monkey = Essence of Existence / UntitledPigsty / CaTiVeiRoCD20
BLR 028[none]
Necrosadistic SurgeryBizarre EmbalmingCD16
BLP 030[none]
Leave Us AloneGrossmemberCD24
BLP 034, BLP 035[none]
... Me quedo con tu dolor!Tu CarneCD20
BLP 036[none]
Disgusting Gore And Pathology / Polymorphisms To Severe Sepsis In TraumaTorsofuck / Lymphatic PhlegmCD15
BLP 037[none]
Pathologist's Cadaveric Fleshfeast / For an Apple and an EggLymphatic Phlegm / S.M.E.S.CD27
BLP 029[none]
LamentationsMincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer DecayCD15
BLP 032[none]
The ReturnPigstyCD17
BLP 033[none]
Grind Your Fucking HeadSquash Bowels & DisgorgeCD21
BLP 038[none]
Instrumenta Chirurgica / DifferencesAhumado Granujo / UtopiaCD33
  • CZ2003-02-03
BLP 034[none]
Mucubelching Beats: The All-Star Project of Mucupurulent & Belching BeetMucupurulent / Belching BeetCD18
  • CZ2003-03-11
BLP 031[none]
Romantic Display of LoveCollisionCD21
Bloody Obstetric TechnologyReek of ShitsCD14
BLP 042[none]
Hellcock's PornflakesRompepropCD12
BLP 044[none]
BLP 047[none]
Postmortem Human OffalAutophagiaCD27
BLP 051
Just a Matter of SplatterRompeprop / Tu CarneCD14
BLP 054[none]
Serial SuicideKotsCD30
BLP 055[none]
Splatter-tekk (remastered)Ahumado GranujoEnhanced CD19
BLP 056[none]
Scat AficionadosStomaCD16
BLP 059[none]
Despise / Lust of DecayLust of Decay / DespiseCD4
BLP 060[none]
Genocide of the Unborn / Bodies on DisplayDyscrasia / Putrid PileCD12
BLP 065[none]
Pigs Are BackPigstyCD13
BLP 063[none]
Deface MindReek of ShitsCD11
BLP 064[none]
7Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer DecayCD14
BLP 071[none]
Promo 2006Jig-AiDigital Media4
  • XW2006-01-31
  • CZ2006-04-18
Gory Gory Halleluja!S.M.E.S.CD13
BLP 069[none]
4-Way Cybergrind PornogoremageddonBloody Diarrhoea / Psychosadistic Haterapist / Fucksaw / TumourCD34
Extreme CreamSpermSwampCD14
  • CZ2007-06-11
BLP 074[none]
Culto a la MuerteTu CarneCD15
  • CZ2007-11-06
BLP 077[none]
Creeping! Crushing! Crawling!PlasmaCD16
BLP 076[none]
Inventory of FixturesSublime Cadaveric DecompositionCD14
BLP 079[none]
Living Dead StarsPigstyCD6
BLP 079[none]
Menstrual StomphulkRompepropCD11
Stench of FleshSplattered MermaidsCD10
  • -2008-03
BLP 083
All We Need Is CheezImpetigoDigital Media11
  • XW2008-04-05
Katana OrgyJig-AiCD20
  • CZ2008-07-10
BLP 085[none]
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationFlagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationCD17
  • CZ2008-07-13
BLP 086[none]
CutterclitDestructive Explosion of Anal GarlandCD19
BLP 084[none]
Piggy PuppiesSpineless FuckersCD21
BLP 087[none]
Keep On SmilingRectal SmegmaCD15
  • CZ2009-02-28
BLP 088[none]
The Undislodgable Nugget ScenarioSuper Fun Happy SlideCD19
BLP 089[none]
  • CZ2009-03-28
BLP 090[none]
Planet of the PigsPigstyCD10
  • CZ2009-05-16
BLP 0941[none]
¡Pelea Del Siglo! ¡Hasta La Muerte!C.A.R.N.E. vs. FucksawCD12
BLP 093[none]
Disgusting Gore And Pathology / Polymorphisms To Severe Sepsis In Trauma (Reissue)Torsofuck / Lymphatic PhlegmCD15
BLP 037[none]
Gargle CummicsRompepropCD16
BLP 094[none]
TenesmusBloody DiarrhoeaCD19
BLP 096[none]
28 Minutes of Silence for All Innocent Victims… And BonesesNegligent Collateral CollapseCD31
BLP 097[none]
Scrotal RecallGruntCD25
  • CZ2011-02-01
BLP 099[none]
Jig-Ai / Ass to MouthJig-Ai / Ass to Mouth10" Vinyl9
BLP 100[none]
Sweet Home CarbonaraTibosityCD11
  • CZ2011-08-20
BLP 104[none]
Donec Mors Nos SeparaveritHymen HolocaustCD10
BLP 103[none]
Shit BeastGutalaxCD14
Gargle CummicsRompeprop12" Vinyl16
The Glorification of Sexual DepravationStomaCD15
  • CZ2012-08-30
BLP 110[none]
BLP 109[none]
BLP 113[none]
No One in Their Right MindGreedhaleCD17
BLP 115[none]
911 (Emergency Slaughter) / Shit EvolutionHaemorrhage / Gutalax7" Vinyl6
BLP 0119[none]
Shit EvolutionGutalaxDigital Media5
  • XW2013-06-07
  • CZ2013-08-05
BLP 125[none]
Dying in PiecesCutterred FleshDigital Media9
  • XW2013-11-12
BLP 130[none]
Rising Sun CarnageJig-AiCD22
  • CZ2014-02-24
Love All the PigsVile DisgustDigital Media15
  • XW2014-10-10
BLP 141[none]
After Party Shit StinksAnalkholicCD19
  • CZ2014-12-20
BLP 0143
Love All the PigsVile DisgustCD15
BLP 0141
Tour De AnalDestructive Explosion of Anal GarlandCD20
BLP 122
Obstetrical CollectionStickoxydalDigital Media28
  • XW2015-01-09
BLP 081[none]
She Asked for ItEnema ShowerCD15
  • CZ2015-02-16
BLP 0148[none]
...and Deeper, I Drown in Doom...Mindful of PripyatCD16
  • CZ2015-04-02
BLP 0147
Blood - ImpetigoBlood & ImpetigoDigital Media9
  • XW2015-04-14
Stinking CollectionGutalaxCD19
  • CZ2015-06-26
Sex, Drugs, and Rotten HolesMethadone Abortion ClinicCD18
  • CZ2015-12-19
BLP 0160
Porno Bizzaro2 Minuta DrekaCD19
BLP 0151[none]
Anatomically! Autopsically! Decompositionally! Eschatologically! Thanatologically! Part I: Putrefactive Grind Versus Sexual NoisePathologist2×CD21 + 99
  • CZ2016-04-12
Scrap Par La Porn (bandcamp release)SpermSwampDigital Media18
  • XW2016-04-14
BLP 0169[none]
Mínus 13 LumenůHigh PurityCD14
  • CZ2016-07-02
BLP 0167
Raw Snails ArmyGastropodeDigital Media35
  • XW2016-10-31
BLP 0176[none]
Codex Bizarre (deluxe edition)GruntCD18
  • XW2016-11-28
BLP 0186[none]
Raw Snails ArmyGastropodeCD35
BLP 0176[none]
  • CZ2017-01-02
BLP 0181
The Opposite of ProgressionDissolutionCD8
  • CZ2017-05-05
BLP 0189
Grind Restaurant pana SeptikaCarnal DiafragmaCD17
  • CZ2017-05-26
BLP 0183[none]