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German audio magazine. Some info (tracklists, cover art) can be found here and here.

If anyone has a good idea regarding the consistent naming of all releases below, please go right ahead.

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Stereoplay: The Best of HighlightsVarious ArtistsCD11
Stereoplay Highlights CD 2: Meisterwerke aus Rock und PopVarious ArtistsCD13
697 001[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 5: Klassische KlaviermusikVarious ArtistsCD10
697 003[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 4: Collegium AureumVarious ArtistsCD16
Stereoplay Highlights CD 3: Meisterwerke der KlassikVarious ArtistsCD7
Highlights CD 9: Meisterwerke aus Pop und RockVarious ArtistsCD11
697 006[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 6: Meisterwerke aus Pop und RockVarious ArtistsCD9
825 998-2[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 7: Meisterwerke aus Pop und RockVarious ArtistsCD12
CDSP 15737[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 8: Meisterwerke Aus Pop und RockVarious ArtistsCD12
CDSP 15738[none]
Stereoplay: The Best of Highlights IIVarious ArtistsCD12
819 460-2[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 11Various ArtistsCD12
CD 100 901[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 12Various ArtistsCD14
CD 697 007[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 13Various ArtistsCD12
CD 697 009[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 14Various ArtistsCD12
CD 697 010[none]
Stereoplay Edition E CD 15: OuvertürenVarious ArtistsCD8
CD 697 011[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 21Various ArtistsCD14
CD 27100214010427100210
Stereoplay Highlights CD 16: Meisterwerke aus Rock und PopVarious ArtistsCD13
CD 697 016[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 18Various ArtistsCD13
CD 697 018[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 19Various ArtistsCD14
CD 697 019[none]
stereoplay, CD 20: Avantgarde Edition - Abenteuer OrgelHannes MeyerCD13
CD 697 020[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 22Various ArtistsCD15
CD 697 022[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 24Various ArtistsCD15
CD 697 024[none]
Stereoplay, CD 25: Yesterday’sVarious ArtistsCD20
CD 697 025[none]
stereoplay, CD 27: Yesterday’sVarious ArtistsCD22
CD 697 027[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 17Various ArtistsCD14
CD 697017[none]
Stereoplay Edition E CD 26: Sinfonische MiniaturenIsrael Sinfonietta Beer Sheva, Mendi RodanCD12
CD 697026[none]
stereoplay, CD 33: Yesterday’sVarious ArtistsCD21
CD 27100334010427100333
Stereoplay Highlights CD 34Various ArtistsCD16
CD 27100344010427100340
Stereoplay Spezial CD 28: EntertainmentVarious ArtistsCD17
CD 697 028[none]
Stereoplay Highlights, CD 30: The Best of Highlights IIIVarious ArtistsCD14
CD 697 030[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 31Various ArtistsCD14
CD 697 031[none]
Stereoplay Spezial CD 32: ItaloVarious ArtistsCD15
CD 697 032[none]
stereoplay, CD 33: Yesterday’sVarious ArtistsCD21
CD 697 033-2[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 34Various ArtistsCD16
CD 697 034[none]
Stereoplay Special CD 35: Black MusicVarious ArtistsCD15
CD 697 035[none]
Stereoplay Voices A Cappella - Special CD 36Various ArtistsCD17
CD 697 036[none]
stereoplay, CD 37: Yesterday’sVarious ArtistsCD14
CD 697 037[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 38Various ArtistsCD15
CD 697 038[none]
Stereoplay Highlights CD 39Various ArtistsCD17
CD 697 039[none]
Stereoplay Edition E CD 40: Klingendes BarockVarious ArtistsCD15
CD 697010[none]
Stereoplay Edition E CD 29: Piano FortissimoVarious ArtistsCD12
CD 697029[none]
stereoplay, CD 44: Yesterday’sVarious ArtistsCD23
18.250 89[none]
Stereoplay Special CD 43: Italo, Vol. 2Various ArtistsCD15
CD 27100434010427100432
stereoplay, CD 44: Yesterday’sVarious ArtistsCD23
CD 27100444010427100449
Stereoplay Special CD 46: Made in GermanyVarious ArtistsCD19
CD 27100464010427100463
Stereoplay Highlights CD 47Various ArtistsCD16
CD 27100474010427100470
Stereoplay Highlights CD 41Various ArtistsCD16
CD 697 041[none]
Stereoplay Special CD 43: Italo, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD15
CD 697 043[none]
Stereoplay Special CD 45: Black Music, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD17
CD 697 045[none]
Stereoplay Special CD 42: SwingVarious ArtistsCD23
CD 697042[none]
Stereoplay Special CD 48: Hard&HeavyVarious ArtistsCD16
CD 27100487 A4010427100487
Stereoplay Special CD 49: Jazzrock-Anthology, Volume 1 - BeginningVarious ArtistsCD14
CD 27100494 A4010427100494
stereoplay, CD 50: Yesterday’sVarious ArtistsCD25
CD 27100500 A4010427100500
Stereoplay Special CD 51: ChansonVarious ArtistsCD19
CD 27100517 A4010427100517
Stereoplay Special CD 52: Jazzrock-Anthology, Volume 2 - CrossoverVarious ArtistsCD13
CD 27100524 A4010427100524
Stereoplay Special CD 53: DancefloorVarious ArtistsCD17
CD 27100531 A4010427100531
Stereoplay Edition E CD 54: KlangweltenVarious ArtistsCD24
CD 27100548 A4010427100548
Stereoplay Special CD 55: Jazzrock-Anthology, Volume 3 - FusionVarious ArtistsCD13
CD 27100555A4010427100555
stereoplay, CD 56: Yesterday’sVarious ArtistsCD16
CD 27100562 A4010427100562
Stereoplay Highlights, CD 57Various ArtistsCD17
CD 27100579 A4010427100579
stereoplay, CD 58: Yesterday’sVarious ArtistsCD25
CD 27100586 A4010427100586
Stereoplay Special CD 59: Country SpecialVarious ArtistsCD23
CD 27100593 A4010427100593
stereoplay, CD 60: Yesterday’sVarious ArtistsCD26
CD 27100609 A4010427100609
Stereoplay Special CD 61: Ballads of GoldVarious ArtistsCD17
CD 27100616 A4010427100616
Stereoplay Special CD 62: Chanson, Volume IIVarious ArtistsCD19
CD 27100623 A4010427100623
Stereoplay CD 63 Special: Entertainment, Volume 2: Easy Listening FavouritesVarious ArtistsCD23
CD 27100630A4010427100630
Stereoplay Highlights CD 64Various ArtistsCD16
CD 27100647 A4010427100647
Stereoplay Special CD 66: Black Music, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD17
CD 27100661 A4010427100661
Stereoplay Special CD 67: Italo, Vol. 3Various ArtistsCD16
CD 27100678 A4010427100678
Stereoplay Special CD 68: The Definitive Swing SessionsVarious ArtistsCD24
CD 27100685 A4010427100685
The Definitive Swing SessionsVarious ArtistsCD24
CD 27100685 A4010427100685
Stereoplay Edition E CD 69: Tedi Papavrami - Meister der ViolineTedi PapavramiCD10
CD 27100692 A4010427100692
Stereoplay Special CD 70: Hard’n’Heavy, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD15
CD 27100708 A4010427100708
Stereoplay Special CD 71: Auf gut DeutschVarious ArtistsCD19
CD 27100715 A4010427100715
Edition E: High End ClassicsVarious Artists8cm CD4
CD 16-1-32[none]
Stereoplay Special CD 72: Country, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD23
CD 27100722 A4010427100722
Stereoplay Special CD 73: Singer and SongwriterVarious ArtistsCD17
CD 27100739 A4010427100739
Stereoplay Yesterday's Pop-Hits Of The 70sVarious ArtistsCD18
CD 27100760 A4010427100760
Stereoplay Special CD 74: Pop Goes WaveVarious ArtistsCD17
CD 27100746 A4010427100746
Stereoplay Highlights 75: Super HighlightsVarious ArtistsCD18
CD 27100753 A4010427100753
Yesterday’s: GlamrockVarious ArtistsCD21
The Best of EntertainmentVarious ArtistsCD18
The Stars of Rock'n RollVarious ArtistsCD24
Yesterday's: Beat HitsVarious ArtistsCD26
Dual: Super Sound-Test-CDVarious ArtistsCD99
CD 27000961 X[none]
Die stereoplay Hörtest-CDVarious ArtistsCD64
T+A Präsentiert: 20 Jahre StereoplayVarious ArtistsCD12
CD 27110981 X
Stereoplay Highlights: ArtrockVarious ArtistsCD15
CD 27110028B4010427110028
20 Jahre StereoplayVarious ArtistsCD12
Stereoplay Highlights ItaloVarious ArtistsCD19
Klassik Audiophil: Titel CD 11/99Various ArtistsCD9
Great Emotions Special EditionVarious ArtistsCD18
Stereoplay Highlights: Vive la France: Top-Musik aus 5 JahrhundertenVarious ArtistsCD16
Stereoplay Highlights 2001Various ArtistsCD10
  • -2001
Still Alive (Live Tracks)Various ArtistsCD8
Great Voices of Living StereoVarious ArtistsCD12
Stereoplay Masterpieces, Volume 3: The Best Of MDGVarious ArtistsCD13
Die besten Hörtest-Aufnahmen aus 30 Jahren: Die audiophile Hörtest-CDVarious ArtistsCD10
stereoplay 05/08[none]
Die Besten Hörtest-Aufnahmen Aus 30 Jahren Yello-GeschichteYelloCD6
Die perfekte RäumlichkeitVarious ArtistsCD13