William Blake (English poet, painter, and printmaker)

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DateTitleCredited AsArtistLength
Contaminated Apples: 1986–1991 AppendicesCoil
Songs of Innocence and ExperienceAllen Ginsberg / William Blake
Two Octobers (1972-1975)Evan Parker & Paul Lytton
Spring Symphony, op. 44: Part 3: 11. Sound the Flute!
The Passing of the Year: No. 1. Invocation
The Passing of the Year: No. 2. The Narrow Bud Opens Her Beauties to the Sun
The Passing of the Year: No. 5. Ah, Sun - Flower!
1789A Cradle Song
1789Cradle Song
1789The Cradle Song
1789The Lamb
1789The Tyger
1794A Poison Tree (Dead Can Dance unreleased)
1795The Book of Los
1795The Book of Los: Chapter 1
1795The Book of Los: Chapter 2
1795The Book of Los: Chapter 3
1795The Book of Los: Chapter 4
3rd Earth
4 Part‐Songs: No. 1. To Spring
5 Songs from William Blake
5 Songs from William Blake: No. 1: The Divine Image
5 Songs from William Blake: No. 2: Tiger! Tiger!
5 Songs from William Blake: No. 3: The Land of Dreams
5 Songs from William Blake: No. 4: The Little Black Boy
5 Songs from William Blake: No. 5: And Did Those Feet
A Child's Song
A Dream
A Memorable Fancy, Plate 15
A Memorable Fancy, Plates 6–7
A Memorable Fancy, Plates 12–13
A Memorable Fancy, Plates 17–20
A Memorable Fancy, Plates 22–24
A Poison Tree
A Poison Tree (1935 setting)
A Poison Tree
A Song for the Lord Mayor's Table: 4. Holy Thursday
A Song of Liberty, Plates 25–27 / Chorus
Ah! Sun-flower
Augury, op. 38
Beautiful Ghost / Introduction to Songs of Experience
Canti Lunatici
Changes, op. 17: Part II No. 4 Nurse’s Song: When voices of children are heard on the green
Changes, op. 17: Part IV No. 1 The Door of Death
Chants sérieux: The little boy lost
Creatures: IV. Tiger! Tiger!
Crystal Cabinet
De kleine schoorsteenveger (The chimneysweeper)
Descent of Man
Eternity's Sunrise
Five Blake Songs, op. 66
Five Blake Songs, op. 66: I. Moderato
Five Blake Songs, op. 66: II. Allegro
Five Blake Songs, op. 66: III. Allegretto
Five Blake Songs, op. 66: IV. Andante con moto
Five Blake Songs, op. 66: V. Lento
For a Voice Like Thunder
Golden String
Hear the Voice
In a Mirtle Shade
In Every Cry
Infant joy
Infant Joy
Ingen fågel flyger för högt
Jerusalem (for choir and organ, Wicks after Elgar)
Jerusalem (Fat Les version)
Jerusalem (orchestrated by Elgar)
Jerusalem (EL&P arrangement)
Jerusalem (anthem by Hubert Parry)
Kindermeidslied (Nurse's Song)
Laughing song
Laughing Song
Let the Slave
Little Fly
Little Lamb
Love seeketh not Itself to please
Mad Song (Tangerine Dream)
Mad Song (Mediæval Bæbes)
Madness Inspired
My Guardian Angel
Never Pain to Tell Thy Love
Never Seek to Tell Thy Love
Nine English Songs: No. 6. The wild flower's song
Nurses Song With Elephants
Nurses' Songs
Pastoral: The Shepherd
Petit vagabond
Piping down the valleys wild
Plate 3
Plate 3, following
Plate 11
Plate 14
Plates 5–6
Plates 16–17
Plates 21–22
Poison Tree
Proverbs of Hell, Plates 7–10
Requiescat (in memoriam Igor Stravinsky)
Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings, op. 31: IV. Elegy
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1789A Cradle Song (poem by William Blake)
1804Jerusalem (poem by Blake)
A Little Girl Lost
Mad Song
Nurse's Song (song from the 1971 Holy Soul Jelly Roll session)
Songs of Innocence and of Experience
Songs of Innocence and of Experience (collection of poems by William Blake)
The Cod and the Pebble
The Fly
The Fly