Implex (drum & bass producer Kirill Kalashnikov)

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Audiodreams Store!ImplexCD11
TAMRECORDS (Russian Drum & Bass label)TAMCD028
The Curse / Chasm / Ocean of OceansMav & Implex12" Vinyl3
  • GB2005-10-03
Covert Operations RecordingsCOV017
Mechanical HeroesDestination Unknown & ImplexDigital Media1
Time-Zero / Chasm (Future Engineers Re-Set)Future Engineers / Mav & Implex12" Vinyl2
  • GB2007-06-18
Covert Operations RecordingsCOV025
The Formation Family, Part 1Nero, Medicin & ImplexDigital Media2
  • -2009-01-09
Formation Records
Energy (remix) / Closer to the Stars (DJ SS remix)Nero / Medicin & Implex12" Vinyl2
  • GB2009-05-04
Formation RecordsFORM12128
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