Teenage Catgirls And The Mystery LightshowThe Mystery LightsCD11
Closet Trekkie Recordsctr#4884502064551
At Home With The Mystery LightsThe Mystery LightsCassette7
  • US2015-02-01
Hologram SkiesHS-02
Too Many GirlsThe Mystery Lights7" Vinyl2
  • US2015-08-21
Wick RecordsWCK-1001638302576208
The Mystery LightsThe Mystery LightsCD11
  • US2016-06-24
Wick RecordsWick-001823134900127
The Mystery LightsThe Mystery LightsDigital Media11
  • XW2016-06-24
Daptone Records
Thick SkinThe Mystery Lights7" Vinyl2
  • US2018-06-22
Wick RecordsWCK-1008
Too Much Tension!The Mystery LightsCD11
  • US2019-05-10
Wick RecordsWCK-004823134900424
Too Much Tension!The Mystery LightsDigital Media11
  • XW2019-05-10
Wick Records193483492971
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