mixing location for
BrokenOf Night And Light3:13
CollateralOf Night And Light2:46
LeviathanOf Night And Light2:58
recording location for
2000If You Have to Ask (live, 2000: Buffalo, NY, USA)Red Hot Chili Peppers5:20
2005-03People (live, 2005-03: Buffalo, NY, USA)Animal Collective6:25
2020It’s Kind of a Really Nice’redead0:50’redead1:24
2020Michael Myers Said “I’ll See You in Court”’redead2:10
2020Oh No, I’m Trapped Inside a David Lynch Directed Cologne’redead1:52
2020Spill Yer’redead0:48
Amazing Grace (live, 1995/1996: Buffalo, NY, USA)Ani DiFranco6:18
BirchadditionalBig Red Machine feat. Taylor Swift5:30
Both Hands (live, 1995/1996: Buffalo, NY, USA)Ani DiFranco4:52
CurtainsEd Sheeran3:45
End of YouthEd Sheeran3:51
Hoping ThenadditionalBig Red Machine3:57
MagnoliaadditionalBig Red Machine3:55
No StringsEd Sheeran2:54
Salt WaterEd Sheeran4:00
SparkEd Sheeran3:35
SycamoreEd Sheeran2:50
The ComebackRust Belt Lights3:00
The EscapeRust Belt Lights3:12
The GroundRust Belt Lights2:12
The IssueRust Belt Lights2:36
The Wreckers (live, 2015-06-10: First Niagara Center, Buffalo, NY, USA)Rush5:39
ToughestEd Sheeran3:34
We Were Happy (from The Vault)violinTaylor Swift4:04
willow (dancing witch version) (Elvira remix)violinTaylor Swift3:05
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1989Rotting Head (live, 1989: Buffalo, NY, USA)Cannibal Corpse2:50
1989Shredded Humans (live, 1989: Buffalo, NY, USA)Cannibal Corpse5:10