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Performance name of: 前田尚紀

Also performs as: 8 bit (Naoki Maeda, only track "Afronova Primeval"), 180 (NAOKI MAEDA), 190 (Naoki Maeda), 200 (BEMANI), 270, 290, 1479 (BEMANI), B3 Project, Black∞Hole, BLUE DESTROYERS, Crystal Aliens, d-complex, D.J.RICH feat. TAILBROS. (Naoki Maeda; BEMANI), D&G Music Factory (pen name of Naoki Maeda), DE-SIRE, DE-SIRE retunes, DE-SIRE改, DE-STRAD, DIGI-SEQ-BAND2000, DIVAS (BEMANI), DJ KAZU (NAOKI MAEDA), Euro Groove Masters, FACTOR-X (Naoki Maeda), FIXX (one time alias of Naoki Maeda for song "Vanity Angel"), KTz (BEMANI), Latenighter (Naoki Maeda), Luv UNLIMITED, mitsu-O!, MR.DOG (BEMANI), N.M.R, N.M.R-type G, N&S (BEMANI), NAOKI (Naoki Maeda), NAOKI 190, NAOKI in the MERCURE, NAOKI J-STYLE, NAOKI underground, NM (Naoki Maeda BEMANI project for pop ballads), NM SEQUENCE UNLIMITED (Naoki Maeda's pen name for boss songs), NO.9 (Dance Dance Revolution song "END OF THE CENTURY"), NW260, Q-PARA FAMILY, RE-VENGE, RevenG, RICE.C, Stone Bros., Z (BEMANI), ZZ (BEMANI), Ω (前田尚紀 / Naoki Maeda), ΩΩ (Naoki Maeda), エンゾニック前田


Album + Compilation

2010DanceDanceRevolution ULTIMATE DANCE COLLECTIONVarious Artists3

Album + Compilation + Soundtrack

2007BEMANI BEST for the 10th anniversaryVarious Artists1
2009beatmania IIDX -SUPER BEST BOX- vol.1 & vol.2Various Artists2
2009beatmania IIDX -SUPER BEST BOX- vol.2Various Artists1
2006Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA Limited Edition Music SamplerVarious Artists1

Album + Soundtrack

2007Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA Original Soundtrack (2006 arcade game)Various Artists2
2007beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD Original SoundtrackVarious Artists1
2022DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (ULTIMATE MOBILE music player / KONAMI originals)Various Artists5

Album + DJ-mix

2019DanceDanceRevolution 20th Anniversary Non Stop Mix Mixed by DJ KOODJ KOO1

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