Kismet (full musical)

~ Musical


lyricist and composer:George Forrest (American composer and lyricist)
Robert Wright (US stage & screen composer & lyricist)
librettist:Luther Davis (American screenwriter)
Charles Lederer (American screenwriter)
part of:Tony Award for Best Musical (number: 1954, 8th) (order: 6)
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Wikidata:Q3815652 [info]
parts:1. Overture (from the musical “Kismet”)
3. Rhymes Have I
4. Fate (Kismet)
6. Stranger in Paradise (popular song from the 1953 musical “Kismet”)
8. Not Since Nineveh (from the musical “Kismet”)
9. Baubles, Bangles and Beads (from “Kismet”)
10. Gesticulate (from the musical "Kismet")
12. Night of My Nights (from "Kismet")
15. The Olive Tree (from the musical “Kismet”)
17. And This Is My Beloved (from the musical “Kismet”)
quotes music from:In the Steppes of Central Asia
Petite Suite: VI. Serenade. Allegretto
Polovtsian Dances (catch-all for arrangements)
Prince Igor (opera by Borodin, most contemporary performances shouldn't link to this work)
String Quartet no. 1 in A major: IV. Allegro risoluto
String Quartet no. 2 in D major: II. Scherzo. Allegro
Symphony no. 2 in B minor: I. Allegro