lyricist and composer:Sting (singer, songwriter & member of The Police)
publisher:Virgin Music, Inc. (The American arm of Virgin's publishing company)
Virgin Publishing (in 1979)
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Wikidata:Q2718632 [info]
later parody versions:Walking Through Moulsecoomb
later translated versions:Rolando por la luna


1979-10-02Walking on the Moon (live, 1979-10-02: My Father's Place, Long Island, NY, USA)liveThe Police4:22
1979-10-09Walking on the Moon (live, 1979-10-09: Rougues, Virginia Beach, VA, USA)liveThe Police4:51
1979-11-27Walking on the Moon (live, 1979-11-27: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USA)liveThe Police5:00
1980-01-21Walking on the Moon (live, 1980-01-21: The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USA)liveThe Police4:46
1980-04-04Walking on the Moon (live, 1980-04-04: Palasport, Torino, Italy)liveThe Police6:10
1980-04-06Walking on the Moon (live, 1980-04-06: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany)liveThe Police5:53
1980-04-28Walking on The Moon (live, 1980-04-28: Crimewatch, Newcastle, UK)liveThe Police5:46
1980-08-22Walking on the Moon (live, 1980-08-22: Les Arènes, Béziers, France)liveThe Police5:18
1980-08-26Walking on the Moon (live, 1980-08-26: Plage du Mourillon, Toulon, France)liveThe Police5:23
1981-01-15Walking on the Moon (live, 1981-01-15: Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveThe Police4:48
1981-02-02Walking on the Moon (live, 1981-02-02: Budohkan, Tokyo, Japan)liveThe Police4:54
1981-02-02Walking on the Moon (live, 1981-02-02: Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan)liveThe Police?:??
1981-02-13Walking on the Moon (live, 1981-02-13: Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland, New Zealand)liveThe Police4:44
1981-02-16Walking on the Moon (live, 1981-02-16: Showgrounds, Sydney, Australia)liveThe Police5:11
1981-02-22Walking on the Moon (live, 1981-02-22: Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia)liveThe Police5:10
1981-02-22Walking on the Moon (live, 1981-02-22: Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia)liveThe Police5:08
1981-08-22Walking on the Moon (live, 1981-08-22: Liberty Bell Horse Racetrack, Philadelphia, PA, USA)liveThe Police5:38
1982-01-03Walking on the Moon (live, 1982-01-03: Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden)liveThe Police4:24
1982-01-19Walking on the Moon (live, 1982-01-19: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USA)liveThe Police4:29
1982-01-20Walking on the Moon (live, 1982-01-20: Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA, USA)liveThe Police4:30
1982-01-23Walking on the Moon (live, 1982-01-23: The Coliseum, New Haven, CT, USA)liveThe Police4:44
1982-03-09Walking on the Moon (live, 1982-03-09: US Festival: Glen Helen Park, San Bernardino, CA, USA)liveThe Police4:49
1982-07-31Walking on the Moon (live, 1982-07-31: Gateshead, UK)liveThe Police5:18
1983-07-22Walking on the Moon (cut) (live, 1983-07-22: Lilitz, PA, USA)live and partialThe Police3:50
1983-10-03Walking on the Moon (live, 1983-10-03: Palais des Sports, Lyon, France)liveThe Police5:00
1983-10-14Walking on the Moon (live, 1983-10-14: Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden)liveThe Police4:49
1983-11-14Walking on the Moon (live, 1983-11-14: Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX, USA)liveThe Police5:19
1983-12-23Walking on the Moon (live, 1983-12-23: Conference Centre, Brighton, UK)liveThe Police4:38
1983-12-27Walking on the Moon (live, 1983-12-27: Wembley Arena, London, UK)liveThe Police4:11
1984-02-08Walking on the Moon (live, 1984-02-08: Williamsburg, VA, USA)liveThe Police4:31
1984-02-19Walking on the Moon (live, 1984-02-19: Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL, USA)liveThe Police4:29
1984-04-03Walking on the Moon (live, 1984-04-03: Showgrounds, Melbourne, Australia)liveThe Police4:48
1986-02-14Tea in the Sahara / Walking on the Moon (live, 1986-02-14: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands)live and medleySting8:38
1991-10-02Walking on the Moon (live, 1991-10-02: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveSting3:03
1991-11-30Walking on the Moon (live, 1991-11-30: Wembley Arena, London, UK)liveSting3:05
1991Medley: 1.Tea in the Sahara / 2. Walking on the Moon (live, 1991: New York, NY, USA)live and medleySting8:06
1996-10-07Medleylive and partialSting2:59
2006-06-04Walking on the MoonliveSting4:27
2007-05-27Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-05-27: Fan Club Show, GM Place, Vancouver, BC, Canada)liveThe Police6:01
2007-05-28Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-05-28: GM Place, Vancouver, BC, Canada)liveThe Police6:31
2007-06-10Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-06-10: Pepsi Center, Denver, CO, USA)liveThe Police7:42
2007-06-13Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-06-13: McAfee Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USA)liveThe Police7:02
2007-06-15Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-06-15: MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveThe Police7:25
2007-06-16Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-06-16: Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN, USA)liveThe Police5:53
2007-06-18Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-06-18: US Airways Arena, Phoenix, AZ, USA)liveThe Police6:41
2007-06-20Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-06-20: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveThe Police6:25
2007-06-21Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-06-21: Honda Center, Anaheim, CA, USA)liveThe Police6:20
2007-06-26Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-06-26: American Airlines Arena, Dallas, TX, USA)liveThe Police5:56
2007-06-29Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-06-29: Toyota Center, Houston, TX, USA)liveThe Police6:16
2007-07-02Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-07-02: Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO, USA)liveThe Police6:15
2007-09-14Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-09-14: Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)liveThe Police?:??
2007-09-16Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-09-16: Stade de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland)liveThe Police7:04
2007-12-01 – 2007-12-02Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-12: River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina)liveThe Police6:20
2007-12-08Walking on the Moon (live, 2007-12-08: Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)liveThe Police5:55
2008-01-24Walking on the Moon (live, 2008-01-24: ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia)liveThe Police6:21
2008-02-07Walking on the Moon (live, 2008-02-07: Venetian Arena, Macau, China)liveThe Police?:??
2008-02-13Walking on the Moon (live, 2008-02-13: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan)liveThe Police6:21
2009-07-18Walking on the Mooncover and liveChili Stu5:39
2010-03Walking on the MooncoverPaola Arnesano7:40
Medleylive, medley and partialSting2:59
Walkin' on the MooncoverMario Cavallero, son orchestre et ses chanteurs3:45
Walkin' on the MoonFrank Vignola3:59
Walkin' on the Mooncover and instrumentalPhilippe Kahn7:26
Walking on the MooncoverPsy’Aviah feat. Saydi Driggers4:36
Walking on the MooncoverSly & Robbie feat. Ambilique4:10
Walking on the MooncoverThe Darkest of the Hillside Thickets2:37
Walking on the Mooncoverse Poließ4:24
Walking on the Mooncover and instrumentalFrank Vignola4:51
Walking on the MooncoverThe Pale4:27
Walking on the MooncoverLove Seed Mama Jump5:39
Walking on the Moon (live)liveThe Police5:10
Walking on the MoonThe Police4:51
Walking on the MoonThe Police5:03
Walking on the MoonThe Police5:02
Walking on the MoonThe Police5:02
Walking on the MoonThe Police5:03
Walking on the MooncoverDelano & Crockett1:33
Walking on the MooncoverDelano & Crockett3:12
Walking on the MooncoverDelano & Crockett2:44
Walking on the MoonliveSting3:49
Walking on the Moon (live)liveSting3:14
Walking on the Moon (live, 1980-08-22: Les Arenes, Beziers, France)liveThe Police5:14
Walking on the MoonliveSting2:54
Walking on the MoonliveSting2:59
Walking on the MoonliveSting3:29
Walking on the MoonliveSting?:??
Walking on the Moon (live, 1991-03: National Video Center, New York, NY, USA)liveSting2:54
Walking on the Moon (live)cover and liveClub for Five4:12
Walking on the Moon (live)cover and liveClub for Five?:??
Walking on the MooncoverClub for Five5:29
Walking on the Moon (live)liveThe Police5:46
Walking on the MooncoverSly & Robbie feat. Ambilique4:10
Walking on the MooncoverThe Yuri Honing Trio5:32
Walking on the Mooncover and liveThomas Blug7:18
Walking on the Moon (My Songs version)Sting4:16
Walking on the MooncoverWilliam Shatner feat. Toots Hibbert2:51
Walking on the Mooncover and liveDiego Torres2:47
Walking on the MooncoverRoseaux feat. Aloe Blacc5:26
Walking on the MooncoverThe Human Experience feat. Bee Born & The Grouch4:48
Walking on the MoonThe Police4:51
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