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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (in 1965-01)
publisher:Blossom Music Ltd.
Special Rider Music
Warner Bros. Music (publisher; do NOT use as release label)
lyrics page: [info]
Wikidata:Q2622069 [info]
later translated versions:Maggans bar
Maggie la ferme


1965-01-15Maggie’s Farm (original mono studio mix)Bob Dylan3:57
1965-01-15Maggie’s Farm (officially released studio recording)Bob Dylan3:57
1965-07-24 – 1965-07-25Maggie’s Farm (live at Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI – July 1965)liveBob Dylan5:03
1965-07-25Maggie's FarmliveBob Dylan11:45
1965-07-25Maggie's Farm (electric) (1965)liveBob Dylan4:59
1965-07-25Maggie's Farm (live: 1965-07-25)liveBob Dylan?:??
1965-08-28Maggie's Farm (live at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Queens, New York - August 28, 1965)liveBob Dylan4:46
1965-09-03Maggie's Farm (live at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California - September 3, 1965)liveBob Dylan4:21
1965-09-03Maggie’s Farm (live, 1965‐09‐03: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1965-09-03Maggie’s Farm (live at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA – September 1965)liveBob Dylan4:21
1965-10-30Maggie's Farm (live at Bushnell Memorial Hall, Hartford, CT - October 30, 1965)liveBob Dylan3:59
1969-08-31Maggie’s Farm (live in Isle of Wight) (remixed)liveBob Dylan and The Band4:01
1974-02-14Maggie's Farm (1974-02-14: Late Show, The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan & The Band3:57
1976-05-23Maggie’s FarmliveBob Dylan5:23
1976-05Maggie’s Farm (live, 1976-05: Hughes Stadium, Ft. Collins, CO, USA)liveBob Dylan5:35
1978-02-28 – 1978-03-01Maggie’s Farm (live, 1978-02/03: Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan)liveBob Dylan5:26
1978-03-15Maggie's Farm (1978-03-15: Festival Hall, Brisbane, QLD, Australia (mono soundboard source))liveBob Dylan?:??
1978-04-01Maggie's Farm (live, 1978-04-01: Randwick Park, Sydney, Australia)liveBob Dylan?:??
1981-06-27Maggie’s FarmliveBob Dylan4:07
1981-11-10Maggie's Farm (live, 1981-11-10: Saenger Performing Arts Center, New Orleans, LA, USA)liveBob Dylan3:20
1984-05-23Maggie's Farm (live, 1984-05-23: Beverly Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1984-07-07Maggie's Farm (live, 1984-07: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)liveBob Dylan4:54
1985-09-22Maggie’s Farm (live – Farm Aid Illinois 1985)liveBob Dylan with Tom Petty & Willie Nelson?:??
1986-06-06Maggie's FarmliveU26:51
1986-06-15Maggie's Farm (live, 1986-06-15: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, US)liveU25:09
1986-06-15Maggie's Farm (live, 1986-06-15: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA)liveU25:14
1987-05-15Maggie's Farm (live, 1987-05-15: Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USA)liveU24:59
1987-06Maggie’s FarmBob Dylan & Grateful Dead3:49
1987-06Maggie’s FarmGrateful Dead & Bob Dylan?:??
1987-07-19Maggie's FarmliveBob Dylan & Grateful Dead?:??
1987-07-26Maggie's FarmliveBob Dylan & Grateful Dead?:??
1987-10-03Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1987-10-03Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead6:16
1988-07-22Maggie’s Farmcover and liveUncle Tupelo2:34
1989-05-27Maggie's Farm (live, 1989-05-27: Christinehofs Slottspark, Andrarum, Sweden)liveBob Dylan?:??
1989-06-25Maggie’s Farm (live, 1989-06-25: La Cigale, Paris, France)cover and liveTin Machine4:31
1990-10-28Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-03-18Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-03-27Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-04-08Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-04-27Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-05-10Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-06-07Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-06-14Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead7:44
1991-06-14Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-06-20Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead8:26
1991-09-08Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-09-22Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-10-30Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1992-03-06Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead8:53
1992-03-20Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead8:22
1992-05-21Maggie's FarmliveGrateful Dead6:34
1992-06-20Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1994-02-14Maggie’s Farm (live, 1994-02-14: Singapore, Singapore)liveBob Dylan7:06
1994-07-19Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1994-10-18Maggie's Farm (1994-10-18: Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1995-04-05Maggie's Farmcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1995-09-23Maggie’s FarmliveBob Dylan6:49
1995-10-15Maggie's Farm (1995-10-15: Thibodaux Civic Center, Thibodaux, LA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1995-10-16Maggie's Farm (1995-10-16: McAlister Auditorium, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1997-12-09Maggie's Farm (1997-12-09: Avalon, Boston, MA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1997-12-13Maggie's Farm (1997-12-13: Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1997-12-19Maggie's Farm (1997-12-19: El Ray Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan5:48
1997-12-20Maggie's Farm (1997-12-20: El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1999-02-12Maggie's Farm (1999-02-12: Southern Illinois University Arena, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1999-07-30Maggie's Farm (1999-07-30: Jones Beach Amphitheatre, Wantagh, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan6:06
2002-10-05Maggie's FarmliveBob Dylan?:??
2003-08-10Maggie's Farm (2003-08-10: PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
2003-11-11[intro] / Maggie's FarmBob Dylan6:10
2003-11-11Maggie's Farm (2003-11-11: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands)liveBob Dylan5:30
2004-03-21Maggie's Farm (2004-03-21: Kool Haus, Toronto, ON, Canada)liveBob Dylan?:??
2005-07-31Maggie's Farm (2005-07-31: Les Schwab Amphitheatre, Bend, OR, USA)liveBob Dylan5:14
2005-11-20Maggie’s FarmliveBob Dylan4:36
2005-11-21Maggie’s FarmliveBob Dylan5:10
2005-11-23Maggie’s FarmliveBob Dylan5:09
2008-11-08Maggie's Farm (2008-11-08: Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, MI, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
2008-11-15Maggie's Farm (2008-11-15: K-Rock Centre, Kingston, ON, Canada)liveBob Dylan?:??
2009-03-28Maggies Farm (2009-03-28: Malmö Arena, Malmö, Sweden)liveBob Dylan?:??
2009-04-11Maggie's Farm (2009-04-11: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands)liveBob Dylan?:??
2016-07-13Maggie's Farmcover and liveDead & Company12:02
2019-03-21Maggie’s Farmcover and liveGhostwriter4:28
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Maggie's FarmcoverTim O’Brien3:25
Maggie's Farm (live, 2007-06-13: Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveWhite Rabbits3:57
Maggie's FarmliveU26:37
Maggie's Farm (1989-06-11: Vorst National, Brussels, Belgium)liveBob Dylan?:??
Maggie's FarmBob Dylan7:10
Maggie's FarmliveU26:07
Maggie's FarmcoverBarbara Dickson4:34
Maggie's Farmcover and partialThe Residents1:24
Maggie's Farm (1994-02-11: Century Hall, Nagoya, Japan)liveBob Dylan?:??
Maggie's Farm (1989-06-07: International Arena, National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, England, UK)liveBob Dylan?:??
Maggie's FarmcoverBarbara Dickson4:35
Maggie's FarmliveU24:34
Maggie's FarmBob Dylan?:??
Maggie's FarmliveU24:43
Maggie's FarmBob Dylan?:??
Maggie's FarmcoverThe Walkabouts4:49
Maggie's FarmcoverCastanets3:40
Maggie's FarmliveBob Dylan3:35
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