writer:Bernard Besman
John Lee Hooker (US blues singer, songwriter & guitarist) (in 1948)
publisher:BMG Music Publishing Ltd.
La Cienega Music
Sony Music Publishing Ltd.
Wikidata:Q4942849 [info]
is the basis for:La Grange


1948-09Boogie ChillenJohn Lee Hooker3:10
1948Boogie ChillenJohn Lee Hooker3:10
1962-11-02Boogie Chillun (live)liveJohn Lee Hooker3:04
1967-01-02Boogie ChilluncoverLovey Williams1:51
1969-11-06Boogie Chillen’cover and liveLed Zeppelin8:58
1970-09-04Medley: Whole Lotta Love / Boogie Woogie / Some Other Guy / I've Got a Girl / I'm Movin On / Think It Over / The Lemon Song (live, 1970-09-04: The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)cover, live, medley and partialLed Zeppelin17:09
1970-09-04Whole Lotta Love: Boogie Chillen’ / I’m Movin’ On / Red House / Some Other Guy / Think It Over / Honey Bee / The Lemon Song (live, 1970-09-04: The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)cover, live and medleyLed Zeppelin17:30
1971-04-01Whole Lotta Love (medley): Boogie Chillun / Fixin’ to Die / That’s Alright Mama / A Mess of Blues (live, 1971-04-01: Paris Cinema Theatre, London, UK)cover, live and medleyLed Zeppelin13:45
1971-08-19Whole Lotta Lovecover, live and medleyLed Zeppelin23:23
1971-09-23Whole Lotta Love (live, 1971-09-23: Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan)live and medleyLed Zeppelin30:16
1972-02-20Let That Boy Boogiecover and liveLed Zeppelin3:16
1972-02-27Let That Boy Boogiecover and liveLed Zeppelin3:21
1972-06-25Whole Lotta Love (live)cover, live and medleyLed Zeppelin20:59
1972-06-25Whole Lotta Love (live, 1972-06-25: The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)cover, live and medleyLed Zeppelin23:07
1972-06-25Whole Lotta Love (5.1 mix) (live, 1972-06-25: The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)cover, live and medleyLed Zeppelin23:07
1972-06-28Boogie Chillen’ / Hideaway (live, 1972-06-28: Tucson Community Center, Tucson, AZ, USA)cover, live and medleyLed Zeppelin2:12
1973-01-18Boogie Chillen' / Hideaway (live, 1973-01-18: St. George's Hall, Bradford, UK)cover, live and medleyLed Zeppelin4:28
1973-03-21Let That Boy Boogie (live, 1973-03-21: Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany)cover and liveLed Zeppelin2:26
1973-03-22Whole Lotta Love (live, 1973-03-22: Grugahalle, Essen, Germany)cover, live and medleyLed Zeppelin23:37
1973-05-14Whole Lotta Love / The Crunge / Boogie Chillun' (live, 1973-05-14: Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, LA, USA)cover, live and medleyLed Zeppelin?:??
1981-05-15Boogie ChillencoverBuddy Guy & Junior Wells4:01
1981-05-15Boogie ChillencoverBuddy Guy & Junior Wells4:06
1989-12-19Boogie Chillencover and liveThe Rolling Stones feat. John Lee Hooker5:39
1992-03-09Boogie Chilun (live, 1992-03-09: The Sweatwater, Mill Oakley, USA)liveJohn Lee Hooker & Eric Clapton5:22
1996-02-06Boogie ChillencoverR.L. Burnside2:18
1997-02-07Boogie Chillen (live, 1997‐02‐07: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveTom Petty and the Heartbreakers7:50
2013-08-03Boogie Chillen (live, 2013-08-03: Les Ecales, Saint-Nazaire, France)liveTom Walbank5:09
Boogie ChillencoverVan Morrison & Linda Gail Lewis4:00
Boogie ChillenJohn Lee Hooker3:11
Boogie ChillenJohn Lee Hooker2:31
Boogie ChillencoverBrewer Phillips & Ted Harvey1:52
Boogie ChillenJohn Lee Hooker feat. Eric Clapton4:37
Boogie ChillenJohn Lee Hooker2:35
Boogie ChillenJohn Lee Hooker3:10
Boogie ChillenJohn Lee Hooker3:07
Boogie ChillenJohn Lee Hooker2:34
Boogie ChillenThe Rolling Stones with John Lee Hooker & Eric Clapton?:??
Boogie ChillencoverR.L. Burnside2:47
Boogie Chillen (live)liveThe Rolling Stones5:32
Boogie Chillen’John Lee Hooker3:12
Boogie Chillen’cover and liveThe Rolling Stones with John Lee Hooker5:21
Boogie ChillumJohn Lee Hooker2:33
Boogie ChillunJohn Lee Hooker2:35
Boogie ChillunJohn Lee Hooker2:57
Boogie ChillunJohn Lee Hooker2:36
Boogie ChillunJohn Lee Hooker2:32
Boogie ChillunLittle Walter5:12
Boogie ChillunJohn Lee Hooker2:35
Boogie ChillunJohn Lee Hooker2:14
Boogie Chillun'John Lee Hooker3:09
Boogie Chillun’Canned Heat2:15
Boogle Chillen'John Lee Hooker feat. Eric Clapton4:36
New Boogie ChilluncoverGeorge Thorogood & the Destroyers5:22
New Boogie Chillun (new recording)coverGeorge Thorogood & the Destroyers7:11