I Don’t Care (Ramones)

~ Song


writer:Douglas Glenn Colvin
Thomas Erdelyi (Tommy Ramone)
Jeffrey Hyman
John Cummings
publisher:Bleu Disque Music Co., Inc. (publisher)
Taco Tunes Inc.
Warner/Chappell Music


1977-12-19I Don’t Care (live, 1977‐12‐19: Apollo Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom)liveRamones1:41
1977-12-31I Don’t Care (live, 1977-12-31: The Rainbow Theatre, London, UK)liveRamones1:39
1978-01-07I Don't Care (live, 1978-01-07: Palladium, New York, NY, USA)liveRamones1:46
1978-01-31I Don’t Care (live, 1978-01-31: Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveRamones?:??
1978-09-13I Don't Care (live, 1978-09-13: Beat Club, Bremen, Germany)liveRamones1:35
1978-09-13I Don’t Care (live, 1978-09-13: Musikladen, Germany)liveRamones1:36
1987-10-25I Don't Carecover and liveOperation Ivy1:29
1996-12-31I Don't Care (live, 1996-12-31: 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA, USA)cover and liveParasites1:23
1997-07-04I Don't CareliveJoey & Dee Dee Ramone?:??
1998-10I Don't CarecoverHuntingtons1:30
2000-12-31I Don't Care (live, 2000-12-31: Pig Theatre, Granada, Spain)cover and liveP.P.M.1:33
2003-01-24I Don’t Care (live, 2003-01-24: Poradise Gorden, Portugal)cover and liveMisfits1:24
I Don't CarecoverThe Queers1:28
I Don't CareRamones?:??
I Don't Carecover17 оборотов1:35
I Don't CareCheating Spouses Caught on Tape3:52
I Don't CarecoverElectric Ferrets1:29
I Don't CarecoverNoMeansNo1:46
I Don't CarecoverMuerte Lenta?:??
I Don't CarecoverMarky Ramone1:48
I Don't Care (demo version)Ramones1:55
I Don't Care (demo version)Ramones1:40
I Don't Care [Ramones Cover]coverNoMeansNo1:39
I Don’t Care (live, 1977‐12‐29: Victoria Hall, Stoke‐on‐Trent, Staffordshire, UK)Ramones1:37
I Don’t Care (live, 1977‐12‐28: Top Rank, Birmingham, UK)Ramones1:39
I Don’t CareRamones1:39
I Don’t Care (live, 1977‐12‐30: Friars, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK)Ramones1:40
I Don’t Carecover and livePussies3:28
I Don’t CarecoverSlaughterday1:32
I Don’t CarecoverLucifer1:55
I Don’t Care (b‐side version)Ramones1:39
I Don’t Care (demo)Ramones1:55
I Don’t Care (demo)Ramones2:01
I Don’t Care (single version)Ramones1:40
I Don’t Care (version 2, Mediasound rough)Ramones1:46
I Don’t Care (version 2, tracking mix)Ramones1:52
I Don’t Care (version 2)Ramones1:51
I Don’t Care / Glad All OvercoverNoMeansNo3:51