lyricist and composer:Irving Berlin (in 1926)
publisher:Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd.
Irving Berlin Music Company
Williamson Music Company
ユニバーサル・ミュージック・パブリッシング Synch事業部
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Wikidata:Q885875 [info]
referred to in medleys:Bing Crosby Medley
later versions:All Day Long (Blue Skies)
is the basis for:Blue Skies (Burger setting)
Inside My Mind (Blue Skies)
arrangements:A Tribute to Dorsey, Miller and Teagarden
Blue Skies (for violin and piano, Kreisler)


1927-01-12Blue SkiesJoséphine Baker2:56
1935-06-25Blue SkiesBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:30
1935-06-25Blue SkiesBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:35
1935-06-25Blue SkiesinstrumentalBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:50
1937-05-18Blue SkiesinstrumentalArtie Shaw and His New Music2:20
1937-08-06Blue SkiesMaxine Sullivan3:02
1937-08-10Blue SkiesEarl Hines and His Orchestra2:44
1937-09-07Blue SkiesEdgar Hayes Quintet2:44
1938-01-16Blue SkiesliveBenny Goodman3:22
1938-01-16Blue Skies (live, mono, 1938-01-16: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)liveBenny Goodman?:??
1938-01-16Blue Skiesinstrumental and liveBenny Goodman3:25
1938-09-13Blue SkiesBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:32
1938-11Blue SkiesThe Nat King Cole Trio2:07
1939-01-08Blue SkiesinstrumentalGlenn Miller and His Orchestra4:22
1939-08-10Blue SkiesinstrumentalJohn Kirby and His Orchestra2:40
1939-10-23Blue SkiesinstrumentalRoyal Rhythm Boys3:06
1940-02-22Blue Skies (1940-02-22, mx. 0SW 112-1)instrumentalPhilippe Brun and His “Jam” Band2:38
1940-02-22Blue Skies (1940-02-22, mx. 0SW 112-1)Philippe Brun and His “Jam” Band2:38
1940Blue SkiesTommy Dorsey3:17
1941-07-15Blue SkiesTommy Dorsey3:19
1941-07-15Blue SkiesFrank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra with Band Chorus3:19
1941-07-15Blue SkiesTommy Dorsey3:19
1941-07-15Blue SkiesTommy Dorsey3:00
1941-07-15Blues SkiesFrank Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra3:18
1941-10-29Blue SkiescoverFrank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey3:21
1941-12-18Blue Skies (outtake)coverFrank Sinatra featuring Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra & Band Chorus with Ziggy Elman2:57
1942-03-12Blue SkiesinstrumentalJimmy Dorsey And His Orch.?:??
1943-11-08Blue Skies (take 1)instrumentalDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:15
1943-11-08Blue Skies (take 5)instrumentalDuke Ellington & His Orchestra0:32
1943-11-08Blue Skies (take 6)instrumentalDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:14
1943-11-08Blue Skies (takes 2, 3 & 4, incomplete)instrumentalDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:50
1944-04-17Blue SkiesinstrumentalBen Webster3:16
1944-05-01Blue SkiesSid Catlett and the Regis All Stars3:10
1944-05-01Blue SkiesSid Catlett and the Big City Jazzmen3:11
1944-05-27Blue SkiesliveDuke Ellington3:16
1944-06Blue SkiesStuff Smith Trio1:59
1944-08-10Blue SkiesMary Lou Williams Trio2:42
1944-09-22Blue Skies (unverified source, 1944-09-22)Cab Calloway and His Orchestra (1943~1946), Ike Quebec, Illinois Jacquet, Benny Carter, Jonah Jones, Hilton Jefferson, Tyree Glenn2:55
1944-09-22Blue Skies (unverified source, 1944-09-22)Cab Calloway and His Orchestra?:??
1944-09-22Blue Skies (unverified source, 1944-09-22)Cab Calloway and His Orchestra1:34
1944-11-15Голубое небоДжаз-оркестр под управлением Александра Цфасмана2:50
1944-12-15Blue SkiesinstrumentalMary Lou Williams2:23
1944-12-15Blue SkiesinstrumentalMary Lou Williams2:24
1944-12Blue SkiesliveDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:34
1945-07-15Blue SkiesBing Crosby?:??
1945-09-06Blue SkiesLouis Armstrong?:??
1945-09Blue Skiescover and liveDean Hudson?:??
1945-10-09Blue SkiesCount Basie and His Orchestra2:54
1946-02-16Blue SkiesinstrumentalMary Lou Williams2:15
1946-02-28Blue SkiesinstrumentalThe John Hardee Swingtet?:??
1946-02-28Blue SkiesinstrumentalThe John Hardee Swingtet2:54
1946-05-14Blue SkiesBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:06
1946-05-29Blue Skies (live)liveTommy Dorsey & His Orchestra3:26
1946-07-14Blue SkiesinstrumentalErroll Garner Trio2:57
1946-07-18Blue SkiesBing Crosby3:29
1946-07-30Blue Skies (1946-07-30 studio recording)coverFrank Sinatra2:31
1946-11-25Blue SkiesinstrumentalDuke Ellington2:34
1946-11-25Blue Skies (Trumpet No End)Duke Ellington and His Orchestra2:33
1946-11Blue SkiesHarry James and His Orchestra3:12
1946-11Blue SkiesHarry James And His Orchestra3:32
1946Blue SkiesliveHarry James and His Orchestra3:21
1946Blue SkiesFrank Sinatra2:30
1946Blue Skies (Trumpet No End)Duke Ellington & His Orchestra2:36
1947-03-01Budella (Blue Skies)Ella Fitzgerald and Buddy Rich4:21
1948-06Blue SkiesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars3:21
1949-01 – 1949-02Blue Skies (1949-01‒1949-02)Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli4:12
1949-03Blue Skies (radio transcription, 1949-03)Louis Armstrong & Jack Teagarden3:09
1949-03Blue SkiesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars3:13
1949-09-29Blue SkiesArt Tatum2:53
1949-09-29Blue SkiesinstrumentalArt Tatum2:53
1949-10-04Blue Skies (1949-10-04, mx. 0SW 607-1)instrumentalJack Diéval & son quartette2:32
1951Blue SkiesinstrumentalJohannes Rediske-Quintett3:16
1952-07-18Blue SkiesinstrumentalDizzy Gillespie2:17
1952Blue SkiesinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:03
1952Blue SkiesinstrumentalArt Tatum0:20
1954-06-18Blue SkiesHarry James And His Orchestra?:??
1954-11-21Blue SkiesinstrumentalMezz Mezzrow1:43
1956-10-19Blue SkiesBarbara Lea3:12
1956-10-19Blue SkiesBarbara Lea, Johnny Windhurst Quintet3:06
1956-11Blue SkiesJohnny Hartman2:57
1958-03-18Blue SkiescoverElla Fitzgerald3:45
1958-03-18Blue SkiesElla Fitzgerald supported by the Nelson Riddle Orchestra3:46
1958Blue SkiesThe McGuire Sisters1:50
1959-09-14 – 1959-09-15Blue SkiesinstrumentalThe Lou McGarity Big Eight2:32
1961-10-15As Long as I Live / Blue Skiesinstrumental, live and medleyRalph Sutton4:35
1964-02-17Blue SkiesinstrumentalHampton Hawes5:20
1966Blue SkiesliveWillie “The Lion” Smith & Don Ewell4:03
1968-05-19Medley: Blue Skies / On a Clear Day / A Foggy Day (In London Town)live and medleyElla Fitzgerald4:20
1970-02-20Blue Skiesinstrumental and liveBenny Goodman3:51
1970-10Blue SkiesBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:53
1977-12-03 – 1977-12-12Blue SkiescoverWillie Nelson3:35
1977Blue SkiesEarl Hines3:49
1978-12Blue SkiesinstrumentalZoot Sims & Harry “Sweets” Edison6:18
1979Blue SkiesliveAnita O’Day3:53
1982-01Blue SkiesinstrumentalStan Getz6:37
1985-04Blue SkiescoverKiri Te Kanawa & Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra3:23
1986-11-21 – 1986-12-08Blue SkiescoverLes Brown And His Band Of Renown2:28
1988-02Blue SkiesCassandra Wilson3:07
1990Blue SkiesSheila Jordan & Harvie S2:30
1993-10Blue SkiesChanticleer2:43
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