lyricist and composer:Cole Porter (composer) (in 1936)
publisher:Chappell (company that specialized in library and production music)
Chappell & Co., Inc. (USA)
Chappell Music Ltd.
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
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Wikidata:Q8056434 [info]
later translated versions:C'est si facile de vous aimer
part of:Anything Goes (number)
Born to Dance


1936-06-12Easy to Love (mono)James Stewart & Marjorie Lane (for Eleanor Powell)2:49
1936-08-03Easy to LoveFrances Langford with Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra2:45
1936-09-25Easy to LoveAl Bowlly with Ray Noble & His Orchestra3:12
1936-10-14Easy to LovePutney Dandridge and His Orchestra2:42
1936-10-21Easy to LoveTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:12
1936-10-21Easy to LoveTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra feat. Billie Holiday3:15
1936-10-21Easy to LoveTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:09
1936-10-21Easy to LoveTeddy Wilson3:12
1936-10-21Easy to LoveBillie Holiday with Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra3:13
1936-10-21Easy to LoveBillie Holiday3:13
1936-10-28Easy to LoveTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:10
1936Easy to LoveJames Stewart feat. The MGM Orchestra1:12
1937-10-22Easy to LoveMaxine Sullivan3:00
1938Easy to LoveJudy Garland feat. The MGM Orchestra1:54
1940-01-15Easy to LoveMildred Bailey2:52
1940-02-05Easy to LoveCasper Reardon and his Orchestra3:07
1944-05-16I’ve Got You Under My Skin / Easy to LovemedleyFrank Sinatra4:07
1944-05-16I’ve Got You Under My Skin / Easy to Lovecover and medleyFrank Sinatra4:07
1944-12Easy to LoveinstrumentalErroll Garner9:41
1945-06-07Easy to LoveArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:00
1945-06-07Easy to LoveArtie Shaw3:03
1946-02-15Easy to LoveBobby Hackett and His Orchestra2:38
1949Easy to LoveBeryl Booker3:01
1950-06 – 1950-07Easy to Love / 52nd Street Themeinstrumental, live and medleyCharlie Parker4:58
1950-07-05Easy to LoveinstrumentalCharlie Parker3:33
1950-07-05Easy to Lovecover and instrumentalCharlie Parker3:31
1950-07-05Easy to LoveinstrumentalCharlie Parker3:29
1950-07-05Easy to LoveinstrumentalCharlie Parker3:32
1950-07-05Easy to LoveinstrumentalCharlie Parker3:32
1950-07Easy to Lovecover and instrumentalCharlie Parker3:33
1950-08-17Easy to Loveinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker with Strings2:16
1950-08-22Easy to Lovecover and liveCharlie Parker2:11
1950-08-22Easy to Love, (version No. 1)instrumental and liveCharlie Parker2:17
1950-08-23Easy to Loveinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker2:00
1950-08-23Easy to Love, (version No. 2)instrumental and liveCharlie Parker2:19
1950-08Easy to LoveinstrumentalOscar Peterson3:19
1950-08Easy to LoveinstrumentalOscar Peterson3:20
1950-09-14Easy to LoveinstrumentalLionel Hampton and His Orchestra2:31
1950-09-16Easy to Loveinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker2:25
1950-09-16Easy to LoveliveCharlie Parker2:14
1950-09-16Easy to Loveinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker2:20
1950-09-16Easy to Loveinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker?:??
1950-09-17Easy to LoveinstrumentalCharlie Parker2:24
1950-09-17Easy to LoveinstrumentalCharlie Parker2:22
1950-09-17Easy to Love (Late Saturday Night, Sunday September 17, 1950 - Featured With Jazz at the Philharmonic)instrumentalCharlie Parker with Strings2:25
1950-09-17Easy To Love (New York, September 17, 1950)instrumentalCharlie Parker3:33
1950-09-17Easy to Love (take 2)cover and instrumentalCharlie Parker2:25
1950Easy to Love (Late Summer 1950)instrumentalCharlie Parker with Strings3:29
1950Easy to Love Into 52nd Street Theme (IV)instrumental, live and medleyCharlie Parker4:58
1951-03-22Easy to Loveinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker1:35
1951-04-07Easy to Loveinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker2:20
1951-04-19Easy to LoveinstrumentalDon Byas?:??
1951-04-19Easy to LoveinstrumentalDon Byas2:58
1952-03-26Easy to LoveBillie Holiday3:00
1952-03-26Easy to LoveBillie Holiday and Her Orchestra3:02
1952-09-26Easy to Love (I)instrumental and liveCharlie Parker1:55
1952-09-26Easy to Love (II)instrumental and liveCharlie Parker2:07
1952-11-14Easy to LoveinstrumentalCharlie Parker2:22
1952-11-14Easy to Loveinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker2:23
1953-03-30Easy to LoveinstrumentalErroll Garner2:52
1953-05-11Easy to LoveBobby Hackett2:15
1953-07-29 – 1953-07-30Easy to LoveinstrumentalChet Baker Quartet3:02
1954-08-27Easy to Loveinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker2:13
1954-10-06Easy to LoveCarmen McRae, The Mat Mathews Quartet, The Tony Scott Quartet2:24
1954-10-12Easy to LoveinstrumentalBobby Jaspar2:56
1954-10-28Easy to LoveinstrumentalJimmy Jones Trio3:15
1954-10-29Easy to LoveinstrumentalBuddy DeFranco and The Oscar Peterson Quartet4:59
1954-10-29Easy to LoveinstrumentalBuddy DeFranco4:59
1954Easy to LoveinstrumentalLucky Thompson5:02
1955-09-21Easy to LoveinstrumentalVictor Feldman5:57
1955Easy to LoveDinah Shore2:10
1956-03Easy to LoveinstrumentalPaul Chambers3:52
1956-10-03Easy to LoveinstrumentalSonny Criss3:14
1956Easy to LoveinstrumentalSonny Criss3:19
1956Easy to LovecoverElla Fitzgerald3:26
1957-03-07Easy to LoveinstrumentalMundell Lowe7:15
1957-07Easy to Love (mono)instrumentalMaynard Ferguson3:10
1957-08-02Easy to LoveinstrumentalMaynard Ferguson3:12
1957-11-01Easy to LovecoverSteve Lacy8:24
1958-09-03Easy to LoveinstrumentalBenny Goodman5:21
1958-10-08Easy to LoveinstrumentalLem Winchester and The Ramsey Lewis Trio3:34
1959-04-02Easy to LoveAnita O’Day with Billy May2:04
1959-06-26Easy to LoveinstrumentalThe Jazz Couriers2:51
1959-07-21 – 1959-08-01Easy to LoveinstrumentalOscar Peterson2:38
1959-09-25Easy to Love (stereo)coverThe Piano of Roland Hanna?:??
1959-09-25Easy to Love (mono)instrumentalThe Piano Of Roland Hanna3:37
1959Easy to LoveShirley Bassey3:05
1959Easy to LoveinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio with Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen2:35
1960-01You'd Be So Easy to LoveinstrumentalAhmad Jamal3:24
1960-12-20You’d Be So Easy to Love (original studio mix)coverFrank Sinatra2:25
1961-01-27Easy to LoveinstrumentalGene Ammons4:18
1961-04-29Easy to Lovecover and liveDakota Staton1:56
1961-07-18Easy to LoveSarah Vaughan2:12
1961-08Easy to LoveTeddy Edwards Quartet, Helyne Stewart3:34
1961-09-28Easy to LoveinstrumentalBarry Harris Quintet4:50
1962-04-04Easy to Lovecover and instrumentalBill Evans4:42
1962-04-04Easy to Lovecover and instrumentalBill Evans4:42
1962-04-10Easy to LoveinstrumentalBill Evans Trio4:44
1962-08-25Easy to LoveinstrumentalStan Kenton2:55
1963-01-10Medley: My Favorite Things / Easy to Love / Baubles, Bangles and Beadscover, instrumental and medleyBill Evans12:28
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