lyricist and composer:Roger Waters
publisher:Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.
Roger Waters Music Limited


1986-10 – 1986-12The Powers That BeRoger Waters4:36
1987-05-22Powers That Be (live, 1987-05-22: Colisseum, Quebec City, QC, Canada)liveRoger Waters4:01
1987-09-09The Powers That Be (live, 1987-09-09: Poplar Creek, Hoffman Estates Illinois, USA)liveRoger Waters4:09
1987-11-07Powers That Be (live, 1987-11-07: Coliseum, Quebec, QC, Canada)liveRoger Waters & Bleeding Heart Band4:10
1987-11-07The Powers That BeliveRoger Waters4:08
1987-11-07The Powers That BeliveRoger Waters3:57
1999-07-30The Powers That Be (live, 1999-07-30: Quebec, Canada)liveRoger Waters5:17
1999-08-17The Powers That Be (live, 1999-08-17: Hershey Park, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA)liveRoger Waters5:04
The Powers That Be (original LP mix)Roger Waters4:09
The Powers That BeRoger Waters3:58
The Powers That Be (feat. Claire Wilson)coverKeychain Logic5:10