writer:Jimmy Page
Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin)
publisher:Flames of Albion Music, Inc.
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1978-11-21Wearing and TearingLed Zeppelin5:29
1978-11-21Wearing and Tearing (take 1)Led Zeppelin5:34
1978-11-21Wearing and Tearing (take 2)Led Zeppelin5:32
1978-11Wearing And Tearing (isolated drums)partialLed Zeppelin4:48
1978-11Wearing And TearingLed Zeppelin5:43
1990-06-30Wearing & Tearing (live, 1990-06-30: Knebworth, Hertfordshire, England, UK)liveRobert Plant feat. Jimmy Page5:38
1990Wearing and Tearing (live, 1990-06-30: Knebworth, Hertfordshire, UK)liveRobert Plant with Jimmy Page6:16
Wearing & TearingLed Zeppelin5:35
Wearing and TearingliveRobert Plant feat. Jimmy Page6:19
Wearing and TearingLed Zeppelin5:52
Wearing and TearingLed Zeppelin5:28
Wearing and TearingcoverWasteland5:14
Wearing and Tearing (outtake)Led Zeppelin6:00
Wearing Tearingcover and partialCinnamon1:24