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lyricist and composer:Smokey Rogers
SecondHandSongs:https://secondhandsongs.com/work/106747 [info]
Wikidata:Q5581518 [info]


1952-11-04GoneTerry Preston2:52
1956-11GonecoverBuddy Holly & The Crickets1:15
1956-11GonecoverBuddy Holly & The Crickets1:12
1956-11Gone (alternate take)coverBuddy Holly & The Crickets1:16
1956-11Gone (version 3)coverBuddy Holly1:11
1957-01-08GoneFerlin Husky2:22
1957GoneFerlin Husky2:16
1957GoneFerlin Husky2:24
1963-10-11Gone (’63 overdub take)coverBuddy Holly1:12
GoneBuddy Holly1:07
GoneBuddy Holly2:21
GoneBuddy Holly1:18
GoneBuddy Holly1:10
GoneBuddy Holly?:??
GoneFerlin Husky2:22
GonecoverChet Atkins1:58
GonecoverThe Browns1:39
Gone (mono)coverLucille Starr2:57
GonecoverJoey Heatherton3:14
Gone (stereo)coverBob Regan & Lucille Starr2:57
GonecoverRonnie McDowell2:25
GonecoverThe Fleetwoods2:31
GonecoverConnie Smith?:??
GoneBuddy Holly?:??
GoneTerry Preston2:54
GoneBobby Vee2:02
GoneBobby Vee?:??
Gone (stereo)Bobby Vee?:??
Gone (mono)coverBobby Vee2:07
GonecoverBuddy Holly1:10
Gone (alternate take)Buddy Holly1:16
Gone (alternate version 3)Buddy Holly1:15
Gone (KDAV demo)Buddy Holly2:13
Gone (Norman Petty demo)Buddy Holly2:13
Gone (take 1)Buddy Holly1:06
Gone (take 1)Buddy Holly?:??
Gone (take 1)coverBuddy Holly1:04
Gone (take 2)Buddy Holly?:??
Gone (take 2)coverBuddy Holly1:14
Gone (take 2)Buddy Holly1:16
Gone (version 1)Buddy Holly1:12
Gone (version 2)Buddy Holly1:18