Reverenze-movement was deleted by the composer when work was later revisited, so it's part only on this version. 1913 had first and last movement in E major but for later revision these were transposed to F major.

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composer:Wilhelm Stenhammar (composer, conductor and pianist)
part of:Serenade in E major, op. 31 (1913 original version)


1985-08-26 – 1985-08-31Serenade in F major, op. 31: II. Reverenza. Tempo di menuetto, tranquillo e graziosoGöteborgs Symfoniker, Neeme Järvi6:55
2018-02 – 2018-03Reverenza (original second movement of Serenade, op. 31)Per Enoksson, Gothenburg Symphony, Neeme Järvi6:09
Serenade, op. 31: Reverenza. Tempo di menuetto, tranquillo e graziosoKungliga Filharmoniska Orkestern, Paavo Järvi6:45