lyricist:John Blackburn (songwriter)
composer:Karl Suessdorf
publisher:Johnny R. Music
Michael H. Goldsen Inc.
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label)
ワーナー・チャペル音楽出版 Synch事業部
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1947-08-13Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalNat King Cole3:16
1947-08-13Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalThe Nat King Cole Trio3:13
1951-08-01Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalWynton Kelly3:28
1952-03-11Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalJohnny Smith Quintet feat. Stan Getz3:16
1952-03-11Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalJohnny Smith Quintet feat. Stan Getz3:14
1953-01-03Moonlight in VermontGerry Mulligan Quartet4:05
1953-01Moonlight In VermontinstrumentalGerry Mulligan, Chet Baker4:09
1953-06-21Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and liveJutta Hipp4:04
1953-09-25Moonlight in VermontLionel Hampton Orchestra3:38
1953Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalWillis Conover?:??
1954-06-02Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalBud Powell3:38
1954-06-07Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and liveGerry Mulligan3:18
1954-07-30Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalBilly Taylor3:49
1954-08-10Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and liveChet Baker Quartet5:09
1954Moonlight in Vermont (1954)Margaret Whiting3:13
1955-05-13Moonlight in VermontBetty Carter & Ray Bryant3:28
1955-05Moonlight in VermontBetty Carter3:23
1955-08Restless / Moonlight in VermontmedleyBillie Holiday5:10
1955-09-24Moonlight in VermontliveChet Baker Quartet feat. Dick Twardzik4:37
1955-10Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and liveGerry Mulligan Sextet6:11
1955-11-02Ballad Medley: I’m Through With Love / The Nearness of You / Moonlight in Vermont / Summertimeinstrumental and medleyDizzy Gillespie & Roy Eldridge8:42
1955Moonlight in Vermont (rehearsal)Billie Holiday2:00
1956-01-19Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and liveBud Shank6:20
1956-03-27Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalJimmy Smith4:30
1956-04-01Moonlight in Vermontcover and instrumentalGil Mellé4:55
1956-08-16Moonlight in VermontElla Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong3:42
1956Moonlight in VermontLes Brown and His Band of Renown2:27
1957-01-03Moonlight in VermontBillie Holiday3:50
1957-01-03Moonlight in VermontBillie Holiday and Her Orchestra3:53
1957-01-03Moonlight in VermontBillie Holiday3:47
1957-01-03 – 1957-01-07Moonlight in VermontBillie Holiday3:52
1957-02-20Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalCandido3:30
1957-03Moonlight in VermontBen Webster & Harry “Sweets” Edison3:54
1957-03Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalBen Webster & Harry “Sweets” Edison3:54
1957-04-23Moonlight in VermontPhineas Newborn, Jr.5:01
1957-04-24Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalTony Scott4:00
1957-04-28Moonlight in VermontliveElla Fitzgerald & Roy Eldridge Sextet4:31
1957-05-27Moonlight in VermontInez Jones3:17
1957-05Moonlight in Vermontcover, instrumental and liveStéphane Grappelli & Stuff Smith4:32
1957-07Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalMaynard Ferguson3:50
1957-09-27Moonlight In VermontliveElla Fitzgerald3:05
1957-10-03Moonlight in Vermont (original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra3:32
1957-10-07Moonlight In VermontliveElla Fitzgerald3:16
1957-11Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalEarl Hines3:14
1958-01-16Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and liveAhmad Jamal3:10
1958-01Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalThe Ahmad Jamal Trio3:10
1958-03-07Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalDorothy Ashby5:17
1958-05-09Moonlight in Vermont / I May Be Wronglive and medleyFrank Sinatra & Ella Fitzgerald4:34
1958-05-23Moonlight in VermontChris Connor3:18
1958-06-14Monnlight in VermontFrank Sinatra2:09
1958-06-14Moonlight in Vermont (live, 1958-06-14: Salle des Étoiles Sporting Club, Monte‐Carlo, Monaco)liveFrank Sinatra2:14
1958-12-23Moonlight in VermontSarah Vaughan3:22
1958Moonlight in VermontElla Fitzgerald3:14
1958Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and liveAhmad Jamal3:10
1958Moonlight in Vermont (live at the Pershing Lounge/1958)instrumental and liveAhmad Jamal3:09
1959-04-01Moonlight in Vermontcover and liveFrank Sinatra with the Red Norvo Quintet3:43
1959-05-12 – 1959-05-13Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalBill Evans & Lee Konitz3:59
1960Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalCharlie Byrd2:54
1960Moonlight in VermontliveBilly Eckstine2:56
1961-05Moonlight in VermontliveCarmen McRae3:56
1961-12-02Moonlight in Vermont (live, 1961-12-02: Sydney Stadium, Sydney, NSW, Australia)liveFrank Sinatra3:49
1961-12-02Moonlight in Vermont (live, 1961-12-02: Sydney Stadium, Sydney, Australia)liveFrank Sinatra3:25
1962-06-05Moonlight in VermontliveFrank Sinatra3:33
1962-06-07Moonlight in VermontliveFrank Sinatra3:26
1962Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and liveTony Scott6:29
1963-01Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalBjarne Nerem3:50
1963Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and liveDon Byas7:29
1965-09-09Moonlight In Vermontinstrumental and liveDon Byas7:21
1966-12-14Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and liveLennie Felix2:15
1968-02Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalPedro Iturralde feat. Hampton Hawes6:50
1968-05-22Moonlight in Vermont (live, 1968-05-22: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USA)liveFrank Sinatra3:48
1974-07-04Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalStéphane Grappelli and Earl Hines6:13
1975Medley: It’s Magic / My Reverie / Body and Soul / Moonlight in Vermontlive and medleySarah Vaughan11:01
1976-01-08 – 1976-01-09Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalZoot Sims4:47
1977-12-03 – 1977-12-12Moonlight in VermontcoverWillie Nelson3:26
1981-07-23Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and liveKenny Drew8:16
1987-09Moonlight in VermontcoverMatt Catingub, New Zealand Youth Jazz Orchestra9:49
1987-10-24Moonlight in Vermont (live, 1987‐10‐24: Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX, USA)liveFrank Sinatra3:55
1989-04Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalCharlie Mariano with The Tete Montoliu Trio4:37
1989-09-30Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalTete Montoliu & Mundell Lowe7:27
1990-07Moonlight in Vermontcover and instrumentalPharoah Sanders6:14
1990Moonlight in VermontcoverMargaret Whiting4:09
1992-11Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalRichie Beirach & Andy LaVerne4:27
1995Moonlight in VermontcoverTony Bennett2:54
1997-05Moonlight in VermontCarol Sloane & Clark Terry4:13
1997-08-10Moonlight in Vermontcover and liveFive By Design with the Utah Symphony6:28
1999-10Moonlight in VermontFloris Nico Bunink4:00
1999-12-16 – 2000-01-07Moonlight in VermontcoverJohn Stein5:58
2000Moonlight in VermontcoverThomas Stabenow, Johannes Enders, Falk Willis, Lee Konitz?:??
2003-11-14Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and liveAnthony Braxton15:11
2013-08Ballad Medleyinstrumental and medleyTommy Smith / Brian Kellock8:55
2015-04Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalDavid Liebman & Richie Beirach6:09
2017-02Moonlight in VermontAllegra Levy4:28
2019-07Moonlight in VermontcoverChris Hopkins Meets The Jazz Kangaroos5:23
2021-02-19 – 2021-02-21Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalJoe Farnsworth6:54
Autumn Leaves / What's New? / Moonlight in Vermontinstrumental and medleyMiles Davis6:22
Claro de luna el Vermontcover and instrumentalThe Mixer Electronic Sound Orchestra4:34
Medley: It's Magic, My Reverie, Body and Soul, Moonlight In Vermontmedley and partialSarah Vaughan11:01
Moonlight in VermontTommy Dorsey3:48
Moonlight in VermontinstrumentalLee Konitz & Jimmy Giuffre4:03
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