Moments Of Nostalgia (Vision Eternel song)

~ Song


composed in:Wexford (from 2018-09-06 until 2018-09-11)
composer:Alexander Julien (Canadian-American musician, composer and producer) (from 2018-09-06 until 2018-09-11)
dedicated to:Rain Frances (Canadian artist)
publisher:Abridged Pause Publishing (Canadian music and text publishing company)
composed at:Mortified Studios (Canadian recording studio and graphic design company) in Montréal (city) (from 2018-09-06 until 2018-09-11)
part of:For Farewell Of Nostalgia Session (Series of works by Vision Eternel)
lyrics page:Éternel/Moments-Of-Nostalgia [info]


2018-09-09Moments Of Nostalgia (Demo) (Vision Eternel song)Vision Eternel5:36
2018-10-15 – 2018-10-16Moments Of Nostalgia (Pre-Production Version) (Vision Eternel song)Vision Eternel8:29
2019-10-04 – 2019-12-24Moments Of Nostalgia (Vision Eternel song)Vision Eternel8:27
2019-10-05 – 2019-11-10Moments Of Nostalgia (Acoustic Backing Version) (Vision Eternel song)Vision Eternel6:38
2019-11-08Moments Of Nostalgia (Reprise) (Vision Eternel song)Vision Eternel2:37