Ascot Gavotte (My Fair Lady)

~ Song


lyricist:Alan Jay Lerner
composer:Frederick Loewe
referred to in medleys:My Fair Lady Suite (order: 1)
later translated versions:Ascot-Gavotte
Gavota de Ascot
part of:My Fair Lady (full musical)


1956-03-25Ascot GavotteEnsemble3:15
1956-08-17Ascot GavotteinstrumentalShelly Manne4:19
1956-08-17Ascot GavotteinstrumentalShelly Manne, André Previn & Leroy Vinnegar4:21
1956-08-17Ascot GavotteinstrumentalShelly Manne4:21
1959-02-01Ascot GavotteEnsemble3:12
1959-02-01Ascot GavotteEnsemble3:07
1964-04-14 – 1964-04-17Ascot Gavotte (ensemble vocal)Chorus3:09
1964-04-14 – 1964-04-17Ascot Gavotte (reprise) (ensemble vocal, bit of dialogue)The Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra, André Previn0:42
1989-07Ascot GavotteinstrumentalRuby Braff, Dick Hyman4:06
Ascot GavotteCantabile Youth Choir1:59
Ascot GavotteNational Symphony Chorus, National Symphony Orchestra, John Owen Edwards3:21
Ascot GavotteThe Lissa Gray Singers?:??
Ascot GavotteEnsemble2:53
Ascot GavotteLerner & Loewe3:26
Ascot GavotteLerner & Loewe3:16
Ascot GavotteLondon Voices, London Symphony Orchestra, John Mauceri2:42
Ascot GavotteinstrumentalMantovani3:04
Ascot Gavottecover[unknown]?:??
Ascot GavotteThe London Theatre Orchestra & Cast2:38
Ascot-GavottecoverDie Jankowski-Singers, Orchester Erwin Lehn Und Horst Jankowski?:??
Ascotte GavotteLerner & Loewe3:30
My Fair Lady: Ascot GavotteNational Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, John Owen Edwards3:23
The Ascot Gavotte, from My Fair LadyDavid Victor-Smith, Farnham Youth Choir3:03