Fables of Faubus (instrumental version)

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composer:Charles Mingus
publisher:Jazz Workshop, Inc.
Wikidata:Q1390662 [info]
later versions:Original Faubus Fables (Fables of Faubus with lyrics)


1959-05-05Fables of Faubus (studio, Columbia, NYC, May 5, 1959)instrumentalCharles Mingus8:14
1962-03-24[Symphony Sid announcement] / Fables of Faubus (live, Birdland, 61-62)Charles Mingus10:47
1963-09-09Fables of Faubus (stereo)Pepper Adams4:30
1963-09-09Fables of Faubus (mono)Pepper Adams4:30
1964-03-18Fables of Faubus (live, 1964-03-18: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA)liveCharles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy29:42
1964-04-04Fables of Faubus (live, 1964-04-04: Town Hall, New York, NY, USA)liveCharles Mingus11:14
1964-04-10Fables of Faubus (live, 1964-04-10: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)liveCharles Mingus30:40
1964-04-12Fables of Faubus (live, "Oslo", 1964/04/12 - !!!!! TIME IS OFF by 8 minutes)liveCharles Mingus featuring Eric Dolphy22:06
1964-04-16Fables of Faubus (live, "Bremen", 1964/04/16, part 1)live and partialCharles Mingus17:00
1964-04-16Fables of Faubus (live, "Bremen", 1964/04/16, part 2)live and partialCharles Mingus16:40
1964-04-16Fables of Faubus (live, 1964-04-16: Sendesaal Bremen,Bremen, Germany)liveCharles Mingus33:23
1964-04-17Fables of Faubus (live, 1964-04-17: Salle Wagram, Paris, France)liveCharles Mingus24:55
1964-04-19Fables of Faubus (live, 1964-04-19: Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Paris, France)liveCharles Mingus27:49
1964-04-26Fables of FaubusliveCharles Mingus22:40
1964-04-26Fables of Faubus (cont.)live and partialCharles Mingus14:51
1974-01-19Fables of Faubus (live, 1974-01-19: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)liveCharles Mingus20:52
1974-01-19Fables Of FaubusliveCharles Mingus20:51
1975-07-09Fables of FaubusliveCharles Mingus15:30
1980-07-18Fables of FaubuscoverMingus Dynasty8:15
1980-08-18Fables of FaubuscoverDannie Richmond and The Last Mingus Band13:13
1991-10-09Fables for FaubuscoverOliver Lake Quartet10:27
1991-11Fables of FaubusEnrico Rava / François Jeanneau / Hervé Sellin / François Méchali / André Ceccarelli8:12
2005-11-14 – 2005-11-15Fables of FaubuscoverYosuke Yamashita New York Trio featuring Tetsuro Kawashima8:32
Fable Of (George Duya) FaubuscoverNormand Guilbeault Ensemble10:18
Fable of FaubusJacob Fred Jazz Odyssey6:05
Fable of FaubusCharles Mingus24:52
Fable of FaubusliveCharles Mingus19:10
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus15:58
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus8:15
Fables of FaubusCharlie Hunter Trio1:49
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus8:14
Fables of FaubusCharly Mingus10:30
Fables of Faubus (live, Denmark, April 14, 1964, late set)liveCharles Mingus34:11
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus17:41
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus17:40
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus24:51
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus Septet8:16
Fables of FaubusliveCharles Mingus35:29
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus6:13
Fables of FaubusliveCharles Mingus14:00
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus17:20
Fables of Faubus (NYC, November 6, 1977)Charles Mingus6:14
Fables of Faubus (studio, Columbia, NYC, May 5, 1959)Charles Mingus8:14
Fables of FaubusMatt Jorgensen + 4516:02
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus6:14
Fables of FaubusEmergency!13:19
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus6:12
Fables of FaubuscoverOn The Corner5:01
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus8:14
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus6:13
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus37:31
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus Septet8:15
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus6:13
Fables of FaubusliveCharles Mingus26:29
Fables of FaubusliveCharles Mingus Sextet guest star Dexter Gordon26:22
Fables of Faubus (live, Nice, France, July 20, 1972)liveCharles Mingus Sextet40:27
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus8:11
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus27:52
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus24:50
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus8:17
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus10:36
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus24:55
Fables of FaubusliveCharles Mingus17:46
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus8:20
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus15:31
Fables of Faubus (live, "Bremen", 1964/04/16)Charles Mingus - Eric Dolphy Sextet34:04
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus8:16
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus27:46
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus8:10
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus8:14
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus0:37
Fables of Faubus (cont.)liveCharles Mingus11:20