The Band Wagon (1953 film)

~ Soundtrack


lyricist:Howard Dietz (librettist)
composer:Arthur Schwartz
Wikidata:Q1508130 [info]
IMDb: [info]
parts:By Myself
Carriage in the Park
Dancing in the Dark
Got a Bran’ New Suit
High and Low (The Band Wagon)
I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plan
I Love Louisa (The Band Wagon)
Is It All a Dream (La Femme Rouge)
Louisiana Hayride
New Sun in the Sky
Oedipus Bridge (The Band Wagon)
Shine on Your Shoes
Something to Remember You By
Sweet Music
That’s Entertainment!
The Egg
The Girl Hunt Ballet
Two‐Faced Woman
You and the Night and the Music
You Have Everything