Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (instrumental)

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composer:Charles Mingus
publisher:Adams Avenue
Flying Red Rhino
Jazz Workshop, Inc.
Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing
The Mingus Music Werkshop
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Wikidata:Q746969 [info]
later versions:Goodbye Porkpie Hat (with lyrics)
is the basis for:Goodbye Pork Pie Hat


1959-05-12Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (studio, Columbia, NYC, May 12, 1959)Charles Mingus4:48
1959-05-12Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (unedited (from "Ah Um"))Charles Mingus5:44
1963-09-20Theme for Lester Young (studio, NYC, September 20, 1963, "mingus x 5")Charles Mingus5:51
1964-04-17Goodbye Pork Pie HatliveCharles Mingus?:??
1964Good Bye Pork Pie HatliveCharles Mingus27:11
1968-06-29Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (live at the Royal Festival Hall, June 29 1968)cover and liveThe Pentangle3:46
1968-06-29Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat (live, 1968-06-29: Royal Festival Hall, London, England)cover and liveThe Pentangle3:49
1970-05-29Goodbye Pork Pie Hatcover and liveThe Pentangle4:57
1974-05-29Goodbye Pork Pie HatAnthony Braxton4:56
1974-05-29Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverAnthony Braxton4:56
1975-07-20Goodbye Pork Pie HatliveCharles Mingus with Gerry Mulligan and Benny Bailey?:??
1975Goodbye Pork Pie HatRahsaan Roland Kirk6:20
1976-08-16Goodbye Pork Pie HatliveCharles Mingus12:40
1977-03-09Goodbye, Pork Pie HatCharles Mingus7:13
1978-11-13Goodbye Pork Pie HatHorace Parlan8:05
1979-07-09 – 1979-07-10Goodbye Porkpie HatcoverMingus Dynasty7:28
1980-08-18Goodbye Porkpie HatcoverDannie Richmond and The Last Mingus Band4:13
1983-04Goodbye Pork Pie HatArt Farmer5:42
1983-09-20Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (live, 1983-09-20: The A.R.M.S. Benefit Concert, Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UK)cover and liveJeff Beck5:49
1984-05-27Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverMingus Dynasty2:10
1984-10Suite for Lady and PrezmedleySheila Jordan7:25
1986-11 – 1986-12Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverBarbara Dennerlein4:36
1987-05-13Goodbye Pork Pie HatliveChris Hunter, Gil Evans Orchestra10:14
1987-11-03Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverGil Evans & Laurent Cugny Big Band Lumière6:28
1987-11-30 – 1987-12-01Good Bye Pork PiecoverGil Evans & Steve Lacy8:47
1988-06-08Goodbye Pork Pie Hatcover and liveMingus Big Band10:58
1989-04-17 – 1989-04-19Goodbye Pork Pie HatMarc Johnson5:05
1990-07Goodbye Pork Pie HatliveAki Takase5:55
1991-12-05 – 1991-12-07Goodbye Pork Pie Hatcover and liveSteve Lacy, Eric Watson5:23
1991-12Good-Bye Pork-Pie HatcoverPascal Comelade0:41
1993-07-02 – 1993-07-03Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverCarla Bley8:39
1994-01Goodbye Pork Pie HatCharles McPherson7:14
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-26Goodbye Pork-Pie HatcoverJeanne Lee & Mal Waldron3:22
1994-06-03Goodbye Porkpie Hatcover and liveDave Holland?:??
1995-02-03Mingus Medley "Boogie Stop Shuffle", "Jelly Roll", "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat", "Better Git Hit in Your Soul"live and medleyKevin Mahogany, Charles McPherson, Jimmy Knepper, Dennis Mackrel and the WDR Big Band Köln20:14
1997-04-01 – 1997-04-02Goodbye Porkpie HatGeorge Mraz7:01
1999-01-16Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverHarry Beckett6:17
1999-01-25 – 1999-01-26Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverMingus Big Band9:43
2003-09-10Goodbye Pork Pie Hatcover and liveJeff Beck4:08
2004-11Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverPaul Motian Band4:56
2006-09-18Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat (live, 2006-09-18: Opera House, Detroit, MI, USA)cover and liveJeff Beck1:09
2007-11-29Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (live, 2007-11-29: Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, England, UK)cover and liveJeff Beck1:18
2007-11-30Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (live, 2007-11-30: Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, England, UK)cover and liveJeff Beck1:19
2008-07-13Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (live, 2008-07-07: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, United Kingdom)cover and livePentangle5:36
2008-11-10Goodbye Pork Pie Hat / Brush With the Blues (live, 2008-11-10: Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, England, UK)cover, live and medleyJeff Beck6:15
2008-12-31 – 2009-01-01Goodbye Pork Pie HatMingus Big Band5:52
2012-10-18 – 2012-10-21Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverTobias Hoffmann Trio10:15
2015-03Goodbye Porkpie Hatcover and instrumentalGéraldine Laurent4:12
2017-06-15Goodbye Porkpie HatcoverMichael Musillami, Rich Syracuse6:09
2020-06-24 – 2020-06-26Goodbye Porkpie HatThe John Goldsby Trio6:33
Good Bye Pork Pie HatcoverL’Orchestre de Contrebasses5:57
Good Bye Pork Pie HatBodo Klingelhöfer feat. Silvia Droste5:03
Good Bye Pork Pie HatcoverBen Sidran3:37
Goodby Pork Pie HatcoverDieter Ilg & Charlie Mariano7:00
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverTony McManus6:03
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverThe Manhattan Project9:34
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverRalph Towner & Gary Burton4:21
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverJay Beckenstein4:31
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverJeff Beck5:31
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverUZEB7:02
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverNashville Mandolin Ensemble3:54
Goodbye Pork Pie HatCécile Verny Quartet5:45
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverThe Pentangle3:35
Goodbye Pork Pie Hatcover and liveJeff Beck1:31
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverJohn McLaughlin3:20
Goodbye Pork Pie HatPaolo Fresu Quintet2:49
Goodbye Pork Pie HatliveCharles Mingus28:37
Goodbye Pork Pie HatCharles Mingus Jazz Workshop4:47
Goodbye Pork Pie HatCharles Mingus5:44
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverSam Gendel4:06
Goodbye Pork Pie HatCharles Mingus5:41
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverBert Jansch & John Renbourn3:51
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverAndy Summers4:45
Goodbye Pork Pie HatTeemu Viinikainen5:30
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverKirk Knuffke / Jesse Stacken4:50
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverStanley Clarke6:26
Goodbye Pork Pie Hatcover and liveStanley Clarke10:07
Goodbye Pork Pie HatTony Reedus4:15
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverMarcus Miller3:35
Goodbye Pork Pie HatLew Soloff5:07
Goodbye Pork Pie HatcoverMarion Brown8:43
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (live)cover and liveThe Pentangle3:50
Goodbye Pork Pie Hot Bluescover and liveErkan Oğur?:??
Goodbye Pork-Pie HatcoverEugene Chadbourne8:02
Goodbye Porkpie HatcoverThe Coryells4:12
Goodbye Porkpie HatcoverLarry Coryell with Julian Coryell & Murali Coryell4:11
Goodbye Porkpie HatcoverDerek Sherinian6:24
Goodbye Porkpie HatcoverDenny Zeitlin4:43
Goodbye Porkpie HatcoverJessica Williams5:43
Goodbye Porkpie HatcoverKevin Mahogany4:55
Goodbye Porkpie Hatcover and liveJeff Beck1:26
Goodbye Porkpie Hat (quad mix)coverThe Coryells4:12
Goodbye, Pork-Pie HatcoverRalph Towner1:54
Goodbye, Porkpie HatCharles Mingus7:00
Pork Pie HatcoverJune Tabor3:39
Pork Pie HatcoverDave Holland6:32
Theme for Lester YoungJessica Williams5:29