lyricist:Johnny Mercer (in 1939)
composer:Rube Bloom (American songwriter, pianist and vocalist) (in 1939)
publisher:Bregman, Vocco & Conn, Inc.
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Wikidata:Q5242836 [info]
arrangements:Day in Day Out (catch all for arrangements)


1939-07-10Day In - Day OutBob Crosby3:05
1939-07-10Day in – Day OutBob Crosby and His Orchestra2:55
1939-08-19Day in, Day OutcoverHelen Forrest with Artie Shaw and His Orchestra3:38
1939-08-27Day in, Day Out (mx. 042606-1)Artie Shaw and His Orchestra3:36
1939-08-27Day in, Day OutArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:36
1939-08-27Day In, Day OutcoverHelen Forrest3:37
1940-01-09Day in, Day OutliveDuke Ellington & His Orchestra4:16
1940-01-09Day In, Day Outinstrumental and liveDuke Ellington4:16
1953-04-02Day In, Day OutFrank Sinatra3:20
1953-11-23Day in Day OutinstrumentalHorace Silver3:01
1953-11-23Day In Day OutinstrumentalThe Horace Silver Trio3:01
1954-03-01Day In-Day OutFrank Sinatra3:07
1955-09Day In, Day OutcoverStan Levey6:20
1956-07-07Day In, Day Out (live)liveDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:50
1956-12-31Day In‐Day OutLena Horne2:07
1957-01-07Day in Day OutBillie Holiday6:48
1957-01-07Day In, Day OutBillie Holiday6:49
1957-02-20Day In – Day OutliveLena Horne2:07
1958-12-22Day In, Day Out (1958 original studio master)Frank Sinatra3:25
1959-05Day In, Day OutPetula Clark2:34
1960-05-27Day In - Day Out (live, 1960-05-27: Santa Monica, CA, USA)coverCal Tjader4:54
1960-09-19Day in Day Out (stereo)coverChris Connor2:27
1961-03-08Day in – Day Outcover and livePeggy Lee1:45
1961-04Day In - Day OutBuddy Greco1:30
1961-05Day in, Day OutliveCarmen McRae2:00
1961-07-16Day in, Day Outcover and liveChris Connor3:06
1961-11Day In - Day OutNat King Cole2:25
1961-12-02Day In, Day Out (live, 1961-12-02: Sydney Stadium, Sydney, Australia)liveFrank Sinatra2:36
1961-12-11Day in Day Out (stereo)coverSlide Hampton4:37
1961-12-11Day In Day Out (mono)coverSlide Hampton4:37
1961Day In, Day OutSarah Vaughan2:21
1962-01-22Day in, Day OutinstrumentalMilt Jackson & Ray Brown2:51
1962-06-01Day In, Day OutliveFrank Sinatra2:49
1962-06-05Day In -- Day OutliveFrank Sinatra2:41
1963-01-31Day In, Day OutinstrumentalJimmy Smith6:44
1963-07-29Day in Day OutliveSarah Vaughan2:20
1964-07Day in, Day OutcoverElla Fitzgerald2:54
1964Day OutcoverElla Fitzgerald2:50
1968-05-22Day In - Day Out (live, 1968-05-22: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USA)liveFrank Sinatra2:45
1970-01Day In Day OutCount Basie & His Orchestra2:38
1970-01Day In Day OutThe Count Basie Orchestra2:37
1971-05-20 – 1971-05-22Day In, Day OutliveJohnny Mathis3:01
1978-09 – 1988-08-02Day In - Day OutMarlene VerPlanck2:09
1988Day In, Day OutSmith Dobson, Bobby Hutcherson5:10
1998-04Day In, Day OutinstrumentalRuby Braff3:54
1998-11Day in Day outBobby Caldwell2:58
1999-08-30 – 1999-08-31Day In, Day OutcoverMarty Elkins3:50
2006Day In Day OutDiana Krall4:01
2008-06-13 – 2008-10-18Day in Day OutcoverRoberta Gambarini2:50
Day in - Day outFrank Sinatra3:25
Day in - Day OutNat King Cole2:25
Day In - Day OutJudy Garland4:07
Day In - Day OutcoverHelen Forrest with Artie Shaw3:37
Day In - Day OutFrank Sinatra3:29
Day In - Day Out (live, 1958-08-05: Cocoanut Grove, Los Angeles, CA, USA)Judy Garland3:11
Day In - Day OutNat King Cole2:26
Day In - Day OutMark Murphy4:00
Day In - Day OutJudy Garland3:58
Day In - Day OutinstrumentalArt Tatum3:21
Day In - Day OutArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:36
Day in -- Day Out (Ballad version)Frank Sinatra3:18
Day In -- Day Out (Swingin' version)Frank Sinatra3:24
Day In – Day OutcoverChris Connor2:31
Day In – Day OutNat King Cole2:25
Day In – Day OutNat King Cole2:27
Day in Day OutcoverElla Fitzgerald2:50
Day in Day OutBobby Caldwell2:59
Day in Day OutBillie Holiday6:49
Day in Day OutThe Peddlers2:20
Day in Day OutSarah Vaughan2:07
Day in Day OutBillie Holiday6:48
Day in Day OutcoverThe Four Seasons2:02
Day in Day OutcoverMark Porter3:45
Day in Day OutJudy Garland3:57
Day in Day OutBillie Holiday6:49
Day in Day OutcoverThe Four Seasons2:02
Day in Day OutliveBobby Caldwell3:04
Day in Day OutinstrumentalStephen Kummer3:20
Day in Day OutMel Tormé1:55
Day in Day OutinstrumentalJohnny Costa4:09
Day in Day OutcoverChris Connor4:07
Day in Day OutinstrumentalArt Tatum3:31
Day in Day OutNat King Cole2:31
Day in Day OutNat King Cole feat. Cut Chemist2:43
Day In Day OutSarah McKenzie4:21
Day In Day OutinstrumentalDena DeRose4:56
Day In Day OutEliane Elias4:22
Day In Day OutinstrumentalBuddy Rich2:58
Day In Day OutcoverMonty Alexander4:00
Day In Day OutSarah Vaughan2:04
Day in Day Out (live)liveFrank Sinatra2:43
Day in-Day OutinstrumentalArt Tatum?:??
Day In-Day OutArtie Shaw3:38
Day In-Day OutArtie Shaw and His Orchestra?:??
Day In‐Day OutcoverElla Fitzgerald2:49
Day In‐Day OutLena Horne2:07
Day In‐Day OutNat King Cole2:28
Day in, day outArt Tatum3:30
Day in, Day OutArtie Shaw3:37
Day in, Day OutBillie Holiday6:51
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