lyricist:Eric Maschwitz (in 1935)
additional composer:Harry Link (US vaudeville actor & songwriter)
composer:Jack Strachey (in 1935)
publisher:Boosey & Co. (music publisher founded in the 1760s, forebear of Boosey & Hawkes)
Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers, Ltd
Boosey & Hawkes, Inc. (USA, publisher; do NOT use as release label)
Bourne Co. (not for release label use, this is a music publisher)
Bourne, Inc.
E.G. Music Inc.
Lafleur Music Ltd.
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Wikidata:Q780019 [info]
later translated versions:Ces petites choses
later versions:Baby Girl
Såna små ting


1936-04-15These Foolish ThingsBenny Carter and His Orchestra3:05
1936-05-18These Foolish ThingsLew Stone & His Band, Suzanne Botterell3:01
1936-06-15These Foolish Things Remind Me of YouBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:44
1936-06-30These Foolish ThingsTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:20
1936-06-30These Foolish ThingsBillie Holiday3:20
1936-06-30These Foolish ThingsTeddy Wilson3:26
1936-06-30These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)Billie Holiday with Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra3:18
1936-06-30These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)Teddy Wilson3:17
1936-07-21These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)Putney Dandridge and His Orchestra2:26
1936These Foolish ThingsBenny Carter and His Orchestra3:05
1936These Foolish ThingsBenny Carter and His Orchestra3:06
1936These Foolish ThingsHutch3:31
1936These Foolish ThingsBenny Carter and His Orchestra3:05
1936These Foolish ThingsBenny Goodman and His Orchestra?:??
1940-06-11These Foolish ThingsThe Benny Goodman Sextet3:12
1940-06-20These Foolish ThingsBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:16
1941-04-11These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalTeddy Wilson3:04
1941-08-01These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalGeorge Shearing3:00
1942-01-12These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalTeddy Wilson3:02
1942-01-21These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalTeddy Wilson2:59
1942-01-21These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalTeddy Wilson3:05
1942-01-21These Foolish Thingscover and instrumentalTeddy Wilson3:02
1942-01-21These Foolish Things (alt tk)instrumentalTeddy Wilson3:00
1942-07-30Out of Nowhere / How Deep Is the Ocean / These Foolish Thingscover and medleyFrank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra4:47
1944-04-18These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalLester Young2:57
1944-04-18These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalJohnny Guarnieri’s All-Star Orchestra3:02
1944-04-18These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalJohnny Guarnieri Swing Men2:58
1944-07-31These Foolish ThingsMildred Bailey & Benny Goodman and His V-Disc All-Star Band2:47
1944-09-09These Foolish Things (1944-09-29: New York, NY, USA – A 4816-1)instrumentalDon Byas2:58
1944-09-29These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalDon Byas With Hot Lips Page Orchestra2:55
1944-09-29These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalHot Lips Page and His Orchestra2:58
1945-02-16These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalHerman Chittison Trio3:11
1945-07-30These Foolish Things (1945-07-30 recording, matrix HCO1501)coverFrank Sinatra3:10
1945-07-30These Foolish ThingsFrank Sinatra3:11
1945-07-30These Foolish Things (1945-07-30 recording, matrix HCO1501)Frank Sinatra3:10
1945-07-30These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You) (playback)coverFrank Sinatra3:09
1945-12-20These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalLester Young and His Band3:11
1945-12-30These Foolish ThingsMildred Bailey3:12
1945-12These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalLester Young3:11
1945-12These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalLester Young and His Band3:09
1945-12These Foolish Thingscover and instrumentalLester Young3:12
1945-12These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalLester Young and His Band3:08
1945-12These Foolish ThingsLester Young3:12
1945These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)Frank Sinatra3:09
1946-02-16These Foolish Things Remind Me of YouinstrumentalMary Lou Williams2:25
1946-02-20These Foolish ThingsGene Krupa and His Orchestra3:47
1946-05-01Frank Sinatra Previews The Voice Of Frank Sinatra / Medley: Someone To Watch Over Me / I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) / These Foolish Things / Why Shouldn't I / You Go To My Headcover and medleyFrank Sinatra6:54
1946-09-06These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalGene Sedric & His Honeybears2:41
1947-06-12These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalDon Byas Quartet3:05
1947-06-12These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalDon Byas and His Orchestra3:05
1947-08-13These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalThe Nat King Cole Trio3:14
1947-08-13These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)instrumentalNat King Cole3:17
1947-11-08These Foolish ThingsliveSarah Vaughan & Lester Young4:57
1947-12These Foolish ThingsTeddy Wilson Trio3:21
1947-12These Foolish ThingsTeddy Wilson3:16
1947These Foolish Things / All This and Heaven Too / I Don't Stand a Ghost of a ChancemedleyCharlie Ventura Sextet5:32
1948-05-15These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalErroll Garner3:15
1948-11These Foolish ThingsCharles Mingus3:19
1949-03-19These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalLester Young3:19
1949-10-07These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalJames Moody?:??
1949-10-07These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalJames Moody and His Swedish Crowns3:07
1950-03-03These Foolish ThingsHubert Fol et ses Be-Bop Minstrels2:40
1950-03-03These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalKenny Clarke3:11
1950-03-20These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalGene Krupa and His Orchestra3:18
1950-07-17These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalEarl Hines4:00
1950-11-02These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalCount Basie and His Orchestra3:01
1950These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalCharlie Parker3:53
1951-09These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)coverCal Tjader3:24
1952-01-26These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:23
1952-03-04These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalArt Pepper2:41
1952-03-26These Foolish ThingsBillie Holiday3:40
1952-03-26These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)coverBillie Holiday3:36
1952-06-05These Foolish ThingslivePeggy Lee2:15
1952-11-28These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalLester Young with The Oscar Peterson Trio3:27
1952-12-05These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalStan Getz3:02
1952-12-18These Foolish Things (studio, 1952-12-18; trio recording for Prestige)cover and instrumentalThelonious Monk Trio2:46
1952-12-19These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalStan Getz3:02
1952-12-19These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalStan Getz3:24
1952-12-19These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalStan Getz Quintet3:22
1952-12-19These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalStan Getz Quintet2:58
1952-12-29These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalStan Getz Quintet3:23
1952These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)instrumentalOscar Peterson Trio3:25
1953-01These Foolish Thingsinstrumental and liveGerry Mulligan Quartet3:25
1953-03-02These Foolish Things (mono; live at Finney Chapel, Oberlin College on 1953-03-02)cover, instrumental and liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:33
1953-07-01These Foolish Thingsinstrumental and liveHarry Edison Quartet7:23
1954-01-05These Foolish Thingscover and liveLee Konitz4:09
1954-08-06These Foolish Thingscover and instrumentalClifford Brown & Max Roach3:49
1954-08-06These Foolish Things Remind Me of YouinstrumentalMax Roach & Clifford Brown3:45
1955-01-17Those Foolish ThingsinstrumentalTal Farlow2:53
1955-06-11These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalLennie Tristano5:46
1955-06-28These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)instrumentalHampton Hawes Trio4:50
1955-09-22These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalChet Baker4:45
1955-10-11These Foolish ThingscoverLyle Murphy?:??
1955-10-11These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalLyle Murphy?:??
1955-10-24These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalChet Baker Quartet4:42
1955-11-22These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalCharlie Singleton4:09
1956-01-21These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalMilt Jackson4:26
1956-04-17These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalJohnny Griffin5:11
1956-06-18These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalThe Clifford Brown–Max Roach Quintet4:17
1956-07-10These Foolish ThingsinstrumentalPete Rugolo and His Orchestra4:48
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