Moon Love

~ Song


Glenn Miller's recording reached Billboard #17 for 1939. Recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1965.

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arranger: André Kostelanetz
composer: Пётр Ильич Чайковский (Tchaikovsky - Russian romantic composer)
lyricist: Mack David
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is based on: Symphony no. 5 in E minor, op. 64: II. Andante cantabile, con alcuna licenza


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1939-05-25 Moon Love (adapted from Tschaikowsky’s 5th Symphony, 2nd Movement) (1939-05-25 recording, matrix 37157) Glenn Miller and His Orchestra ?:??
1939-06-13 Moon Love live Glenn Miller & His Orchestra 2:47
1939-06-15 Moon Love Roy Smeck’s Trio ?:??
1939-06-20 Moon Love live Glenn Miller & His Orchestra 3:00
1939 Moon Love (1939 original studio master) live Frank Sinatra with Harry James and His Orchestra 3:00
1965-11-29 Moon Love (1965 original studio master) Frank Sinatra 4:19
Moon Love Mildred Bailey 2:53
Moon Love Jerry Vale 2:28
Moon Love Glenn Miller & His Orchestra 2:55
Moon Love instrumental George Greeley 2:41
Moon Love live Glenn Miller & His Orchestra 2:54
Moon Love cover The Mellowaires & The Romantic Strings and Orchestra 3:34
Moon Love The Romantic Strings and Twin Pianos 4:36
Moon Love Ronnie Munro & His Orchestra 3:06
Moon Love The Glenn Miller Orchestra 2:55
Moon Love (adapted from Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony, 2nd Movement) cover Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra ?:??