composer:Morten Lauridsen (composer) (in 1994)
arrangements:O magnum mysterium (for violin and orchestra)
O Magnum Mysterium (arr. H.R. Reynolds for wind band)


1997-06-28 – 1997-06-30O magnum mysteriumRobert Shaw Chamber Singers, Robert Shaw6:18
2003-06-06 – 2003-06-10O magnum mysteriumHandel and Haydn Society Chorus, Grant Llewellyn6:54
2003-07-31 – 2003-08-01O Magnum MysteriumPolyphony, Stephen Layton6:37
2003O Magnum MysteriumThe Choral Project, Daniel Hughes6:33
2004-01-17 – 2004-01-18O, Magnum MysteriumAmadeus-kuoro, Urpo Rauhala6:17
2004-02-14O Magnum MysteriumliveAustralian Intervarsity Choral Festival Choir, Andrew Wailes5:48
2006-01-13 – 2006-01-15Motet: O magnum mysteriumThe Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge, David Hill6:53
2006-06Communion Motet: O magnum mysteriumThe Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Choir, Richard Lea, Terence Duffy5:30
2006O magnum mysteriumTrinity Boys Choir, David Swinson6:49
2008-06-21O magnum mysteriumliveStockholms Gosskör, Roland Nilsson4:45
2010-09-03 – 2010-09-04O magnum mysteriumRalph Allwood, Rodolfus Choir6:46
2013-04O magnum mysteriumVoces85:50
2015-02-13 – 2015-02-15O Magnum MysteriumCassiopeia, Kristian Heberg5:30
2017-08O Magnum MysteriumChamber Choir of Europe, Nicol Matt6:48
2018-01-26O magnum mysterium (re-recording)Choir of St Mary’s, Fishponds6:15
O Magnum misteriumCoral da UFRGS6:00
O magnum mysteriumSherborne Chamber Choir, Paul Ellis6:04
O magnum mysteriumCantillation, Brett Weymark6:28
O magnum mysteriumSofia Vokalensemble, Bengt Ollén6:15
O magnum mysteriumliveChoir of St Mary’s, Fishponds5:49
O magnum mysteriumBart Van Reyn, Vlaams Radiokoor6:48
O magnum mysteriumRundfunkchor Berlin, Nicolas Fink6:02
O magnum mysteriumThe Choral Arts Society of Philadelphia, Donald Nally?:??
O magnum mysteriumOctarium5:32
O magnum mysteriumChoir of King’s College, Cambridge5:34
O magnum mysteriumNordic Chamber Choir, Nicol Matt6:54
O magnum mysteriumWells Cathedral Choir, Jeremy Cole, Matthew Owens8:04
O magnum mysteriumLos Angeles Master Chorale, Paul Salamunovich5:38
O magnum mysteriumMaîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris, Henri Chalet6:34
O magnum mysteriumChoir of New College Oxford2:48
O magnum mysteriumORA Singers, Suzi Digby6:00
O magnum mysteriumCantillation, Brett Weymark6:26
O magnum mysteriumThe Sixteen, Harry Christophers6:41
O Magnum MysteriumThe Concordia Choir, René Clausen6:33
O Magnum MysteriumCounterpoint5:44
O Magnum MysteriumVoce6:22
O Magnum MysteriumliveMidway High School Chamber Singers6:09
O Magnum MysteriumChoir of New College Oxford, Edward Higginbottom6:24
O Magnum MysteriumCantus5:25
O Magnum Mysterium[unknown]6:29
O Magnum MysteriumArmonico Consort6:46
O Magnum MysteriumVoces85:43
O Magnum MysteriumRobert Shaw, Robert Shaw Chamber Singers6:17
O Magnum MysteriumCantillation, Brett Weymark6:26
O Magnum MysteriumThe Cornell University Glee Club5:29
O Magnum MysteriumDale Warland Singers, Dale Warland5:40
O Magnum MysteriumCantillation, Brett Weymark6:24
O Magnum MysteriumThe Cleveland Orchestra Chorus, Cleveland Orchestra, Robert Porco6:25
O Magnum MysteriumBirkenhead School Chapel Choir & Ralph Barlow4:49
O Magnum MysteriumThe Tiffany Consort4:47
O Magnum MysteriumThe Choir of Canterbury Cathedral, David Flood7:00
O Magnum MysteriumChoir of King’s College, Cambridge, Stephen Cleobury5:58
O Magnum MysteriumJane Sheldon, David Stanhope5:13
O Magnum MysteriumHarlow Chorus?:??