lyricist:Howard Dietz (librettist)
composer:Arthur Schwartz
publisher:Arthur Schwartz Music Ltd.
Chappell Music Ltd.
Harms, Inc.
Warner Bros., Inc. (Warner Bros. Music Division)
WC Music Corp.
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label)
ワーナー・チャペル音楽出版 Synch事業部
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later translated versions:Le Bal des adieux
part of:The Band Wagon (1953 film)


1931-10White Heat / Dancing in the DarkmedleyFred Astaire2:41
1931Dancing in the DarkHutch3:05
1932Dancing in the DarkLeslie "Hutch" Hutchinson3:05
1938-12-19Dancing on the StarsJohnny Hodges and His Orchestra2:58
1941-01-23Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:04
1941-01-23Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw and His Orchestra?:??
1944-06-14Dancing in the DarkcoverFrank Sinatra with Lana Turner & Bobby Trucker Singers4:04
1944-06-14Dancing In The DarkcoverFrank Sinatra4:00
1949-09-29Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalArt Tatum2:58
1950-07-05Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalCharlie Parker Big Band3:10
1950-07-05Dancing in the DarkCharlie Parker3:16
1950-07-05Dancing in the DarkCharlie Parker3:12
1950-07-05Dancing in the Darkcover and instrumentalCharlie Parker3:12
1950-07Dancing in the Darkcover and instrumentalCharlie Parker3:13
1950-09-16Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalZoot Sims3:30
1950Dancing in the Dark (Late Summer 1950)instrumentalCharlie Parker with Strings3:19
1951-03-24Dancing in the Dark (bonus Track: Birdland, New York, March 24, 1951)instrumental and liveCharlie Parker4:13
1952-02-29Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalErroll Garner3:38
1952-02Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalErroll Garner3:43
1952-02Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalErroll Garner3:39
1952-09-26Dancing in the Darkinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker3:47
1952-10-08Dancing in the Dark (Rhino's 2006 updated version, in full stereo)MGM Studio Orchestra3:27
1952-10-08Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalThe M‐G‐M Studio Orchestra3:29
1952-12Dancing in the Dark (The Astaire Story, 1953, with Oscar Peterson)Fred Astaire4:48
1953Dancing in the Dark (Rhino's 1995 version, mono)MGM Studio Orchestra3:28
1953Dancing in the Dark (instrumental) (mono)instrumentalMGM Studio Orchestra, Adolph Deutsch3:07
1954Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw4:40
1955-02-26Dancing in the DarkJohnny Costa3:37
1955-08-23Dancing in the DarkDonald Byrd7:37
1955Get Out Those Old Records / They Didn't Believe Me / 'S Wonderful / Time on My Hands / I Didn't Know What Time It Was / Anything Goes / Dancing in the Dark / Ballerina / I Won't Dance / Papa, Won't You Dance With Me? / Charleston / The Way You Look Tonight / You're an Old SmomedleyMary Martin & Noël Coward8:09
1956-02Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalLes Jazz Modes3:03
1956-07Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalRuby Braff with Dave McKenna2:08
1957-07-06Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalBill Evans and Orchestra6:14
1957-07-06Dancing in the Dark (live, 1957-07-06: Newport Jazz Festival, Freebody Park, Newport, RI, USA)cover, instrumental and liveBill Evans5:35
1957-08-06Dancing in the DarkSarah Vaughan and Her Trio3:36
1957-08-08Dancing in the DarkliveSarah Vaughan2:39
1957-10-01Dancing in the DarkcoverDuke Ellington & His Orchestra4:29
1958-03-04Dancing in the DarkDuke Ellington & His Orchestra4:22
1958-03-09Dancing in the Dark (take 11)instrumentalCannonball Adderley4:07
1958-03-21Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalDorothy Ashby4:45
1958-12-07Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalSonny Clark3:32
1958-12-07Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalSonny Clark3:32
1958-12-22Dancing in the Dark (original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra2:26
1959-04-01Dancing in the Darkcover and liveFrank Sinatra with the Red Norvo Quintet2:17
1961Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalChris Anderson Trio4:31
1962-03-05History of Musical ComedymedleyJulie Andrews and Carol Burnett9:52
1963-12-18Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalBill Evans4:36
1964-02-12Dancing in the Darkinstrumental and liveThe Tubby Hayes Quintet19:25
1975-01-26Dancing in the DarkliveBarbara Cook3:08
1975-09-02Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalJimmy Raney4:05
1983A Salute to Fred Astaire: Top Hat, White Tie and Tails / The Carioca / Dancing in the Dark / I Won't Dance / The ContinentalmedleyBoston Pops Orchestra, John Williams8:29
1985-07-08Dancing in the Darkinstrumental and liveMike Melillo & Chet Baker5:03
1987-09Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalSonny Rollins7:09
1988-02-02 – 1988-02-03Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalJoe Pass4:56
1988-05-18 – 1988-06-04Dancing With Fred Astaire: Top Hat, White Tie and Tails / I Won't Dance / Dancing in the Dark / The Continental / Change Partners / The CariocamedleyJohn Williams & The Boston Pops Orchestra9:39
1994-06Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalPeter Leitch, John Hicks5:21
1995-12-04Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalKeystone Trio6:09
1997-05-28Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalRob Schneiderman6:35
2000-06-02Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalBarry Harris Trio5:35
2001Dancing in the DarkcoverDiana Krall5:48
2003-06Last Dance / Dancing in the DarkmedleyTierney Sutton5:24
2005-06Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalFrancesco Cafiso & Strings3:36
2008-09-28Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalJon Mayer5:34
2009-12Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalBill Charlap & Renee Rosnes5:05
Dancin' in the DarkArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:04
Dancin’ in the DarkArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:04
Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalDave McKenna3:49
Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:02
Dancing in the DarkcoverDiana Krall5:49
Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw feat. The Count Basie Orchestra3:05
Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalBuddy De Franco6:12
Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw and His Orchestra2:26
Dancing in the DarkMax Bygraves2:56
Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw3:04
Dancing in the DarkFrank Munn?:??
Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw3:07
Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:03
Dancing in the DarkThe Four Lads3:02
Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:30
Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw3:05
Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalErroll Garner?:??
Dancing in the DarkcoverFeyza3:58
Dancing in the DarkMembers of the Artie Shaw Orchestra2:25
Dancing in the DarkJo Stafford2:41
Dancing in the DarkJane Monheit5:06
Dancing in the DarkLester Lanin and His Orchestra1:26
Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw2:43
Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:04
Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalBob Barnard with Danny Moss & Brian Lemon3:47
Dancing in the Darkcover and instrumentalCarmen Cavallaro3:05
Dancing in the Darkcover and instrumentalRay Conniff2:49
Dancing in the DarkCarroll Gibbons3:07
Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalArt Tatum2:58
Dancing in the DarkcoverBarry Manilow3:22
Dancing in the DarkSupersax & L.A. Voices3:49
Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalErroll Garner?:??
Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalHerb Geller4:42
Dancing in the DarkinstrumentalErroll Garner3:18
Dancing in the DarkArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:02
Dancing in the DarkJohn Norman Chorale, RCA Symphony Orchestra3:06
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