Cheek to Cheek (from “Top Hat”)

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lyricist and composer:Irving Berlin (in 1935)
publisher:Irving Berlin (England) Music Ltd.
Irving Berlin Music Company
Irving Berlin Music Corp.
ユニバーサル・ミュージック・パブリッシング Synch事業部
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Wikidata:Q3351931 [info]
referred to in medleys:Top Hat Medley (Charlie Kunz) (order: 1)
Top Hat Medley (Charlie Kunz) (order: 5)
later translated versions:Kind mot kind
part of:Top Hat (1935 film)


1935-06-26Cheek to CheekFred Astaire with Leo Reisman and his Orchestra3:20
1935-08-02Cheek to CheekPutney Dandridge and His Orchestra3:06
1935-10-12Cheek to CheekLew Stone & His Band3:05
1935Cheek to CheekThe Boswell Sisters2:56
1935Cheek To CheekFred Astaire5:01
1935Cheek to Cheek (1935)Al Jolson3:11
1946-05-01Cheek to CheekTeddy Wilson2:30
1946-05-01Cheek to CheekinstrumentalTeddy Wilson2:25
1946I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket / Cheek to CheekmedleyBing Crosby?:??
1949-04-11Cheek to CheekinstrumentalCount Basie and His Orchestra3:18
1949-04-11Cheek to CheekCount Basie and His Orchestra3:18
1950-03-03Cheek to CheekinstrumentalThe Red Norvo Trio2:40
1950-05-03Cheek to CheekinstrumentalThe Red Norvo Trio with Tal Farlow and Charles Mingus2:42
1950-05-03Cheek to CheekThe Red Norvo Trio with Tal Farlow and Charles Mingus2:42
1950-05-03Cheek to CheekinstrumentalThe Red Norvo Trio2:34
1951-03-08Cheek to CheekinstrumentalThe Flip Phillips Quintet?:??
1951-12Cheek to CheekinstrumentalEddie Heywood3:06
1952-09-13Cheek to CheekinstrumentalOscar Peterson Trio5:18
1952-12Cheek to Cheek (The Astaire Story, 1953, with Oscar Peterson)coverFred Astaire5:41
1952-12Cheek to CheekFred Astaire9:44
1952Cheek to CheekinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:03
1953-02-27Cheek to CheekinstrumentalErroll Garner7:05
1953-02-27Cheek to CheekErroll Garner?:??
1953-09-04Cheek to CheekinstrumentalTeddy Wilson Trio3:52
1954-02Cheek to CheekinstrumentalBeryl Booker5:05
1954-11-08Cheek to CheekinstrumentalColeman Hawkins8:01
1954-11-08Cheek To CheekinstrumentalColeman Hawkins and His All-Stars8:05
1954Cheek to CheekinstrumentalJack Sheldon3:30
1956-02Cheek To CheekinstrumentalLou Levy3:41
1956-06-12Cheek to CheekcoverBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman4:02
1956-06-12Cheek to CheekBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman4:02
1956-08-14Cheek to CheekBillie Holiday and Her Orchestra3:37
1956-08-14Cheek to CheekBillie Holiday3:37
1956Cheek to CheekBing Crosby4:02
1956Cheek To CheekElla Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong5:49
1957-03-26Cheek to Cheek (stereo)coverRed Mitchell8:09
1957-03-26Cheek to Cheek (mono)coverRed Mitchell8:06
1957-10-10Cheek to CheekinstrumentalRussell Garcia and Strings with Roy Eldridge2:13
1958-01-03Cheek to CheekinstrumentalGene Ammons14:14
1958-01-03Cheek to CheekPeggy Lee2:38
1958-03-20Cheek to CheekcoverGeorge Shearing2:44
1958-05-07Cheek to Cheekinstrumental and liveBobby Hackett2:51
1958-09-05 – 1958-09-06Cheek to Cheekcover, instrumental and liveAhmad Jamal Trio4:47
1958-09-06Cheek to Cheek (live, 1958-09-06: Spotlite Club, Washington, DC, USA)instrumental and liveThe Ahmad Jamal Trio4:47
1958-12-22Cheek to Cheek (1958-12-22 studio recording)coverFrank Sinatra3:06
1958-12-23Cheek to CheekSarah Vaughan2:46
1958Cheek to CheekcoverPeggy Lee2:47
1958Cheek to CheekcoverElla Fitzgerald3:48
1959-12Cheek to CheekinstrumentalThe Paul Smith Trio & Quartet5:10
1961-02-11Cheek to CheekliveElla Fitzgerald3:37
1961-06-22Cheek to Cheekinstrumental and liveThe Ahmad Jamal Trio5:17
1964-11-07Cheek to Cheekcover, instrumental and liveErroll Garner5:29
1973-03-06 – 1973-03-07Cheek to CheekYehudi Menuhin & Stéphane Grappelli3:48
1973-03-06 – 1973-03-07Cheek to CheekinstrumentalYehudi Menuhin & Stéphane Grappelli3:48
1974-04-22Cheek to Cheekinstrumental and liveThe Ruby Braff, George Barnes Quartet2:49
1974 –Cheek to CheekcoverPaper Lace3:25
1975-04-21Cheek to Cheekcover and instrumentalOve Linds sextett3:36
1976-05Cheek to CheekinstrumentalKen Colyer's Jazzmen4:31
1976-09Cheek to CheekcoverPasadena Roof Orchestra2:48
1977-08-15Cheek to Cheekcover and liveThe Phil Woods Quintet13:44
1978-05Irving Berlin Potpurri: I’m Putting All My Eggs in One Basket / Let Yourself Go / Cheek to Cheekinstrumental and medleyArvid Sundin & Stig Holm?:??
1978-10Cheek to CheekCarol Sloane3:20
1983Cheek to Cheekcover, instrumental and liveStéphane Grappelli3:48
1984Cheek to CheekinstrumentalThe Charlie Byrd Trio4:35
1986-09-21Irving Berlin Medleylive and medleyDave Frishberg7:50
1988-02-02 – 1988-02-03Cheek to CheekinstrumentalJoe Pass5:38
1990-12Cheek to CheekinstrumentalRay Anderson7:16
1990Fred Astaire Medley: Let's Face the Music and Dance / Cheek to Cheek / I Could Have Danced All NightmedleySheila Jordan & Harvie S4:17
1994-05-22Cheek to CheekinstrumentalAl Casey7:07
1994Cheek to CheekinstrumentalRuby Braff and Ellis Larkins5:06
1994Cheek to CheekinstrumentalLeon Lee Dorsey5:20
1995-06-24 – 1995-06-25Cheek to CheekcoverThe Dick Hyman Trio5:26
1996-01-02 – 1996-01-03Cheek to Cheekcover and liveEva Cassidy4:09
1996-01-03Cheek to Cheek (live, 1996-01-03: Blues Alley, Washington DC)cover and liveEva Cassidy3:57
1996-01-03Cheek to Cheek (live, 1996-01-03: Blues Alley, Washington DC)cover and liveEva Cassidy3:52
1996-06-11Cheek to CheekcoverThe Allan Vaché Sextette9:28
1997-09-03Cheek to CheekinstrumentalHod O’Brien7:02
1998-01Cheek to CheekCarol Welsman4:12
1999Cheek to CheekinstrumentalSaskia Laroo meets Teddy Edwards6:56
2001-05Cheek to CheekWesla Whitfield4:11
2002-06-10 – 2002-06-11Dancing Cheek to CheekAnnie Sellick feat. Joey DeFrancesco5:05
2004-11Astaire/Rogers Medley: Let’s Face the Music & Dance / Cheek to Cheek / I Won’t Dance / I Could Have Danced All Night / Pick Yourself Uplive and medleySheila Jordan7:23
2007-11Cheek to Cheek (live, 2007-11: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveMax Raabe & Palast Orchester3:21
2012-03-11 – 2012-03-12Cheek to CheekChicago Jazz Orchestra with Cyrille Aimée3:18
2014-02-11 – 2014-02-13Cheek to CheekMassimo Faraò Trio6:59
2015-09Cheek to Cheek (live, 2015-09: Mehr! Theater, Hamburg, Germany)cover and liveRoger Cicero & Yvonne Catterfeld5:17
2017-11-19Cheek To Cheek (Emma's Solo) (live, 2020-12-12: Jazztage, Dresden, Germany)cover and liveThe Puppini Sisters6:41
Check to CheckBillie Holiday3:40
Check To CheckElla & Armstrong3:48
cheek to cheekOlaf Polziehn Trio5:36
Cheek to cheekcover松原みき4:35
Cheek to cheekBillie Holiday3:37
Cheek to CheekLou Donaldson3:04
Cheek to CheekIrving Berlin2:01
Cheek to CheekMatt Monro2:12
Cheek to CheekThe New York Theater Orchestra with The Broadway Choir3:01
Cheek to CheekFred Astaire3:25
Cheek to CheekIrving Berlin1:26
Cheek to CheekJoni James2:39
Cheek to CheekRod Stewart3:29
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