written in:London (Greater London, which includes the City of London) (in 1965)
Weybridge (from 1965 until 1966)
writer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
publisher:Blackwood Music Inc.
Maclen Publishing Co.
MPL Communications Ltd. (not for release label use! Paul McCartney-related, London-based company)
Music Corporation of America, Inc. (BMI-affiliated music publisher of MCA Records, Inc.?)
Northern Songs Ltd.
Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Ltd.
Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC (1995-2020)
Sony/ATV Songs LLC
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC
written at:Abbey Road Studios in St John's Wood (in 1966)
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referred to in medleys:Beatles Medley (Stars on 45)
Magical Medley (Beatles House Version)
The Beatles Concerto: 1st Movement: Maestoso - Allegro moderato (She Loves You / Eleanor Rigby / Yesterday / All My Loving / Hey Jude)
Eleanor Rigby / Julia (Love version) (order: 1)
Magical Medley (Beatles Version Club) (order: 4)
later parody versions:Eleanor Eubank
later translated versions:Eleanor Rigby (Finnish)
Eleanor Rigby
Elena Ratti (Eleanor Rigby)
Eléonor Rigby (French version of the Beatles' song)
Eleonore Rigby (german translation)
is the basis for:Ellinor Rydholm
From Bach to The Beatles
orchestrations:Eleanor Rigby (orch. Fiedler)
arrangements:Eleanor Rigby (Orchestral arrangement of the Beatles' song)


1966-04-28Eleanor Rigby (speech before take 2)instrumental and partialThe Beatles2:12
1966-04-28Eleanor Rigby (strings only)instrumental and partialThe Beatles2:06
1966-04-28Eleanor Rigby (take 2)instrumentalThe Beatles2:20
1966-04-28 – 1966-06-06Eleanor Rigby (original mono studio mix)The Beatles2:09
1966-04-28 – 1966-06-06Eleanor Rigby (2015 stereo mix)The Beatles2:06
1966-04-28 – 1966-06-06Eleanor Rigby (2022 mix, Dolby Atmos)The Beatles?:??
1966-04-28 – 1966-06-06Eleanor Rigby (1999 remix)The Beatles2:08
1966-04-28 – 1966-06-06Eleanor Rigby (2022 mix)The Beatles2:06
1966-04-28 – 1966-06-06Eleanor Rigby (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles2:08
1967-06-07Eleanor Rigbycover and instrumentalWes Montgomery3:07
1967-09-16Eleanor Rigby (live, 1967-09-16: The Left Foot, Freehold, NJ, USA)cover and liveThe Castiles7:15
1967-10-17 – 1967-10-29Eleanor Rigbycover and liveVince Guaraldi Quartet8:16
1967-11Eleanor Rigbycover, instrumental and liveThe Jazz Crusaders7:44
1968-07-02Eleanor RigbycoverSonny Criss5:32
1968-11Eleanor Rigby From Lighthouse '68cover, instrumental and liveThe Crusaders7:23
1969-01-03Eleanor RigbycoverLonnie Smith9:19
1969-10-03Eleanor Rigby (stereo)coverAretha Franklin2:36
1970-03-06Eleanor Rigbycover, instrumental and liveGene Harris & The Three Sounds10:42
1970-08-01Eleanor Rigby (live, 1970-08-01: Les Festival de Jazz, Antibes Juan Les‐Pines, France)liveAretha Franklin3:11
1970-09-18Eleanor Rigbycover and instrumentalMal Waldron?:??
1971-02-05Eleanor Rigby (live, 1971‐02‐05: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveAretha Franklin2:33
1971-02-05Eleanor Rigby (live, 1971‐02‐05: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveAretha Franklin2:40
1971-02-06Beatles Medley: Hey Jude / Eleanor Rigby / Blackbird / A Day in the Lifecover, live and medleyBobby Darin6:57
1971-03-05Eleanor Rigby (live, 1971-03-05: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveAretha Franklin2:36
1971-03-06Eleanor Rigby (live, 1971-03-06: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveAretha Franklin2:48
1971-08-03Eleanor Rigbycover and instrumentalGene Harris The 3 Sounds6:52
1977Eleanor RigbycoverSarah Vaughan3:51
1980-02-12Eleanor Rigby Jamcover and liveGrateful Dead3:53
1980-02-28Eleanor Rigbycover and liveJerry Garcia Band3:20
1982-10 – 1982-12Eleanor RigbycoverUlli Bögershausen3:44
1982-11-05 – 1984-07-26Eleanor Rigby / Eleanor’s DreammedleyPaul McCartney9:12
1984-09Eleanor Rigbycover and instrumentalOfra Harnoy2:13
1984-09 – 1984-10Eleanor Rigbycover and instrumentalStanley Jordan7:02
1989-08-27 – 1989-08-28Eleanor RigbycoverEuropean Jazz Trio4:24
1990-03-07Eleanor Rigby (live, 1990-03-07: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan)livePaul McCartney?:??
1990-03-31Eleanor RigbylivePaul McCartney2:40
1990-06-23Eleanor Rigby (live, 1990-06-23: SEC Centre, Glasgow, UK)livePaul McCartney2:44
1990-07-04Eleanor RigbylivePaul McCartney2:50
1993-08Eleanor Rigbycover and liveRick Wakeman8:01
1993Eleanor RigbycoverShirley Grimes5:05
1995-03-23Eleanor RigbylivePaul McCartney & Elvis Costello5:21
1995-08Eleanor Rigbycover and instrumentalRay Drummond8:41
1996-03-20 – 1996-03-21Eleanor Rigby (live, 1996-03-20/21: Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London, UK)cover and liveBig Country3:47
1996-08 – 1997-01Eleanor RigbycoverRick Wakeman8:04
1996-11-30Eleanor Rigby (live, 1996-11-30: Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, England, UK)cover, instrumental and liveTangerine Dream7:47
1996-11-30Eleanor Rigby (soundcheck, 1996-11-30: Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, England, UK)cover, instrumental, live and partialTangerine Dream6:13
1996-12 – 1997-12Magical Mystery Tour/Eleanor Rigbyinstrumental, medley and partialUniversity of Michigan Marching Band2:19
1997-07Eleanor Rigbycover and liveRick Wakeman and The English Rock Ensemble5:32
1998-02-17Be My Number Two / You Can’t Get What You / Want Eleanor Rigbycover and liveJoe Jackson6:54
2000-01-15 – 2000-01-16Eleanor RigbycoverUlli Bögershausen2:54
2000Help / Eleanor Rigbycover and liveRick Wakeman8:32
2001-04-14Eleanor Rigby (live, 2001-04-14: Inferno, Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway)cover and livePain4:06
2001-12-13Eleanor Rigbycover and instrumentalJoe Sachse, Ernst Bier3:44
2002-01-17Eleanor Rigbycover and instrumentalNorman Simmons8:01
2002Eleanor Rigby (live, 2002: USA Tour)livePaul McCartney?:??
2002Eleanor RigbylivePaul McCartney2:17
2003-05-10Eleanor Rigby (live, 2003-05-10: Colosseum, Rome, Italy)livePaul McCartney3:53
2003-06-01Eleanor Rigby (live, 2003-06-01: King's Dock, Liverpool, UK)livePaul McCartney2:39
2004-12-17Eleanor Rigby (live, 2004-12-17: Marco Polo Club, Budapest, Hungary)cover and liveAnathema2:26
2005-01-13Eleanor Rigby (live, 2005-01-13: Krzemionki TV Studio, Kraków, Poland)cover and livePain4:21
2005-05-04 – 2005-05-05Eleanor RigbycoverGiuseppe Milici & Mauro Schiavone4:46
2005-09-22Eleanor Rigby (live, 2005-09-22: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2005-10-10Eleanor Rigby (live, 2005-10-10: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, CA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2005-10-26Eleanor Rigby (live, 2005-10-26: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2008-06-28Eleanor Rigby (live, 2008-06-28: Sgt. Pepper’s … Revisited, Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveEdwin Outwater conducting Hollywood Bowl Orchestra with additional musical support from Aloke DasGupta, Satnam Ramgotra, Gingger Shankar, Christopher Smith, Mohiuddin Ahmed & Mark Power?:??
2008-07-20Eleanor Rigby (live, 2008‐07‐20: Plains of Abraham, Quebec City, QC, Canada)livePaul McCartney2:19
2008Eleanor Rigby (live, 2008-05-02: Sundown Festival, Abtsgmünd, Germany)cover and livePain4:25
2009-05-27Eleanor RigbycoverJoshua Bell feat. Frankie Moreno4:03
2009-07Eleanor Rigby (live, 2009-07: Citi Field, New York City, New York, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2009-07Eleanor Rigby (live, 2009-07: Citi Field, New York City, New York, USA)livePaul McCartney2:22
2009-10-05 – 2009-10-06Eleanor Rigbycover and instrumentalJohn Di Martino's Romantic Jazz Trio4:11
2010-12-13Eleanor Rigby (live, 2010-12-13: Apollo Theater, New York, NY, US)livePaul McCartney2:25
2011-05-065/6/11, 2 of 9: Perpetual e-Motion at the Concord Scout Housecover and livePerpetual e‐Motion10:19
2011-11Eleanor RigbycoverBig Yellow Taxi3:34
2012-06-23Perpetual e-Motion & Kim Roberts at Princeton Country Dances 6/23/12cover and livePerpetual e‐Motion10:14
2012-07-13Eleanor Rigby (live, 2012-07-13: Masters of Rock, Areál likérky Rudolf Jelínek, Vizovice, Zlínský kraj, Czech Republic)cover and livePain?:??
2012-07-13Eleanor Rigby (live, 2012-07-13: Masters of Rock, Areál likérky Rudolf Jelínek, Vizovice, Zlínský kraj, Czech Republic)cover and livePain4:18
2013-11-08Eleanor Rigbycover and liveThe Beatles Connection2:19
2014-12-07Eleanor Rigbycover and instrumentalOrquestra Ouro Preto2:08
2016-07 – 2016-08Eleanor Rigbycover and instrumentalRick Wakeman5:05
2016-11-14 – 2016-11-16Eleanor Rigbycover and instrumentalGiora Feidman, Rastrelli Cello Quartet3:32
2016Eleanor Rigbycover and liveThe Best of Britain2:41
2017Eleanor RigbycoverBlues Beatles4:02
2018-12-05Eleanor Rigby (live, 2018-12-05: Wiener Stadthalle, Wien, Austria)livePaul McCartney2:20
2020-07Eleanor RigbycoverAnna Prohaska, La Folia Barockorchester, Robin Peter Müller3:14
A Beatles Overture (medley)cover, instrumental and medleyDavid Arnold9:48
Acte IV. Rockollection 008cover and medleyLaurent Voulzy15:43
All the Lonely PeoplecoverWalls Have Ears3:41
Beatles Medleycover, instrumental and medleyTony Trischka5:39
Because / Eleanor RigbycoverQuartetto7:02
Bridge Over Troubled Watercover and partialPhil Cool4:05
Drive Me: Lady Madonna / Drive My Car / Nowhere Man / Taxman / Eleanor Rigbycover and medleyDr. Fink and the Mystery Band7:42
Ealeanor RigbycoverThe Sign Posters?:??
Elanor RigbyThe Beatles2:07
Elanor Rigbycover and instrumentalCanadian Brass3:44
Elanor RigbycoverGreg Hawkes2:09
Elanor RigbycoverRay Charles & Esther Phillips3:37
Elanor Rigby (acoustic)coverThe Fray2:55
Eleanorcover and livePeppermint Patty4:40
Eleanor Pizzacover and partialThe Pizza Collection0:26
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