lyricist and composer:[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
Wikidata:Q780869 [info]
later versions:Those Gambler’s Blues
is the basis for:St. James Infirmary (McGuinn new lyric)
arrangements:St. James Infirmary (Joe Primrose's arrangement)


1952-10-18St. James InfirmaryBill Coleman5:21
1958-03Saint James InfirmarySnooks Eaglin2:24
1961St. James InfirmarycoverWoodcutter Skiffle Group2:21
1966-10-28St. James Infirmary (stereo)Junior Mance3:11
1966-10-28St. James Infirmary (mono)Junior Mance3:11
1970-04-10St. James Infirmary Blues (Light My Fire continued, live in Boston, 1970, second show)cover, live and partialThe Doors0:46
1973-07-04St. James Infirmary Bluesinstrumental and liveTeddy Wilson5:15
1977-04-19 – 1977-04-20St. James InfirmaryliveRoosevelt Sykes3:58
1985-05-22St. James Infirmaryinstrumental and liveArchie Shepp featuring George Cables, Herbie Lewis, Eddie Marshall7:20
1986-08-09St. James InfirmaryliveTaj Mahal & Doc Watson5:00
1989-05St. James InfirmaryPhil Wilson with the NDR Big Band4:55
1992St. James InfirmaryliveDr. Michael White and the Crescent City Serenaders5:50
2001-06-22Saint James Infirmary (live, 2001-06-22, La Jolla Playhouse, CA, USA)livePete Townshend1:51
2001-06-22St James Infirmary (live, 2001-06-22, La Jolla Playhouse, CA, USA)livePete Townshend1:50
2001-11-08St. James Infirmary Blues (live, 2001-11-08: Peel Acres, Great Finborough, England)liveThe White Stripes2:08
2006-09-15Saint James InfirmaryliveVan Morrison5:28
2007-03St. James InfirmarycoverThe Postcard Brass Band5:32
2008-01-01St. James Infirmarycover and liveThe Radiators5:52
2008-03-19 – 2008-03-22St. James InfirmaryinstrumentalAllen Toussaint3:51
2009-09-24 – 2009-09-25St. James InfirmarycoverJungle Boldie3:30
Medley: Light My Fire / Summertime / St. James Infirmary / Fever / Light My Firelive and medleyThe Doors?:??
Saint James InfirmaryDjango Reinhardt2:37
Saint James InfirmaryDjango Reinhardt2:32
Saint James InfirmaryDjango Et Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France2:30
Saint James InfirmarycoverMoriarty3:50
Saint James InfirmaryDjango Reinhardt2:37
Saint James Infirmary (part of “RA.211” DJ-mix)Allen Toussaint?:??
Saint James InfirmaryVan Morrison5:30
Saint James InfirmaryVan Morrison5:30
Saint James InfirmaryVan Morrison5:32
Saint-James InfirmaryDick Annegarn2:53
St James InfirmaryDjango Reinhardt2:33
St James InfirmaryAllen Toussaint3:49
St James InfirmaryIrving Mills2:40
St James InfirmaryJames Morrison9:08
St James Infirmary BluescoverJames Morrison5:37
St James' InfirmaryTurk Murphy's San Francisco Jazz Band?:??
St‐James Infirmary BluesJoe Dassin3:13
St. James HospitalPete Seeger2:56
St. James InfirmaryAllen Toussaint2:23
St. James InfirmarycoverSasha Masakowski6:54
St. James Infirmary (Self-released album version)coverThe Bridge City Sinners4:16
St. James InfirmaryWhitehorse6:03
St. James InfirmaryKen Carson & The Singing Choraliers?:??
St. James InfirmaryKen Carson & The Choraliers?:??
St. James InfirmarycoverKent DuChaine5:48
St. James Infirmary (live, 1988: Newport Folk Festival, RI, USA)liveDoc Watson4:03
St. James InfirmarycoverSasha Masakowski9:07
St. James InfirmaryLe Hot Club de Tordères3:24
St. James InfirmaryPete Special3:03
St. James Infirmary (1950-04–1950-05)Quintette du Hot Club de France2:38
St. James InfirmaryTurk Murphy’s Jazz Band5:13
St. James InfirmaryTurk Murphy's Jazz Band?:??
St. James InfirmaryTurk Murphy's Jazz Band3:09
St. James InfirmaryliveTurk Murphy's Frisco Jazz Band4:42
St. James InfirmaryThe Standells3:12
St. James InfirmaryThe Standells2:53
St. James InfirmaryDjango Reinhardt2:38
St. James InfirmarycoverJon Batiste and Stay Human5:27
St. James InfirmaryTurk Murphy's Jazz Band5:00
St. James InfirmaryTurk Murphy’s Frisco Jazz Band4:51
St. James Infirmary BluesinstrumentalBilly Butterfield6:06
St. James Infirmary Blues (live, 1999-07-30: Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI, USA)liveThe White Stripes?:??
St. James Infirmary BluescoverCURL4:10
St. James Infirmary BluesYo‐Yo Ma & The Silk Road Ensemble feat. Rhiannon Giddens, Michael Ward‐Bergeman & Reylon Yount7:27
St. James Infirmary Blues (American Gods)Brian Reitzell & Mark Lanegan2:41
St. James' InfirmaryDjango Reinhardt2:36
St. James' Infirmary BluesTom Jones & Jools Holland4:06