writer:Jimmy Page
Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin)
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1970-11-02Four Sticks (alternate mix)Led Zeppelin4:33
1971-01 – 1971-02Four Sticks (take 1, instrumental)instrumentalLed Zeppelin4:55
1971-01 – 1971-02Four Sticks (take 2, with vocals)Led Zeppelin5:27
1971-05-03Four SticksliveLed Zeppelin6:51
1972-03Four Sticks (Bombay, India, March 1972) (live, 1972-03: Bombay, India)liveLed Zeppelin2:02
1972-03Four Sticks (take 1)Led Zeppelin4:50
1972-03Four Sticks (take 2)Led Zeppelin0:22
1994-05-01Jam (Stairway to Heaven / Four Sticks / Moby Dick / Whole Lotta Love) (live, 1994-05-01: Osaka, Japan)cover, live and medleyPantera3:32
1994-08Four SticksliveJimmy Page & Robert Plant4:53
2005-09-16Four Sticks (live, 2005-09-16: Soundstage, Chicago, IL, USA)liveRobert Plant & The Strange Sensation5:01
Four Hands (Four Sticks) (Bombay Orchestra)instrumentalLed Zeppelin4:45
Four StickscoverSoulfly4:41
Four StickscoverRollins Band3:31
Four StickscoverBongwater3:13
Four StickscoverMIDIval PunditZ5:15
Four StickscoverFranck Tortiller & l'ONJ5:27
Four StickscoverSones de México Ensemble Chicago4:32
Four StickscoverLed R4:11
Four SticksLed Zeppelin?:??
Four SticksLed Zeppelin5:16
Four SticksLed Zeppelin2:26
Four SticksLed Zeppelin5:14
Four SticksliveJimmy Page & Robert Plant4:57
Four StickscoverRebecca Gates and The Consortium3:28
Four StickscoverEarwigs4:30
Four StickscoverFrankie Banali and Friends4:37
Four StickscoverLed Zepagain4:38
Four StickscoverOut of Phase5:34
Four SticksLed Zeppelin5:11
Four Sticks (live, 2002-09-15: Austin City Limits, KLRU Studios, Austin, TX, USA)liveRobert Plant and his Strange Sensation5:14
Four SticksLed Zeppelin4:49
Four SticksLed Zeppelin4:46
Four SticksLed Zeppelin4:45
Four Stickscover, instrumental and liveQuelques Fiers Mongols6:56
Four Stickscover and instrumentalSpouk4:47
Four Sticks (alternate mix with Bonzo chat & drum intro)Led Zeppelin5:27
Four Sticks (alternate mix)Led Zeppelin5:31
Four Sticks (alternate take)Led Zeppelin5:21
Four Sticks (final mix take 1)Led Zeppelin0:21
Four Sticks (final mix take 2)Led Zeppelin2:10
Four Sticks (final take)Led Zeppelin2:27
Four Sticks (instrumental take)instrumentalLed Zeppelin4:41
Four Sticks (instrumental take)instrumentalLed Zeppelin4:36
Four Sticks (instrumental)instrumentalLed Zeppelin4:33
Four Sticks (rehearsal take)Led Zeppelin4:49
Four Sticks (rehearsal takes)Led Zeppelin4:44
Four Sticks (take 1)Led Zeppelin0:22
Four Sticks (take 1)instrumentalLed Zeppelin5:18
Four Sticks (take 2 cont.)Led Zeppelin0:14
Four Sticks (take 2)Led Zeppelin1:54
Four Sticks (take 2)Led Zeppelin2:17
Four Sticks (take 3)Led Zeppelin0:13
Four Sticks (take 3)Led Zeppelin1:52
Four Sticks (take 4)Led Zeppelin0:19
Four Sticks (takes 1 & 2)Led Zeppelin2:13